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Trailer Tires 235 85 R16

Best Trailer Tire Recommendation For Size St235/85r16

BFG KO2 AT 235/85r16 tires on T1N sprinter van


what best tire for 5th wheel trailer? My friend has a G rated on his tires and says they are the best when comes not have a blowouts is this true?

asked by: Steve D

Expert Reply:

The best tire for a trailer is going to be based on a few things. You will want to go with a tire that has a weight capacity that is higher than what your trailer would call for when loaded, and has a speed rating that is higher than the speeds you plan to travel.Going with the highest rated tire in the size you need is a great way to ensure that you don’t ever have to worry about overloading your tires.In the tire size you mentioned of ST235/85R16 I would highly recommend the which has a capacity of 4,080 lbs at 110 psi and has a speed rating of 81 mph which is higher than most tires for trailer.I attached a review video for the tire for you to check out as well.

Goodyear Endurance St235/85r16 Lre Radial Trailer Tire

  • Goodyear Endurance ST235/85R16 LRE Radial Trailer Tire
  • The Goodyear Endurance is a special purpose trailer tire developed specifically for use on travel trailers, pop up campers, boat trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels. Endurance trailer tires are designed with durability in mind to help make towing a trailer less stressful by reducing impact related failures experienced during use
  • Special purpose trailer tires are not intended to be used on cars or light trucks
  • Endurance trailer tires feature a rounded profile to help cushion the trailers ride, and the symmetric tread design with closely spaced ribs provide constant rubber to road contact for straight tracking, dependable highway stability and long lasting wear. The tire features an internal structure that includes twin steel belts with a two ply nylon reinforcement to stabilize the tread, increasing traction and durability. The Endurance also features a polyester cord body to help smooth out the trailers ride, and a scuff guard is molded into the sidewall to further increase durability by resisting damage from contact with curbs during parking lot maneuvers
  • Featuring Durawall Technology, ENGINEERED to help you tow with confidence
  • Optimized Tread Depth and Decoupling Groove helps the tire to remain cool while towing heavy loads
  • Scuff Guard helps provide sidewall protection
  • Specialized Inner Liner minimizes air loss in trailer applications because of the halobutyl rubber

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    • SidewallBSW: Black Side Wall
    • TypeTrailer
    • Aspect Ratio85
    • Size235/85R16
    • Load Range¡The load range designating the durability of the tires internal structure.H
    • BrandTranseagle
    • Load Index¡A load index is a number that represents the load durability of each tire.133/128
    • Performance¡The performance categorizes the tires speed and terrain traction and durability.Highway
    • Section Width235
    • Run Flat¡Run flat tires offer a 50-mile, 50-mph performance after air pressure loss.No
    • ModelST Radial
    • Speed Rating¡A speed rating is a letter designating the tires utmost high speed durability.L
    • Rebate AvailableNo
    • Trailer tire, NOT FOR LIGHT TRUCKS
    • Enhanced controllability
    • Longer lasting tread life


    Below is a list of some popular vehicles that 235/85R16 tires may fit depending on Year & Option. However the list does not cover all vehicle’s that these tires can fit:

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    You Can Find A New Set Of Tires For Your Vehicle

    Shopping for a new set of tires can be frustrating as there are so many choices on the market, and you want to make sure that the ones you choose will be safe and reliable for your vehicle. The 235/85-16 tires are designed to fit everything from a passenger car to a light truck. This size of tire is available on eBay in different styles as well so you can find the one that matches your particular driving conditions.

    What tire choices are available?

    eBay has many tire choices available to choose from. You can select the type based on your road conditions.

    • All Season: All-season tires can be used throughout the year.
    • Winter: These wheels are designed to have traction over heavy ice and snow.
    • All Terrain: These tires can maneuver over different types of ground from paved roads to rocky terrains.
    • Run Flat: Run-flat tires can drive a few miles even with a nail in the tread.

    Who manufactures a 235/85-16 tire?

    There are many brands that manufacture this tire size. You will find it marked as a P or LT tire. Each brand carries its own specific warranty. Some of the manufacturers include:

    • Sidewall Height inches – 7.86

    How do you find the correct tire size?

    You can find the correct size by looking at the sidewalls. These markings indicate the correct load capacity, size, and safety specifications for that particular tire. You need to find the correct tire for your vehicle. This information includes:

    The Best Tire Brands At The Right Price

    New Tire 235 85 16 Advance GL285T 14ply All Steel Trailer ST235/85R16 ...

    Choose from Firestone Complete Auto Care’s selection of 235/85R16 tires and get an online quote or visit your nearby store. Check out performance, load index, warranty, speed rating, and more to choose the best tire for your vehicle. Get a competitive quote and schedule your installation appointment today!

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