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Used Rims And Tires For Sale

We Like Quality And So Do You Expect Quality Rims And Service At Northside Salvage Yard

Don’t Buy Wheels And Tires BEFORE Watching This

Here is what you will find upon your visit:

  • The biggest selection of used rims in Rochester, NY. Since we have the biggest selection of vehicle parts around, we most likely have your rim available today.
  • Hassle free experience Dont feel pressure. You can make your vehicle decisions in a stress-free environment.
  • Organized inventory Our materials are well-organized to suit your purchasing needs.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable employees Trained, certified and eager employees will serve you when you come to Northside Salvage Yard
  • Answers to your most pressing vehicle and rim questions No question is too much for us to help you with.
  • Assistance in the rim search You already have the stress of your vehicles failed part, purchasing the part replacement should not be difficult too.
  • Rim replacement service Purchase your new rims and drive off with them too. We can mount them on the vehicle for you in no time.
  • Budget and price-range commitment WE promise that your budget will not suffer. We can help find you the best possible item that you can afford. Get the most out of your money.

We love to serve you and everything that has to do with your vehicle. When you approach Northside Salvage Yard for assistance, thats what youll get and a whole lot more. Leave with a spruced up vehicle and new friends at Northside Salvage Yard Rochester, NY.

We service Rochester & the surrounding areas

Quality Services With Your Pre

Along with our quality pre-owned tires, when you purchase from RNR Tire Express – Midwest, you can also expect top-notch service. Other tire stores charge for additional services and we all know those fees add up. With us, you get the full package for one affordable cost!

FREE services that are included with every tire purchase:

Top Service And Fast Free Delivery

We offer payment in installments, financing, payment via PayPal, Amazon Pay or purchase on account. We also ship free of charge with GLS, UPS and DPD. This allows you to buy your rims and complete wheels cheaply online. You can also order new and used aluminum rims in installments from us online. We offer you our nowhere cheaper and tire guarantee exclusively!

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Rims

5 reasons why you should choose original rims. It is about important aspects that should not be ignored when buying original rims. Starting with the most important topic of safety, through factors such as fitting accuracy or TÜV registration, to the value development and appearance of your car. You can also buy used aluminum rims, because these premium rims always increase the value of your vehicle.

Buy Used Rims And Tires

FS:: brand new wheels &  tires for sale!!

Todays modern vehicles are showing a continued trend towards larger rim sizes of 18 inches or more. This design trend has led to an unfortunate situation for consumers higher prices for both bigger rims and tires on newer vehicles.

When faced with the costs of maintaining a vehicle, many people are looking for opportunities to save. Finding used rims or tires for your vehicles is a great solution. Were here to help.

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Buy Cheap Rims From Original Rder Germany

In our rim shop you can rely on absolute top quality and a 100% fair price-performance ratio when buying new and used original rims or complete aluminum wheels. Our factory bikes with winter tires and summer tires are usually fitted with tires from the manufacturers Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, but also Hankook, Kumho, Yokohama, Falken or Vredestein. So, don’t do nonsense and drive original rims.

Our service promise to you!

  • Advice: Simply contact us by email, telephone, WhatsApp or Instagram and we will answer your questions immediately.
  • Returns: You can return unused goods free of charge within 100 days of purchase.
  • Complaint: Should there be any reason for complaint, please contact us. Complaints are a top priority for us.
  • Order status: You can view the status of your order at any time and receive the package numbers for your order.

Competent Advice On Your Purchase Of Rims And Complete Wheels

Getting to grips with the wide range of rims, tires and complete wheels with and without TPMS sensors and finding the right model for your own vehicle is not always easy, even if you choose the original products from the alloy wheel manufacturer. That’s why you can rely on our alloy wheels shop if you want to buy new or used rims, not just a wide selection, but perfect advice. Our customers’ experiences and ratings speak for themselves.

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Rims & Tires Combination

Buying used rims and tires is not a new concept in the world. There are many reasons why people buy them, ranging from using them on their cars to using them for other purposes like decor. Buying used tires and rims ensure that the environment is saved because some of the throw aways are in good shape. Here are tips to help you get the best when you want to buy used tires and rims.

The Size Of The Wheel


Based on the use you want for the wheel you need to choose the best that will work out for you. If you need to use it for your car, the wheel width and diameter will ensure that it fits your car. The perfect fit will ensure that no other part of your car gets ruined because even the smallest discrepancy in terms of width can cause the tire frequently brush against other parts of the car. This leads to damaging the car and further damaging the already used tires.

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Hold With Deposit’ How Does It Work Can I Get My Money Back

If you’re interested in something, we recommend you put a Deposit on it to Hold it. Holds require a refundable deposit which is an authorization on your credit card. If you change your mind, we’ll return your money. Please note, in order to make things fair, No Shows or Contact result in no refund. After you place a hold, we will contact you to confirm your interest. At that time, you can schedule an appointment and finalize your commitment. If you don’t like what you see, you are NOT COMMITTED to purchase.

Used Rims Rochester Ny For Sale

You are on the road a lot, and sometimes unaccounted for ware can cause your vehicles tires and rims to malfunction.

While you already come to Northside Salvage Yard Rochester, NY, your experts in used automobile materials, to purchase used tires, you can also purchase gently-used rims while you are here. We can promise you the best quality, used automobile materials around because we have the largest inventory around. There is bound to be a rim that suits your car just right.

Just call Northside Salvage your used rim sales Rochester, NY provider.

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Our Inventory Of Used Tires

At Logels Auto Parts, we carry a wide range of used tires for all major makes/models. We only sell used tires with 80% tread life or better anything else will be recycled.

All of our used tires undergo careful inspection prior to resale, so you can fully trust our quality. Our team of experts will assess the quality of the tires, including:

  • Measuring tread depth & tread life
  • Looking for cracking or uneven wear
  • Checking for cupping damage
  • Verifying the age of the tire

Every set of used tires that you purchase at Logels will also come with a 60-day warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your used tires with your receipt for a no-hassle, 100% refund within this time period.

Look Into The Tread Gauge

For Sale Winter rims and tires!

The maximum tread gauge is 4/32 which is considered safe because anything below it like 2/32 being considered fatal. There are two ways through which you can measure the tread gauge in a tire and the first is using a caliper. A caliper can be placed in the grove and tell you the depth of the tire. The other option is to use either a quarter or a penny. The coin of choice should be inserted into the groove or between the tire ribs with the head facing down. If a part of the head is swallowed up, the tire is at about 4/32. These tires are safe to use but pose a slipping risk on wet days.

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Why Buy Used

Because it saves you and is worth it. No need to shop around for brand new materials when your car can use gently-used items just as well.

Think about it your car is not brand new, so there is really no need for all of the materials on it to be brand new. Lightly used rims, taken from junked cars, can be the answer to all of your financial concerns. Stop paying top dollar for the same items that you can get considerably cheaper at Northside Salvage Yard Rochester, NY.

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