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Tesla Model Y Spare Tire

Teslas Roadside Assistance If Youre Lucky

Tesla Model Y Spare Tire

The cost may vary depending on the damage that your tires have taken.

The major cost would be the waiting time, though.

Dont get me wrong. Teslas Roadside Assistance is not bad: you have 24/7 open service wherever you are.

But unfortunately, it isnt rare for Tesla owners to have to wait a long time for help to arrive.

Besides, there have been instances where roadside assistance did reach out but the service centers were either too far away or closed for the weekend.

Its completely free of cost when you have a warranty. However, in the case of tires, theres no warranty.

Your Model Y could be brand new, 1 hour old, and if a curb or pothole congratulates you with open armsthats $300+ right there.

The cons of roadside assistance in case of a flat tire outweigh the pros to some extent. Id personally not rely on this service, and instead, have it a plan B or C.

Its much better to have aftermarket tires with the tire repair kit and the air compressor to maintain that pressureThis is the setup that works like a charm

If you want to go full commando and prepare yourself for the worst, you can add on the spare tire option which well talk about next.


Services centers may not be available

There Is No Such Thing As A Universal Spare Tire And Wheel

It is critically important the spare tire you choose is designed and engineered specifically for your make, model and year. Carmakers are always changing, redesigning and improving the performance and efficiency of the vehicles they offer. These changes, although sometimes minor, must be considered carefully in spare tire design.

A Word On Foam Tires On Your Tesla

Foam tires can provide a much smoother ride in a Tesla. They can also help to reduce road noise and improve fuel efficiency. However, they are not without their drawbacks.

Another downside to foam tires is that they may not provide as much traction in the snow. So, if you live in an area where it snows frequently, you may want to stick with regular tires.

Price is another factor to consider when deciding between foam and regular tires. Foam tires can be more expensive than standard tires, so youll need to determine if the benefits are worth the extra cost.

Ultimately, whether or not to use foam tires in your Tesla is up to you. Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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Spare Wheel Location On My Tesla Model Y

The position of the spare wheel on your Tesla Model Y may vary depending on year of manufacture. Most of the time you will find her under the trunk, accessible from inside the trunk, or sometimes accessible from the outside by unscrewing the fasteners in the trunk of your Tesla Model Y. It often happens that it is located under the hood but this represents few cases.

If you need to replace your spare wheel on your Tesla Model Y, we invite you to consult our article on the subject:It is also possible that you do not have a standard spare tire available. Here are the various likely options:

Tesla Offers Free Road Service

Tesla Model Y Spare Tire Kit, Complete With Carrying Case, 2020

Tesla owners also have Tesla Roadside Assistance available 24/7 as long as their warranties are valid, so they can easily get help in one quick phone call. As an added bonus, Tesla’s tires do not experience dramatic cascade failures when they fail, so Roadside Assistance is more likely to be both prepared and effective when called.

That said, Roadside Assistance is also ready for the rare occasion that a tire suffers a complete blowout. Drivers have thus far spoken positively of the program, noting the Tesla employees’ skill, practicality, professionalism, repair speed, and rapid response.

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Emergency Spare Tire Kit For Tesla Model Y

Discounted Price: $499.95

Addresses one of the biggest Achilles’ heels of your Tesla – no spare tire!! Tire comes pre-mounted, inflated, & ready for your next road trip Includes a set of new lug nuts Optionally includes install tools: scissor jack, lug wrench/tire iron, mechanic’s gloves Free shipping in the continental US


Why Teslas Dont Come With A Spare Tire

With such a big purchase, you would expect your new Tesla Model Y to come with a spare tire. But surprisingly, they dont! The main reason for this is that Tesla is simply following a recent trend in the automotive space.

Electric cars are also very different from traditional gas cars, and one of those differences is that simple things like tire changes can become dangerous and complicated.

Heres the thing:

Your Tesla has a giant battery pack under the floorboards. This battery pack is what gives your Tesla its power. And because the battery pack is so big, the slightest damage can result in a fire. If you get a flat tire and try to change it yourself, you could accidentally puncture the battery pack and cause an explosion.

So, even though it may seem strange that your Tesla doesnt come with a spare tire, its actually for your safety. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, then end up with fire!

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Has Tesla Successfully Compensated For The Lack Of Spare Tire

As is well known, Tesla is a pioneering company in many different aspects of the global car market. Tesla car tires are filled with advanced technology making them complicated to repair and replace, which led to the car company controversially deciding not to include a spare tire.

All Tesla car models are equipped with sound dampening and noise-reducing foam within their tires. While Tesla enthusiasts adore these advanced features, it makes the tire replacement process complicated, expensive, and painful.

The noise reduction foam within the tires is permanently glued to the inside of the general tread surface area. The downside is that smaller tire repair shops lack the appropriate supplies or training to adequately repair a catastrophic tire failure.

In addition to the costly and complicated tire repair process, Tesla correctly calculated that more than 20% of all required labor costs and raw materials involved in the tire production process are reinvested into additional spare tires.

Removing this enormous traditional cost has been a revolutionary move by Tesla, with most major car companies emulating them by utilizing the space required for a spare tire for additional engine capacity, cabin space, and fractional performance enhancements.

Best Tire Repair Kit For Model Y: Airman Resq Pro+

Spare Tire for my 2021 Tesla Model Y

Your original tires come from the factory with acoustic foam as an inner lining.

Although this inner layer gives you a quieter ride, it quickly becomes a nightmare in case you hit a curb or pothole.

Its a topic of debate, but if your original tires are ever punctured, many owners suggest that you wont be able to patch it due to this inner foam.

Others, however, refute this idea and argue that you can fix these tires just like any other.

In my view, Itd be strange for Tesla itself to offer a repair kit if it didnt work on their tires. So Id be willing to get a tire repair kit and test these arguments for myself.

Aftermarket kits offer the best value, however. And my top pick for the tire repair kit is the AirMan ResQ Pro+.

A Tesla owner who purchased this product said that he prefers having a repair kit and not waiting hours for Roadside Assistance where you could have saved yourself by using a repair kit.

This product can clearly make the flat tire anxiety go away and give you some relief.

Teslas roadside assistance is sometimes quite disappointing.Here are just a few stories of Tesla owners really regretting not getting a repair kit sooner:

Not easy to replace the gel It might not be a permanent fix

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Are There Spare Tire Kits Currently Available For Tesla Cars

Some Tesla customers want to purchase a spare tire kit for their car in any worst-case scenario. However, these kits are costly and difficult to obtain.

Tesla previously produced an in-house tire repair kit for their range of cars, although the program was discontinued in late 2021 due to the lack of financial viability. However, due to the enormity of Teslas Model 3, the company has introduced a new repair kit that was explicitly manufactured for the cheapest model in their current range.

While the tire repair kit for Teslas Model 3 is costly, it does offer unique compatibility with all of Teslas different wheel sizes. In addition, the spare tire kit can clear the larger brake caliper options while using a tiny amount of the cargo space provided.

With the design process mainly focused on taking up as little cargo room as possible, Teslas repair kit is less than six inches wide. Moreover, the in-house repair kit includes a customizable and low-profile scissor jack. The scissor jack comprises a unique ratcheting mechanism that offers sufficient leverage at the required lifting points.

While the Tesla tire repair kit is expensive, it is a better option than improvised tire repair techniques such as duct tape and incorrectly sized wheel replacements.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model Y Spare Tire: Options For Products Storage And Other Alternatives

Id recommend having a tire inflator with you at all times as it not only helps you in emergencies but will also keep your ride smooth and tire wear minimal.

The best value for Tesla owners right now is the AstroAI Air Compressor.

If you want to be prepared for a blowout or major tire damage, you need to have a spare tire. And Modern Spare is literally the only company with a great reputation for creating great spare tire options for Teslas.

And although Id personally stick with the two options above, you can also opt for having a tire repair kit as a way to deal with small punctures and save cargo space.

Remember to do your best to drive carefully and avoid all the potholes and curbs so you dont have to worry about flat tires.

Since we arent magicians and our roads arent perfect, though, well have to resort to one of the alternatives above.

Zac Ludicrous

These 3 rare upgrades can increase your range by as much as 13.3% and few people know about them. Sign up below to learn more.

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Look At The Branding And Packaging

One of the first things you should consider when choosing Best Spare Tire For Tesla Model Y product is the branding and packaging. You want to make sure that the product has a brand that speaks to your target audience. If someone sees your product in the grocery store, they need to instantly recognize it as yours, but more importantly, they need to know what it is and what makes it different from others. The branding and packaging needs to be eye-catching enough that people will want to buy it without even seeing any other information about the product.

Once youve found something that looks appealing, take a look at how its packaged. Is there an option for a subscription? Do you have to order monthly or order just one time? Is there a variety pack available? There are many things you should consider when looking at how the package looks.

Will A Model 3 Spare Fit On The Model Y


No, the Model 3 spare tire is different from the Model Y spare and you cant use it in the Model Y.

Model Y uses a T145/85R18 whereas the Model 3 uses a T135/80/R18.

If you opt for Modern Spare, though, they have tires available for all Tesla models and all have been proven to be high-quality based on community comments.

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Tire Repair Kits Are Readily Available

Another reason why Tesla may have opted against including a spare tire in their cars is that compact spare kits are readily available. For instance, the company has a repair kit that goes for around $70.

With this repair kit, you can easily fix a tire, if you happen to get a flat when you are out there. After sealing the hole, the repair kit also comes with a mechanism for inflating the tire. From there, you can then take your vehicle to the nearest tire shop for a comprehensive repair or replacement.

This repair kit is compact and lightweight. It will only consume a fraction of space in your trunk, compared to a spare tire. Therefore, it will save you a valuable amount of space. And the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with the additional space.

Besides, it provides an easier and faster means of getting you back on the road, compared to replacing the flat with a spare.

The #1 Tesla Model Y Spare Tire Option: Modern Spare

This is the option that costs you close to the price of a new tire, but it can save you frustration in those emergency situations.

Sometimes its worth to money to save all that time worrying and panicking.

Having a spare tire will give you peace of mind and you wont have to wait for roadside assistance or any other towing company.

The plus factor for this spare is that it can handle highway speeds without a hitch.

The width of the tire is a little thin, however, this smaller size means that it wont take up much space.

The design is specifically made for the Tesla Model Y, so it will fit without coming into contact with those big brakes, especially on the rear wheels.

The only downside to the spare tire is the kit that comes with it its not up to mark. The quality is subpar, and its best to go with other options.

So the tire-only option would be perfect.

Id recommend a jack and toolsbought separately.

If you dont have a Jack, the LEAD BRAND jack for your Tesla Model Y is a great choice.

For lifting your Model Y to replace the wheel, youd also need a jack pad adapter that helps prevent battery damage due to the jack stand.

Sure, changing a tire might take time and effort. But once you experience the convenience it gives you over other options, youll hold on to your spare for dear life.


The kit that comes with below-average tools

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Look At The Market Research

The first step to finding the Best Spare Tire For Tesla Model Y product is to look at whats currently in the market. Whats considered a hot product among your target audience? It may be something you dont quite understand, but that doesnt mean it wont work for you. You should also keep an eye out for trends, like what people are buying now and what they might want next. This will show you which products have been successful and which ones havent been so successful.

Samsung T7 Usb Portable Solid State Drive

Got A Flat Tire On Your Tesla Model 3 or Y? What To Do!

When using sentry mode or the dash cam, the car requires a storage device of some form to keep the video clips. These devices get a lot of writes and rewrites and a traditional memory stick will typically be either too slow or fail over time with the repeated use. Better devices are those used for either constant writes and rewrites such as Solid state hard drives or memory cars designed for video recording. A popular solid state drive is the Samsung T7 Portable Solid State Drive which has taken over from the previous favourite, the T5. You can also partition this to have MP3s including Boombox files on the same physical device.

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Does Tesla Have A Warranty For Spare Tires

While roadside assistance is free of charge for specific Tesla models, Model 3 owners will have to pay for Teslas Mobile Application Service support system. Despite the costs involved, the efficiency of Teslas roadside assistance is remarkable.

In most cases, Teslas mobile assistance service will immediately fix or replace the tire on the side of the road. However, the service cannot fully repair the damage as it is only equipped with tools for balancing and not wheel alignment.

Look At The Fundamentals

When it comes to choosing the Best Spare Tire For Tesla Model Y product, you have to take a look at the fundamentals. The first thing you need to do is consider your budget. If you want something luxurious, then it will be less affordable than something simple and practical. You also need to consider if your product is going to be used in a public or private setting. If your product is something that people are going to see every day, like makeup or clothing, you may want to choose a color that looks good with all skin tones.

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The Cost Of Using Tesla Road Assistance

Lets say you get a flat tire and have to call for roadside assistance. The service will cost you a little over $75 if you only need to patch up the tire. If you need a tire replacement, the cost can go up to $325.

One look at these numbers, and you can see that it can be pretty expensive to change a Tesla tire. But theres more to the story. If you take your car to a traditional gas station, they may not know how to change a tire on an electric vehicle. This means youd pay for their time while they try to figure it out.

Ive also seen tire centers turn people away because they dont know how to change a Tesla tire. So, you may have to drive around town looking for someone who can do it. Ive also used an electric pump to fix a slow leak on my Tesla, but this is a temporary fix that will only last for a few days.

The moral of the story is that changing a Tesla tire can be expensive and complicated, but its worth it to have a car that reduces your carbon footprint.

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