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Tire Pressure For Honda Civic

How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Warning On Honda Civic

How to Reset the Low-Tire Pressure Indicator

The tire-pressure-monitoring system or TPMS helps keep an eye on the tires inflation making for more confident driving.

When TPMS detects low inflation, an indicator light comes on in the instrument panel. Its the one that looks like the cross-section of a tire with an exclamation mark in the middle. When that happens, be sure to check the tire pressure in all four tires, make any necessary repairs, and fill the tires to the pressure recommended on the label in the drivers door jam.

TPMS needs to be recalibrated each time you adjust tire pressure, rotate the tires or replace a tire.

  • To reset TPMS, make sure the ignition is on and the transmission is in Park.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Look for a button to the left of the steering column labeled with the TPMS icon. If its there, push and hold it until the TPMS indicator in the instrument panel blinks twice. Then the calibration process will begin.
  • If theres no TPMS button, press the up or down arrows on the lower right side of the steering wheel until the readout in the multi-information display says Vehicle Settings and then press the SEL/RESET button.
  • Next select TPMS Calibration and press SEL/RESET button to get to the customization screen.
  • Finally select Calibrate with the arrow buttons and press SEL/RESET button once more.
  • A Calibration Started screen will appear to indicate that the process has begun.
  • How To Check Your Honda Civic Tire Pressure

    Checking regularly all tires on your Honda Civic, including your spare tire, once a month or before a long trip is recommended. Tires have been known to lose up to 1psi every month.

  • Purchase a trusted tire pressure gauge.
  • If possible check the pressure on your tires cold before youve driven or at least three hours after youve driven.
  • Insert tire pressure gauge into the valve stem on your tire. When you hear a psst sound thats air escaping the tire.
  • Compare the measured psi to the psi found on the sticker inside the drivers door of your vehicle, in the Honda owners manual or sometimes Inside the fuel cap. DO NOT compare to the psi on your tires sidewall.
  • If your psi is above the number, let air out until it matches. If below, add air until it reaches the proper number.
  • Over inflated and under inflated tires suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure and need to be changed more often. Vehicles with under-inflated tires have increased rolling resistance that requires more fuel to maintain the same speed.

    Is 36 Psi Too High

    Higher pressure generally is not dangerous, as long as you stay well below the maximum inflation pressure. That number is listed on each sidewall, and is much higher than your recommended tire pressure of 33 psi, Gary. So, in your case, Id recommend that you put 35 or 36 psi in the tires and just leave it there.14 juil. 2017

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    Why Is My Tire Pressure Light On After Getting New Tires Honda Civic

    If you recently purchased new tires for your Honda Civic and the tire pressure warning light is flashing, there may be a problem with one or more of the sensors in your car.

    In some cases, this may mean that the sensor battery needs to be replaced. If you experience any problems with either the sensor or its battery, its best to take your car in for service right away.

    Even if everything seems okay on initial inspection, make sure to have your tires checked regularly because even small issues can lead to bigger problems down the road . Be sure to keep an eye out for this warning light whenever you get a new set of tires it could alert you of potential trouble ahead.

    How Do I Check My Tire Pressure

    4 Pcs Tire Pressure Sensor TPMS for Honda Civic 2008

    Check Tire Pressure with Your Gauge Remove the valve cap from one of your tires. Then place the pressure gauge on the valve stem and press down hard enough so the hiss sound disappears and your gauge provides a reading. With a standard gauge, the air pressure will push a small bar out from the bottom of the gauge.

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    Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire Pressure

    Posts RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire Pressure RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire PressurePosts RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire PressurePosts RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire PressurePosts RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire Pressure RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire PressureORIGINAL: Adamation I got my new car last week and the tires are all inflated to exactly 35 PSI. The doorjam says they should be at 32. I have been having some low MPG issues, but was wondering if I should lower them all down to the spec 32 PSI?Posts RE: 2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex Tire Pressure

    My Tire Pressure Is Ok But The Tpms Light Wont Go Out

    This where the frustration can occur. The TPMS light can become The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. The light is on, you set the tire pressure, and the TPMS light is still on. Arrggh! A strategically located piece of electrical tape can solve the problem, or better yet a picture of your favorite deity will no doubt benefit from a warm orange glow shiningthrough.

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    Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling Tires

    If your tire pressure warning light is still on, it may be because you have not yet replaced the defective TPMS sensors. Check for leaks around your tires and fix them as needed.

    Reset the warning light by turning it off and then back on again. Finally, check to see if there are any air bubbles in your tires.

    Honda Tyre Pressures Tire Sizes And Torque Settings

    How to Reset the Low-Tire Pressure Indicator

    What is the correct Manufacturers tyre pressure required for a Honda?

    Honda Tyre Pressures, Tire Sizes and Torque settings.Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only,Always refer to owners manual.

    Pressure Front Pressure Rear (PS


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    Pure Tyre

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    There Are Some Problems With Indirect Tpms Though

    One of the main problems is that its just not accurate. You can drive around with a tire thats 30% low and the system wont flag it. They tell us it will, and it might, sometimes, but its nowhere near as good as direct TPMS. Another problem is that youll need to reset the TPMS every time you mess with the wheels. Replace a tire, reset the system. Rotate the wheels, reset the system. The final thing might not be a problem, but Ilove direct TPMS systems that tell you the exact tire pressure for each wheel. Hop in the car in the morning, see all the tires at 38 PSI, and Im confident my car will handle well and Im not going to get stuck.

    If you want to know more about resetting tire pressure light on other types of tire pressure monitoring systems, we have an older article here that we published around 2007 whenTPMS was still pretty new.

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    Why Is The Tire Pressure Light Showing On My Honda Civic 2021

    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your Honda Civic 2021 was installed into the car to help spot whenever there is a flat tire or tires, or whenever the air in your tires are not up to the required amount to guarantee a safe journey, which could be as a result of a tiny nail puncture on your tire that is causing continual air leakage, reducing the air pressure in your tires.

    This system will alert you whenever low tire pressure is detected, using a green light on your dashboard, and it is your responsibility to stop the car as soon as you can to inspect which tire has the issue.

    If after inspecting, you notice that none of your tires have deflated, and it was a false alarm, or you have just pumped your tires, but the tire pressure light is still showing on your dashboard, then you should reset the TPMS using the steps explained previously.

    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Doesnt Monitor Tire Pressure

    4 Pcs Tire Pressure Sensor TPMS for Honda Civic 2008

    Hondas newer TPMS system doesnt actually measure the tire pressure like their older systems did. Instead it counts the revolutions of each of the wheels. If a tire is low, the radius between the axle and road will be smaller. The effective circumference will also be smaller. A smaller wheel must spin more times to go the same distance as a larger wheel.

    All cars with ABS have a way to countwheel rotation already built in the wheel speed sensors. The speed sensors for the ABS do double duty and work for the TPMS system as well. Every time you reset tire pressure, you must calibrate the system so it knows how big each wheel is with the proper tire pressure.

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    Tire Pressure For Honda Civic Type R

    Recommended tire inflation for Honda Civic Type R is 32 psi to 35 psi for front tires and 32 psi to 33 psi for rear tires.

    Tire Size
    32 – 35 psi 32 – 33 psi

    Recommended tire inflation for Honda Civic original equipment tire sizes with matching trims and model years.

    Tire Size
    Years: 2006 – 2015Trims:SiEX-L

    All listed data and/or calculations are for informational purposes only. does not warrant or make any representations regarding the accuracy of or the results of the use of this information. Always refer to vehicle owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure settings. Never overinflate or overload a tire beyond its maximum capabilities listed on sidewall.

    What Is Recommended Winter Tire Pressure For Honda Civic

    Tire pressure fluctuates with ambient temperatures. When temperatures drop, Honda Civic tires may lose approximately 1 psi of air pressure for every 10 degree Fahrenheit decrease. During winter Honda Civic tires can be inflated 3 to 5 psi above the recommended tire pressure settings to compensate for lower temperatures. Do not overinflate above the maximum tire inflation pressure value indicated on tire sidewall. Make sure to check tire pressure regularly in the winter to keep tires properly inflated for a safe ride on snow and icy roads.

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    How To Reset The Tire Pressure Indicator7 Color Touch

    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System on your Honda requires recalibration after a tire is refilled or replaced, or the tires are rotated. Its easy! Heres how its done.

    For optimal tire wear and performance, tire pressure should be checked regularly with a gauge. Do not rely solely on the monitor system. Please see your Hondadealer for details.

    Another model or year may be shown.

    How To Reset Tire Pressure On Honda Civic 2017

    How to Reset the Tire Pressure Low Light on 2016 Honda Civic

    Imagine if youre driving your honda civic 2017 and suddenly your Low Pressure light turns on. The first thing that comes to your mind is how to reset tire pressure on honda civic 2017. Dont panic! youve come to the right place. In this article, well discuss how to reset tire pressure on your honda civic 2017 in easy ways.

    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your Honda monitors the tire pressure while you are driving. If your vehicles tire pressure becomes significantly low, the low tire pressure indicator comes on and a message appears on the display. Any time you inflate, change, or rotate one or more of the tires, you need to re-calibrate the system. The calibration process requires approximately 30 minutes of cumulative driving at speeds between 30-65 mph. The vehicle must be stopped to begin calibration, and the process finishes automatically.

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    Why Is Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light On

    If Honda Civic TPMS warning light comes on and stays on, it means at least one of the tires is underinflated. If TPMS warning light goes on and off, fluctuating ambient temperatures may be the reason. If Honda Civic TPMS warning light flashes for 90 seconds when you start the vehicle and then remains illuminated, the TPMS is not functioning properly and you should have it serviced.

    How To Calibrate The Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The Tire Pressure MonitoringSystem on your 2022 Honda Civic requires recalibration after a tire is refilled or replaced, or the tires are rotated. Its easy! Heres how its done.

    For optimal tire wear and performance, tire pressure should be checked regularly with a gauge. Do not rely solely on the monitor system. Please see your Honda dealer for details.

    Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner’s manualfor specific information about your vehicle.


    20182019 Odyssey and 2019 Pilot and Passport

    0 of 0

    2022 Civic Sedan

    Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner’s manual for specific information about your vehicle.

    LCD Audio Models

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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    What Was Old Is New Again

    The tire pressure monitoring systems on some newer Honda cars have reverted tothe old-style TPMS called indirect TPMS. Honda Civic years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 can be a little finicky when it comes to resetting the TPMS light or calibrating the system. This short article will explain how to turn off the TPMS light on your Honda Civic.

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    Tire Pressure Sensors Set TPMS 42753SNAA830M1 for 2008


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    Honda Civic Tire Pressure

    Proper tire pressure helps avoid rapid wear, which leads to early tire replacement, and it is also critical for safety. On the other hand, under-pressure tires create incredibly high heat levels, which can degrade the tire to the point of collapse. Since tire pressure is essential for every car, you may wonder about your cars proper tire pressure.

    If you own a Honda Civic and you want to know the proper tire pressure for it, heres the guide for you. This article contains all the Honda Civic models and their corresponding proper tire pressure. In addition, you can look up your cars year model and check if your tire pressure is the same.

    Lets get started!

    In A Hurry To Reset Your Tire Pressure Light Heres The Quick Answer Right On Top

    There are two ways to reset your tire pressure light depending on your trim level

    If you have a fancy color screen:

  • Set your tire pressure with an accurate gauge
  • Turn the car to the ON position
  • Touch the information button on the steering wheel, then press the audio remote button to select the VEHICLE SETTINGS.
  • Press the audio remote button to select TPMS CALIBRATION.
  • Use the audio remote button to select CALIBRATE.
  • When the calibration successfully begins, Calibration Started is displayed on the display in the dash above the steering wheel when the system received the calibration.
  • Drive the car 26 MPH or faster in astraight line and verify the light goes out.
  • If you dont have a fancy screen:

  • Set your tire pressure with an accurate gauge
  • Turn the car to the ON position
  • Press and hold the TPMS switch on the dash to the left of the steering wheel for 3 seconds.
  • When the calibration successfully begins, the TPMS light on the dash blinks twice.
  • Drive the car 26 MPH or faster in a straight line and verify the light goes out.
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