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Winter Tire And Wheel Packages

What You Need To Know About Wheel And Tire Packages

Winter snow tire wheel package bridgestone blizzak WS80 unboxing tires from Tire Rack

We make getting a new set of wheels and tires for your vehicle as easy as possible. If you do not know what type of wheels and tires would be best for your vehicle, you can use our convenient Wheel and Tire Selector tool to help you pick out the perfect package. After you have found the best wheel and tire package for your vehicle, you can add them to your cart, check out, and wait for them to be shipped to your door.

All wheel and tire packages come with four custom wheels and four high-performance tires that are mounted and high-speed balanced. The wheel and tire packages do not come with lugs and locking lug nuts. However, you can easily add them to your cart when you check out for an additional $40. This way, you will be able to mount your new wheels to your vehicle shortly after opening the package.

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we understand how frustrating and confusing it can be to shop for wheel and tire packages for your vehicle. That is why we have created our easy-to-use tire and wheel selector. We will ship your selection to you soon after you have placed your order. This allows everyone in the country to easily obtain quality tires and wheels at an affordable price.

Wheel And Tire Packages

Our wheel and tire packages allow you to easily pick the perfect style and performance type that fit your needs and bundle them together at one affordable price. We want to help you find the wheels and tires that fit your vehicle perfectly. Simply enter your vehicles Make, Year, Model, Zipcode, and OE Tire Size and we’ll show you the tires and wheel hat will work on your vehicle. Upgrading to aftermarket wheels is one of the biggest and most defining steps in the build process. Check out our Wheel Visualizer to see what the custom wheel and tires will look like on your ride.

Audi Winter Wheel And Tire Package Advantages

Audi Genuine Alloy Wheels

Benefits of Winter Wheels and Tires:

  • Help make winter driving collisions less likely
  • Remain pliable below 45°F for enhanced grip
  • Help improve vehicle control and traction in winter conditions
  • Help optimize your vehicle for winter performance
  • Help save time and money with swap and storage services

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Free Gifts With Wheels & Tires Package

  • Free touchless mounting
  • Free chrome wheel installation kit
  • Lifetime structural warranty

You can also add hardware and accessories such as TPMS sensors, an aftermarket wheel wrench and a nitrogen tire fill. Call our SEMA-certified wheel and tire packages specialists if you have questions or want a more aggressive fitment. We look forward to helping you get the best tires and wheels at a great price.

Order Your Tire And Wheels Package Online In 4 Easy Steps

Tesla launches new winter tire and wheel package just in time for Model ...

We make getting a new set of wheels and tires for your vehicle as easy as possible. If you do not know what type of wheels and tires would be best for your vehicle, you can use our convenient Wheel and Tire Selector tool to help you pick out the perfect package. After you have found the best wheel and tire package for your vehicle, you can add them to your cart, check out, and wait for them to be shipped to your door.

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Do You Need Winter Wheels For Your Winter Tires

Switching between summer and winter tires is common for those who drive in unpredictable conditions such as snow and ice. Winter tires are specifically designed with unique tread depths, patterns and sidewall construction to provide optimal performance on icy and snow-covered roads.

Many benefits of winter tires are a result of the construction and design of the tire itself, but the size of the tire and wheel can also provide better winter performance and save you money.

Get the right wheels for your car or truck

Tell us what you drive and well show you all the best options.

But is investing in winter wheels worth the money? The short answer is yes.

  • Go for grit: Winter wheels are more about purpose than impression. Winter wheels are going to get dirty, wet and iced overagain and again. Save money by keeping it simple when picking out winter wheels. They dont need to turn heads, they need to turn corners. Also, by swapping to winter wheels, you protect factory wheels from damaging winter elements and therefore increase the life of your wheels while protecting the appearance.
  • Storage: If youve invested in winter tires, adding a set of dedicated winter wheels wont take up any more storage space than youve already accommodated.
  • Design Is Not A Question Of Season

    Porsche performance can also be expected in design. Because wheels with winter tires from Porsche Tequipment dont only make us sit up and take notice technologically, but also visually. No matter which model. Because every wheel is perfectly tailored to your Porsche. And fittingly developed for the overall concept of the vehicle by the same designers and engineers who develop the vehicles.

    This results in wheels with winter tires which ensure perfect performance, even in wintry conditions. And which offer you all manner of options. Whether, sporty, classic, slender or striking. In 18, 19, 20 or 21-inch. Painted in satin platinum or black . With a striking multi-spoke or sporty dual-arm design. Find all wheels with winter tires available for your Porsche

    Whichever option you choose: wheels with winter tires from Porsche Tequipment are the perfect addition to your Porsche in terms of functionality and design.

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    How Would You Like Your Wheel And Tire Package

    Wheels and Tires are Shipped Separately

    Ships directly from over 400 warehouses throughout the U.S., More Selections, Faster Shipping times

    Wheels and Tires are Mounted Together

    Longer Shipping Time due to mounting and balancing , Less Selections, Select from fever then 50 warehouses

    All wheel and tire packages come with free mounting, balancing, and shipping so they’re ready to throw on as soon as they’re delivered!

    Featured Tire Brands

    Featured wheel Brands

    Add Wheels Narrow Your Results

    Winter Wheel Package Savings! @MBCH

    Overwhelmed by the hundreds of wheel options? Use our filter tool to refine your search. For example, you can select a specific wheel finish and wheel brand or add a fifth wheel. By clicking on the “Add to Package” button, you are already halfway through creating your package and moving on to adding tires.

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    Shop For Wheels Or Tires

    When you choose a package of wheels and tires at blackcircles, you can be sure to get your hands on high-quality products from the most prestigious brands, all for a price that defies all competition. We also carry tires and wheels of all sizes!

    Moreover, with our convenient delivery service, you can choose to have your set of mags and tires delivered right to your door, no matter where you live in Canada! You can also choose to have them delivered to your garage and make an appointment to have them installed, all before completing your online purchase.

    How To Shop For And Add Wheels To Your Order

    Ordering wheels on is easy: just check the I want wheels box when you choose the brand and size of your tires.

    We will then suggest compatible tires based on the information provided, as well as wheels adapted to your vehicle.

    Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the tire and rim package that best matches what you are looking for.

    Whether you’re shopping for winter tires, all-season tires or even summer tires, you can create your own tire-and-wheel set!

    Wheels cannot be purchased separately they are sold with the appropriate set of tires for your vehicle, depending on the options you choose. But don’t worry, you can be sure that your rims will not only fit your tires, but also your vehicle.

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    What Are The Best Wheel And Tire Packages Out Right Now

    Whether you are looking for a new set of wheels and tires to enhance the performance of your vehicle, or you would like to add a little flair and style to your car exterior, we are sure to have just what you need and we have a simple way to explore tire and wheel packages. Here is a look at some of the hottest wheel and tire packages that are available today.

    Off-Road Package

    If you are getting ready to go on an off-road adventure, you need to have a set of wheels and tires that are ready to handle the rough terrain. The tire will need to have deep, heavy-duty tread. Also, you will want more tire than wheel. This means that the tires need to be large and the wheels need to be on the smaller side. The Force Offroad F18 17×9 wheels and Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is one popular off-road combination.

    Daily Driver Package

    If you are using your vehicle primarily as a way to get to and from work as well as running a few errands from time to time, you need a versatile tire and wheel that are durable and able to easily handle stop-and-go traffic. Most people prefer a lightweight tire and wheel combination because it can increase acceleration rates and decrease the amount of time that it takes for the vehicle to come to a complete stop. The most popular wheel and tire packages for daily drivers usually consist of aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires.

    High-Performance Package

    Superior Performance Even In Winter

    Winter Tire and Wheel package from 2013 Pilot

    Winter comes and goes. Performance stays. After all, your Porsche is a sports car, 365 days a year. And with wheels with winter tires from Porsche Tequipment precisely tailored to your Porsche, you are fully prepared for low temperatures, snow, slush and slippery roads.

    While others have to shift down a gear, with Porsche wheels with winter tires, you can drive dynamically, as usual. With maximum power output and complete safety. The special tread and the adapted rubber compound provide even more grip. The special siped tread profiles drain, for example, water from the road particularly quickly from the tires. This ensures excellent handling in wet conditions and when braking. In addition, the sophisticated winter profile provides superior traction on wintry road surfaces. Which means that driving a Porsche is just as fun in winter as it is in summer.

    Our recommendation for winter:

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