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Speed Rating V On Tires

Where Can I Find The Tyre Speed Rating

What Does the Speed Rating Mean on Tires? | Discount Tire

You can check the tyre speed rating on the sidewall of a car. There’s a group of letters and numbers on the side. The final letter is the speed rating.

The speed rating letter comes after the load rating. Its important to look at both together because the speed rating depends on driving with the right load.

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What Is The Difference Between 91v And 91h Tires

V-rated tires have a sturdier sidewall and a somewhat harder feel than H-rated tires to accommodate running at faster speeds.

The H-rated tire will provide a more pleasant ride in typical driving situations, while the V-rated tire will provide somewhat superior handling.

A speed rating of 91v means that the tire can reach a maximum speed of 150 mph. It has a load index of 91, which implies it can carry 1,356 pounds .

On the other hand, the H speed rating of 91h means that the tire can acquire peak speeds of up to 130 mph. The 91 load index means that it can also carry 1,356 lbs.

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What Is A Good Speed Rating For Tires

There is a speed limit for each and every letter when it comes to speed ratings. The tires fixed maximum speed capability can be matched to your vehicle. Tires with different speed ratings should be used on different vehicles. For example, a super sports car cant use the lowest speed rated tire because it would explode.

For a mid-category passenger vehicle, on the other hand, there is no point to use a Z speed rated one. Before buying new tires, you need to look at the speed symbol denoting the speed limit that matches your car. Take into account the speed your vehicle is capable of and look at tires rated with the respective speed symbol.

There are many vehicles with original equipment tire sets available for the manufacturer. This helps owners find ideal speed rated high performance tires for their vehicles.

If you need further guidance on choosing the tire with the best speed rating, make sure to read our post on the topic!

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What Does The Tire Speed Rating Mean

Every car tire comes with a specific speed and load capacities. The tire speed rating is the maximum speed that a tire can reach under recommended loads for a sustained amount of time under ideal operating conditions. Higher speed ratings provide better handling and control characteristics at higher speeds.

Once you pass the threshold, the performance drops, and they are no longer considered safe. In some instances, the tires may start to degrade, which can be catastrophic.

Exceeding the speed ratings reduces the safety and performance of the tires. Standard speed ratings are denoted using the letters A to Z, with corresponding maximum speeds of 3 mph to 186 mph, respectively.

Speed rating values are experimental and obtained by testing tire characteristics under simulated loads to identify maximum tire speeds.

What Is Tire Load Index

What is tire speed rating or performance rating?

The tire load index rating communicates how many pounds a tire can safely carry.

Going back to the Audi example, the cars service information is: 225/45R17 94H. 94 indicates the load index. Referring to the tire load rating index chart below, the number 94 translates to a load-carrying capacity of 1477 pounds .

While youre probably unlikely to approach the top speed rating of your tires, pushing load index ratings is more common, especially when it comes to hauling and towing with trucks and SUVs. Use the chart below to understand the weight limitations of your vehicles tires. Additional attention should be paid to the vehicles hauling and towing limits, which are set by the manufacturer and involve tire capacity, as well as drivetrain and other considerations. Check your vehicle owners manual for details.

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Which Is The Best Choice For You

Really the choice is up to you. If you feel the need to drive at or above 130 mph then you should get a V speed rated set of tires. If you dont plan on driving that fast, then an H speed rated set is the better option.

An H speed-rated tire will be cheaper than a V speed-rated counterpart in pretty much every case. Additionally, the H rated tire is more comfortable and will last longer than a V speed-rated tire.

Does Tire Speed Rating Matter

Yes, it matters because your speed rating indicates how much heat a tire can handle safely. Not following those guidelines can lead to faster wear on the tread, decreased steering response, decreased stopping power and poor driving capabilities in colder conditions. Tire manufacturers conduct tests to meet the Society of Automotive Engineers standards, running the tire for a full hour in a machine in a room thats heated to 100 degrees. This testing is done in a controlled environment, however, and so many other variables might affect your tires safety, like the size of the load, the weather and the wear. Since it can have an impact on your stopping power, a tires speed rating is not the tire rating code to ignore.

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How To Read A Speed Rating

Nowadays, the system uses the letters A to Z and numbers 1 to 3 for the A. Each letter or letter and number combo represent a certain speed, as shown in the table. As the alphabet goes forward, the speeds become higher, mostly. You can guide yourself using a table or just remember the letter specified in your owners manual.

  • The H rating is between the U and the V, not after the G. The speed of the rating corresponds to its position.
  • There are no I, O, and X ratings. There are also charts that exclude the P rating.
  • The lowest ratings are A1, A2, and A3.
  • For the W and Y ratings, some manufacturers include Z into the tire side code after the aspect ratio.

NOTE: The maximum speeds seem unusual in mph. This is because the system of speed rating was developed in Europe, where speed is in km/h.

Tire Speed Rating Is No Joke

What Is A Tire Speed Rating?

By: Author The Drivin’& Vibin’ Team

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With nothing but an open road in front of you, its easy to press the gas pedal down a little more than normal.

Some people take a relaxed approach to travel, while others just want to get to their destination. Getting there as quickly as possible becomes the primary goal.

However, your tire speed rating can play a major part in how fast you can safely drive during your adventures. Today, were looking at why you should know the speed rating for your tires before hitting the road. Lets get started!

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How Long Are Tires Good For

The lifespan of a tire depends on many factors. Its important to consider where youre driving, the quality of the tires materials, and how youll drive on them.

Some tires can easily go for 50,000 or 60,000 miles, but the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recommends replacing tires every six years.

No matter the rating of your tires, make sure youre regularly inspecting them to keep you and your fellow drivers safe on the road.

Do you know the speed rating of your tires? Tell us in the comments below!

Which Is Better: V

Simply put, both V-rated and H-rated tires are designed for pretty high speeds. Both of them should be perfectly fine for your average driver.

Specifically, H-rated tires have a maximum speed of 130 mph. On the other hand, V-rated tires have a maximum speed of 149 mph.

Because both are designed to work at pretty high speeds, they are both considered performance tires.

With that said, one tire is not necessarily better than the other. For the most part, it depends on what youre looking for and what car you are driving.

For instance, V-rated tires have a stiffer sidewall and are firmer than H-rated tires. After all, they have to support higher speeds. Therefore, these tires tend to have a rougher ride than H-rated tires, which are a bit softer.

Therefore, you may want to choose H-rated tires due to the better overall ride. However, if you plan on traveling at top speed, you may want to consider purchasing V-rated tires.

However, many people dont find the extra 19 mph worth the money and worse driving experience. In the end, its up to you.

Generally, companies do offer the same size and type of tire in different ratings. Therefore, you can often choose which rating works best for you and your car.

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Are Speed Ratings Just About Speed

No. Theyre also about ride comfort, traction, tread wear and cornering ability. A higher speed rating generally offers better grip and stopping power, but it may have a lower tread life and reduced performance in cold weather. Thats why V, Z, W and Y-rated tyres are usually better suited to high performance vehicles in warmer climates.

You can increase the speed rating of your vehicles tyres for improved performance, but can never decrease it without reducing the vehicles top speed to that of the lower speed rating selected.

Speed Ratingall About Safety

Pair 205/65

Stay safe! Tire speed rating indicates the maximum service speed for a tire. So, exceeding speed limits is not recommended by the tire manufacture. In addition, no indicator exists for how well the tire handles or corners.

This rating provides a maximum speed capability of the tire with proper inflation. Manufacturers do not recommend fitting tires with different ratings. Doing so could lead to poor handling and unpredictable steering. If a vehicle has tires with different ratings, then placing like pair tires on the same axle is ideal. Otherwise, the speed capability of the vehicle is determined to be that of the lowest speed rated tires.

Letters ranging from L to Z identify the speed rating. The lowest rating, L, is 75 mph. The highest rating, Z, is 149+ mph. For more speed limits, please refer to speed rating Chart below for more detail.

Please note that this is the speed rating chart example used for instructional purposes. Our goal is to help you understand this rating system. So, please refer to your tire’s specifications.

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Vehicle Type And Tire Speed Rating

Here are the correlations between the ratings and types of vehicles:

  • Family vans and sedans will go well with S- or T-rated tires.
  • Sedans and coupes will get enough speed from U-rated tires.
  • Sport sedans and coupes can start with H- or V-rated tires.
  • Exotic sports cars will work great with the high-speed capable W-, Y-, and -rated tires.
  • Heavy-duty light trucks will go with R-rated tires.

Before choosing a tire according to such examples, consult your owners manual for suggestions from the manufacturer.

Do W Speed Rated Tires Handle Better Than V Speed Rated Tires

Yes, they do. While traveling at higher speeds, even the slightest changes in steering direction can affect the cars course to a great degree. These changes of direction increase the levels of friction and heat as opposed to the levels a tire usually endures while going in a straight line. If you change direction more aggressively, friction and heat levels tend to spike.

We have already mentioned that W-rated tires can endure friction and heat a lot better, and because they are made out of softer compounds, they are able to stick to the road a lot better.

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What Happens If You Go Over The Speed Rating Of A Tire

Exceeding the speed rating of your tires is never a good idea. However, simply exceeding the rating for a second isnt likely to cause tire failure. Tire failures typically occur after prolonged exposure to speeds above the recommendation.

Tires generate heat as they roll down the highway. The faster the tire goes, the more heat it generates due to the friction between the tires and the road. As your tires heat up, tread separation and blowouts are more likely to occur. This can cause you to lose control, creating an unsafe scenario for you and other drivers.

Pro Tip: Proper maintenance is key to keeping your RV tires working well! To learn how to protect them we uncovered Do You Need to Rotate RV Tires Regularly?

What Does Speed Rating Mean On Tires

Tire Speed Ratings – Duals VS Super Singles

The speed rating on a tire indicates the fastest speed a tire can handle before it affects the tires performance. Lower speed ratings will mean that you wont have good control or handling of the car at highway speeds. Higher speed ratings, like H or ZR, can handle far beyond a normal highway speed. For example, H would translate to a tire that can only handle speeds up to 130 mph .

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Best For Performance: Michelin Pilot Sport

Pirelli may be synonymous with motor racing, but when it comes to on-road performance, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is king. Multiple media outlets regard it as the best performance tires you can buy, period.

If you have a sports car, made significant modifications to your car, or any sort of performance-focused car, consider this Michelin. It will fit wheels as small as 17 inches, to as large as 23 inches. All of them come with a Y speed rating, meaning its safe for you to go up to 186mph.

Downsides? Well, theyre not ideal in winter conditions, and they can be prone to hydroplaning in heavy rain. If you want better all-season performance, the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 is probably for you.

Of course, a max-performance tire like this isnt cheap. The smaller ones start at a somewhat reasonable $209 each. However, larger ones will easily cost somewhere between $300 $400, with some costing as high as $568.

One more thing to note, if you want the best, no-compromise performance tire for track use, you have to consider the Pilot Sport Cup 2. These have even poorer performance in the wet, but they will provide ultimate grip and performance in the dry. Definitely necessary if youre driving a supercar of sorts.

Are V Speed Rated Tires Cheaper Than W Speed Rated Tires

Tires with a higher speed rating tend to be more expensive than those with a lower speed rating and this trend can be visible across the board. The most expensive tires are at the very top end such as W and Y tires which are certified for supercar and exotic car use. A V-rated tire is also a high-performance tire so the differences in price arent too big.

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Can I Mix Speed Ratings On My Vehicles Tyres

If you are going to mix speed ratings, which we dont recommend, make sure the lower rated tyres are on the front axle, regardless of whether your vehicle is front-, rear- or four-wheel drive. This is to prevent a potential oversteer scenario. Bear in mind that all tyres must be appropriate for the vehicle and you should drive no faster than your lowest rated tyres.

We would always recommend that the same size and type of tyre, with the same speed ratings, are fitted on all tyres.

Speed Ratings Refer To More Than Just Speed

Load Rating/Speed Rating: B ATV Go Kart Tires 145/70

Contrary to the name, speed ratings arent just about speed. Theyre also about ride comfort, wear and cornering ability. Typically, the higher the speed rating, the better the grip and stopping power, but the lower the tread life. You can always increase the speed rating of the tires on your vehicle for improved performance, but can never decrease it without reducing the vehicle top speed to that of the lower speed rating selected.

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Whats The Maximum Speed Capability Of Your Tires

You can find the maximum speed capability for your tire by taking a look at its sidewall. For example, a tire with sidewall information of P230/75R16 91S has a speed rating of S. Then, you need to look up a tire speed rating chart with common values. According to the information, the tire with an S speed rating has a 112 mph or 180 km/h speed limit.

The load index and the speed rating both appear in the tire size on the sidewall. If your vehicle has the right tires installed, then the speed rating matches to your cars capabilities. Choosing a tire with the right speed capability means better control. It enables you to safely maintain road contact within the top speed.

Where Is The Speed Rating Located On A Tire

You can find a tires speed rating on the sidewall, where one will typically see a string of numbers and letters. These are several important codes, such as radial construction, aspect ratio, tire load and speed rating. The speed rating is typically the last letter listed on the sidewall . For example, if you see M+S 235/45 R18 94V on the side of the tire, the last letter, V, is your speed rating.

If you cant find the last letter printed on the sidewall of your tire because its worn off or hard to find, you can also find your vehicles recommended tire specs in your cars manual.

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