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Toyo Mt Open Country Tires

Great Tyre Very Good Off Road

Toyo Tires Open Country Buyers Guide for Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator and Other Jeep Vehicles

These tyres are very durable off road. Grip is excellent on gravel roads and in the mud. On road performance is better than I expected, however, they got noisier as they wore out. Considering Ive run almost every top brand of mud tyre over the years, I personally think these tyres represent good value for what you get.These tyres balance easier than ANY mud tyre Ive had previously, I would purchase this tyre again.Draw backs of this tyre, very hard side wall. It makes the tyre very stiff when on the sand, so you have to let more pressure …

  • CarLandcruiser 79

All Weather Heavy Duty Light Truck Tire

Designed for on-off road winter driving conditions, combining winter performance with commercial durability and traction. The Open Country C/T delivers optimum traction in all off-road conditions including dirt, gravel, mud and snow, while providing a quiet, comfortable highway ride.

The tire features a brand new compound that balances cut/chip resistance with improved winter performance. This was achieved without sacrificing durability, tread life and wet/dry handling, while delivering a quiet, comfortable ride that you would not expect from an all-terrain light truck tire.

Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain Product Description & Features

  • Powerful off-road and on-road tyre
  • Hook shaped blocks for superior traction
  • Scalloped shoulder blocks expel mud and rocks
  • Over-the-shoulder tread drives forward traction in deep snow

The Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain is a hardwearing and reliable tyre – engineered to handle off-road and on-road terrains with ease.

Winner of the Off Road magazine Tyre of the Year 2008 award, the Open Country Mud Terrain sports an attack tread pattern with a combination of hook shaped blocks and scalloped shoulder blocks to expel mud, snow and rocks, while ensuring a strong grip.

This aggressive tyre also features an over-the-shoulder tread for forward traction in snow and mud as well as being designed with deep sipes to increase wet grip. Featuring a high-performance 3-ply polyester casing, Toyos Open Country Mud Terrain maintains the appropriate load capacity on rough and smooth surfaces, making this a great all-rounder.

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Ok It’s A Mud Terrainbut Wow It’s Good On Sand

Just drove the QAA and Hay River in the Simpson. Done several times before and have used both the Toyo Open Country II 265/75R16 A/T and the Toyo 285/75R16 R/T on these previous crossings. Due to the Toyo 4×4 tyre shortage I had to swap the end of life amazingly good Toyo R/Ts for Toyo 285/75R16 M/Ts. Never fitted a full M/T to my 4x4s so was nervous about thread chunking, handling, and noise….however had none of these issues. Really good on road and just solid and so capable off road. My concerns about crossing the soft sand of the Simp…


Snow And Ice Traction

Toyo Tires Open Country R/T Hybrid AT/MT 37x12.50R18

You must be looking at the aggressive tread pattern of the Open Country M/T and imagine that it will be a beast on snowy surfaces. And youd be right, but only 50%.

Let me make it clearer for you. See, snow changes its properties with temperature, but also with compression. For instance, if many cars have driven over the snow, it will become denser we call that packed snow. Meanwhile, if you are the first to cross over a snowy surface, it is known as unpacked snow.

Since the Open Country M/T has large lugs on the tread, it can easily dig through unpacked snow, providing you with outstanding traction. Thus, if you want to reach that mountain peak in the winter, it will do the job.

However, packed snow the one that youd often find on public roads, is where this tire stumbles. Notably, it doesnt provide much traction, nor does it drive well through the corners. And its the same story with ice. Therefore, if you live in areas with very harsh winter weather, a set of real winter tires is probably your best bet.

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Dry Grip And Traction

Off-road enthusiasts care more about how good the tires will perform on unpaved terrains, but on-road performance is still hugely important for safety. After all, even the most seasoned off-roaders do more than 50% of on-road driving with their SUVs and trucks.

With that said, the Open Country M/T is quite good on paved roads, although not class-leading. Notably, the traction is excellent, the cornering grip is okay, and the stopping distances are short for the category. You wouldnt win any race, but they will do the job just fine.

However, thanks to the stiffer sidewalls and higher load ratings, this tire is excellent for towing large trailers and carrying heavy cargo. Thus, if you are an overlander or camper, you can carry all of your gear with you and not worry about safety.

Should I Buy The Toyo Open Country M/t

The Toyo Open Country M/T is an old tire by now, but its also very popular among the off-road community. After all, its an outstanding off-road tire, both in terms of traction and durability, so its not surprising its so popular.

Should you buy a set, though? Well, thats a tough question. Ive had a great time with it, but in my eyes, the brand-new BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is a better tire overall while also costing more or less the same. Still, if you value off-road prowess and can find the Open Country M/T at a discount, Id say go for it!

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Placing Your Online Tyre Booking:

Selecting Your New Tyres

Once you have selected the size and the quantity of tyres you need, you will then be asked to choose a fitting location.

Then, choose a date and time to have your new tyres fitted that suits you – easy as that!


How do I choose a fitting location?Hyper Drive has over 250 fitting locations around New Zealand. Our fitting partners have been carefully selected to provide you with the best possible installation service. In most regions we will have several options for you to choose from.

Where will my new tyres be sent?Your new tyres will be sent directly to your chosen installer in time for your tyre fitting booking.

Do I need to pay the installer for the fitting and balancing?No. Once you have selected your installer on the website, it will add $27.99 per tyre for the fitting, balancing, tubeless valve and disposal. Hyper Drive will then pay the installer for the fitting. You will have nothing extra to pay at the installer unless you request them to do extra work.

Can I pay for my tyres at the installer?No all orders need to be paid for via the Hyper Drive website before they are sent to your chosen installer.

What do I need to take with me to the installer?On the day of your tyre fitting please ensure that you have printed out, or at least have a note of your Hyper Drive reference number. Also ensure that you have your locking wheel nut key and that the fitting centre is made aware of its location.

Comfort And Road Noise

Toyo open country mt 10k tire review

Mud-terrain tires usually sacrifice comfort for off-road traction, but some recent models balance that very well. The Open Country M/T isnt very new on the market its actually over a decade old but its still pretty good for comfort.

Specifically, the noise levels are similar to other off-road tires, and the ride quality isnt very bad. Still, if you come from all-terrain or highway tires, be prepared for more noise and a wobblier ride.

You can see more Toyo Open Country MT review here: Video created by Ronny Dahl

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Wet Grip Traction And Braking

Open Country M/Ts wide grooves and siping on the blocks help with dispersing water out of the tread, increasing the hydroplaning resistance. However, thats only half of the story when it comes to wet traction, as the tread compound and contact area play an even bigger role.

Now, this tire isnt bad for rainy days, but certainly not as good as some newer competitors. The longitudinal traction and braking are good, but the tires wander a bit in the corners. Suffice to say I would be more careful on wet tarmac than with other off-road tires.

Toughest And Quietest Tyre Ever Had

I have a large 4wd built for offroading and touring. I have had Coopers , BFGs which would wear choppy and be slippery offroad, Mickey Thompson MTZ but the 315/75/16s that I got for my beast are really the best tyre that I’ve ever had. Havent slid yet on road in the wet around round abouts. The traction off road got me and my wife out of a jam pulling or campertrailer up a muddy vertical hill …

  • Car2007 Nissan Patrol 4″ lift

These tyres are the best tyres I have run on any 4wd I have owned. I have had 4 lifted/locked and big tyred 4wds over the last 14 years so have a fair amount of experience. Also, are the 5th different set of MT’s I have tried. These days we do mainly touring with tough tracks thrown in.

I try different brand/type of MT tyres almost every set to see what works, but with the Toyo’s I don’t think I will try any others. They actually handle better on road than the OEM AT’s that came with the car from the factory. Quality, solid construction, th…

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Toyo Open Country M/t Tire Features

Stylish, sustainable, practical, and great to drive, not many tires tick all these boxes. Toyos excellent Open Country M/T is different. It has all those features with even additional class-leading eco cred and safety.

The Toyo Open Country M/T tire is a just-right combination of muscularity and elegant lines. Thanks to the forceful tread form, its no surprise that this highly acclaimed model easily leaves a huge impression at customers first glances.

Together with the deep-slot design and scallop-shaped shoulder blocks, they make cornering on wet surfaces more effortless than ever before. Its dimensions range from 15 to 24 inches regarding basic size and material, combined with three-layer polyester to improve weight/heat resistance.

Indeed, the load capacity can reach 3960 pounds per tire. The highest speed rate is approximately 99-mph without causing any tire explosions. Its high M+S index is another point that wont make you feel worried when driving in bad weather conditions.

Best Mud Tyre I’ve Ever Used


I’ve used Maxxis Bighorn, Royal Black MTs and BFG KO2s in the past but these are noticeably the best out of the rest. Super strong sidewalls and chews through the mud so effortlessly. Now as with ANY mud terrain tyre it may be difficult to get a perfect balance, but if you’re after some excellent performing offroad tyre with surprisingly good tread wear and good grip on wet roads I highly recommend getting a set of these especially if you intend to do a lot of 4wding mud or rocky tracks


I havent used all the brands but this is by far the best mt tyre I have ever had, i regularly hunt and go through rough terrain and these have never let me down, i strongly recommend these tyres and will definitely be using again for my next set, very quiet for a mt

Cant comment on durability yet, but these tyres appear to be long wearing. Very well behaved off road and even in the wet on road, road noise doesnt seem to be too bad for a muddy of this size 295 70 17 and would definitely recommend this tyre to all my friends

  • Car2016 bt50

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Toyo Open Country M/t Specifications


  • TREADWEAR grade less than that of a tire graded 100.
  • TRACTION capability greater than tires of C grade, but not as good as tires of AA or A grade.
  • TEMPERATURE performance on the laboratory high-speed test greater than required by the government standards, but less than tires graded B or A.


  • TREADWEAR is graded two times better than the tire in example #1.
  • Wet TRACTION and TEMPERATURE are better than the tire in example #1.


  • UTQG grades are not government grades. They are manufacturer grades that are not based on head-to-head interbrand testing. Test data is not typically submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Treadwear grades are not a guarantee for a given mileage warranty, or an indicator of overall tire quality. Treadwear grades are assigned by the manufacturer for comparison purposes within the same brand names and construction types only.
  • UTQG grades are not safety ratings. Overall tire quality and safety are not graded. Tire selection based on any one, two, or even three UTQG ratings may not satisfy your needs.
  • One brand name of tires cannot be considered superior or inferior to another brand name of tires based solely on UTQG grades.
  • UTQG grades are not required for snow tires, light truck tires and maximum traction tires.
  • UTQG is used but not required in Canada.

Capable Of Achieving Strong Tread Life Despite Off

You wont find a tread life warranty as with most on-road tire categories, but treat the Open Country M/T right with proper rotation and reasonable use, and strong mileage can be achieved.

I own a ¾ ton diesel pickup. I purchased the Toyo MT over two years ago and have since put 68,000 miles on this set of tires. This is the third set of Toyos Ive purchased. Each set has worn exceptionally well.Open Country M/T user review on

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Have A Question About Toyo Open Country M/t Tires

No, the Toyo Open Country M/T is not a directional tire. The Open Country M/T is a symmetrical tire, meaning that it can be mounted on any position of the vehicle.

Yes, Toyo Open Country M/T tires are good in light snow thanks to their aggressive tread pattern and high void ratio. The Open Country M/T is not Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, so it should not be used in severe winter weather conditions.

No, Toyo Open Country M/T tires are not very loud. While noisier than an all-season tire on the highway, the Open Country M/T does offer a moderately quiet road on paved roads.

No, there is not a 34″ Toyo Open Country M/T tire on the market today. The Open Country M/T is currently available in sizes from 15″ to 26″ for various fitments.

The Toyo Open Country M/T is available with a 6, 8, 10, or 12 ply rating depending on the tire’s size.

The Toyo Open Country M/T is built at Toyo’s US factory in Bartow County, GA.

Yes, the Toyo Open Country M/T is reinforced for off-road use. The Open Country M/T features 3 ply polyester construction and high turn up for the rigors of off-road driving.

Yes, the Toyo Open Country R/T is absolutely a good fit for 1-ton 4×4 pickups with dual rear wheels.

What Are The Specifications And Maintenance Indicators

255/85/r16 First Impressions, Toyo Open County MT Tires on my Tacoma

The Toyo Open Country MT is an off-road/mud-terrain tire that comes in many sizes, ranging from 16-inch to a massive 26-inch wheel diameter. Notably, it also comes in sizes popular among owners of lifted SUVs and trucks, including 31-inch, 33-inch, 35-inch, 37-inch, 40-inch, and 42-inch! All sizes also come with very high load ratings, making the Open Country M/T one of the toughest mud-terrain tires on the market.

The tire comes with the industry-standard TWIs, which show you when the tread reaches its minimum depth. However, since this is a mud-terrain tire, you will undoubtedly want to replace the tires sooner, as the minimum tread depth wont be enough for off-road shenanigans.

Fortunately, you wont be thinking about replacing the Open Country M/T soon. It doesnt come with any treadwear warranty, which is normal for the category, but regardless, owners report very good treadlife. From what I learned, you can get 40,000-miles out of these, pretty good for the category.

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I Will Be Sticking With These

They use them in Baja and dakar rally and they are the Isuzu rally teams tyre of choice. They are tough. I have an Isuzu Dmax with 245/75r16. I have done over 8000kms with these tyres now and and they are great. You have to air down a bit more because they heavier than most tyres. To get them to bag out I now go straight to 12psi for sand and have not had a single issue with digging in even in super soft deep sand they just float over. These are my play tyres so I have only done about 2000km of highway driving not town driving but they are wea…

  • Car2016 Isuzu Dmax

Get Tires With Rugged Off

. The Open Country MT is legendary for durability off-road performance long tread life and an aggressive tread pattern. The Toyo Open Country MT is an off-roadmud-terrain tire that comes in many sizes ranging from 16-inch to a massive 26-inch wheel diameter. Ad Get Free Delivery to a Local Installer.

Toyo Open Country MT – All Season Tire. By submitting this review I agree with the following. Ive been running the Toyos for 4 years on my TJ in rocks snow and forest trails with no flats.

Getting Tires Installed Has Never Been Easier. Joined Jan 13 2010. First I bought them in LT 27570R18.

12 Apr 8 2015. Toyo Open Country MT Review 47 Mud-Terrain. Toyo tire reviews and ratings.

Ad Quality Tires For Maximum Traction Driving Conditions. Ad Get Everything You Need To Customize Your Jeep Now. Toyo Tires Open Country MT Tires are highly durable.

Workmanship and materials include a 5-year. The Toyo Open Country MT Tires are available in a wide range of sizes like 15 inches 16 inches 17 inches 18 inches 20 inches 22 inches 24. Read real reviews and tire quality ratings from actual customers for Toyo Open Country MT tires or help others find the best tires for their vehicle by submitting a Toyo Open Country MT tire.

The Open Country MT delivers up to 2132-inch on certain sizes and specs. Toyo Open Country MT Tires. Toyo Open Country AT3 Review.

Toyo Open Country A30. Toyo Open Country MT – Get info about tire model. 33x1250x15 They are a.

Toyo Open Country M T Overview Tirebuyer Com

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