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Spare Tire Mount Under Trailer

Jayco Under Caravan Spare Wheel Carrier Options

Budget Friendly Fifth Wheel Spare Tire Mount Relocation Under Frame – Reclaim Your Storage!

There are different spare tire holders. One comes from Jayco and it looks to be made of aluminum and is made in a way that the arms bolt to the frame and the shelf holds the tire. This design allows you to move the spare tire anywhere there is room underneath the trailer.

Moving it to the front of the wheels seems to help with different trailer issues. The extra weight up front helps balance the trailer out more. Other options will include a winch.

This device pulls the tire up so that it is out of the way and holds it there until it is needed. Then you just use the winch to gently and slowly lower the spare tire and put it on your trailer.

There are traditional bolt spare tire holders that will need to be welded or bolted to your frame. Then there is an expensive Lippart design that offers storage boxes, a winch, and a spare tire holder all in one. It is a little long so you would have to measure your free space to see if it fits.

A simpler option would be a chain that holds the tire and winds up or down depending on the direction you need to go in. It is easy to use and is a strong option to get that tire out of harms way.

Enclosed Trailer Spare Tire Mount Ideas

There are far too many options at Amazon to worry about finding good ideas. It seems that an enclosed trailer is not going to be a problem for finding a spare tire carrier. However, most of the models we saw at that marketplace were for exterior locations and none were for under the carriage locations.

There is one at E-trailer that is both a spare tire carrier and a bike carrier. Doing double duty should work for those exercise enthusiasts that like to bike ride. If your enclosed trailer has a receiver on the back bumper then there is a rear hitch spare tire carrier you can invest in.

These options go from the extremely simple and inexpensive price to the more elaborate and expensive cost. Your selection will depend on where you would mount the spare tire.

One word of caution, you have to make sure that wherever you mount it, the trailer has the strength to hold both the carrier and the spare tire.

Some people suggest that you fasten braces to the frame of the enclosed trailer and then attach the holder to those braces.

Brophy Rigid Rv Trailer Spare Tire Bumper Mount

This tire carrier is a reliable and economical choice for those interested in a bumper-mount system specifically. This top pick is mounted securely to any 4-inch square box or C-style bumper and made of heavily powder-coated steel for all-weather performance without rust and corrosion. Besides, this handy unit features a fold-down function when youre hauling those oversized camping supplies and other large materials.

Spare Tire Carrier Fits Rear 4 To 4-1/2 Inch Square Bumper Mount Holds Up To 17-1/2 Inch Wheels Powder Coated Black Tire padlocking

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Fifth Wheel Rv Spare Tire Carrier

If you want to be practical and save a lot of money, you can always use the truck bed as your spare tire holder. It will have plenty of room plus, it should not get in the way of the turning radius of the fifth wheel

That is the common sense location as the truck bed is usually large enough to handle a spare tire. The key is to make sure the tire is well secured and does not move at any time unless you move it.

Then, any of the models we have already discussed will work for a 5th wheel trailer. The lone exception would be the tongue models. If your 5th wheel has a rear receiver, then you can use a spare tire extension to hold that wheel. Or the toy hauler option we just discussed would work as well.

In addition to those, there are plenty of rear bumper attachments that bolt into place and will hold your spare tire or a tire and a bike or two. That combination will depend on how many bikes you want to bring with you.

If you want an underbelly option then you have to check to see how much room you have between the frame beams and the other features included in your 5th wheel trailer.

Best Rv Spare Tire Mount Reviews


An RV spare tire holder isnt something we think about for our RV camper. We never think about a spare tire mount until the occasion warrants one. We all know that a spare tire is the ultimate piece of equipment when a flat occurs. We have you covered whether you want to carry an ST trailer tire or radial trailer tire.

Many campers do not come with a spare RV tire mount, so you must have one because sitting on the side of a busy road is not a good option. If you already have a tire carrier installed, another option is to consider installing a second spare tire mount.

We have taken the time to review each tire carrier for You. If you are looking for an RV spare tire holder, you have come to the right place. We have you covered whether you are looking for a camper, heavy-duty trailer, or spare tire holder for your boat trailer. We also suggest that along with a spare holder you also consider a TPMS enough can not be said about the easy way to monitor your tires. We have you covered if you need a 2-inch receiver adaptor for your spare tire holder.

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How To Mount Spare Tires Under Trailer Deck

ExWrench said:Say what you want about Texas, but they take a few of the 10 Commandments & add “or you’ll get shot” :laughing:Yeehaaaaaaaawwwwwww! :flipoff2:

Hey Richard when i had my steel deck, i had an idea to make a L shaped type swing arm with a pivot on the lower edge of the deck. It would swing up, under, then have some bolts/studs to secured it in place when up/under..

I have an Isuzu pickup spare tire winch under my motorcycle trailer for my spare. It works great and the tire is always tight. I always check it before I make a trip.

Mounting A Spare Tire Carrier On Your Rv

Having a spare tire with your RV is a great thing provided the tire is small enough for you to safely handle. But not every RV comes with a place to carry a spare apparently some manufacturers think you should sleep with your spare. Weve been asked, How do you mount a spare tire carrier? For RVs with a 4-inch-square tube bumper the project is an easy one. We did it in less than 10 minutes that means the average RVer could probably do it in five!

Many RV dealers and part stores can sell you a new bumper-mounted carrier. For a quite a few dollars less, we picked one up from a surplus RV peddler on eBay for less than $23 . This typical carrier is formed from square metal tube and flat plate, and mounts on your bumper with u-bolts.

We had a completely clear bumper, free of other objects, so we were wide open on choices of where to mount the carrier. Keeping the spare out of the way of taillights is obvious, but there are other considerations. We plan on mounting our wind-powered electrical generator tower on the right side of the bumper soon. And maybe this is just psychological, but keeping the tire away from the left side of the bumper has more appeal to our family tire changer something about staying as far away from speeding semitrucks while parked in the break-down lane enters into the picture. Whaddayaknow We wound up with our carrier dead center on the bumper.

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Installing Spare Tire Mount On Trailer

This is not that difficult if you have some good mechanical skills or are a very good DIY person. It just takes time to bolt the items into place and often you can do it yourself. Or you can spend the money and have the experts do it for you.

Some of the options will need some welding done and if you are not an experienced welder, leave that part of the job up to someone who is. Those who DIY their own spare tire holders will most definitely be good at welding.

In most cases, the holder you buy will come with instructions to guide your installation. Hopefully, those instructions are written in perfect English so you can understand them.

Seachoice 53881 Side Mount Spare Tire Carrier

Locking Utility Trailer Spare Tire Mount for $5

Seachoice Side-Mount Spare Tire Carriers are designed to mount your spare trailer wheel vertically to the side of the trailer tongue or frame rails.

This carrier, made of powder-coated heavy-duty steel, mounts to the trailer tongue at the front of the trailer. It features an offset design that moves the wheel up and away for increased ground clearance.

Thanks to the included tire plate and mounting hardware, no drilling is required for installation. Seachoice is committed to delivering quality marine accessories and OEM replacement parts to satisfy fishing, boating, and watersports enthusiasts worldwide. Seachoice is run for and by boaters, offering a wide-ranging product line while remaining affordable.

  • Ideal for mounting your spare tire vertically to the side of the trailer tongue or frame rails
  • Mounts to trailer tongue at the front of the trailer fits most frames no drilling required.
  • Powder-coated, heavy-duty steel construction

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How Do You Make A Spare Tire Carrier

There are many designs you can use and many different blueprints that will show you how to get the task done. We will only talk about one option here. The supplies you would need would be 2-inch tube steel, 6 x 2-inch end plates, a threaded down rod, an oversized wing nut, and a steel plate for a washer.

Plus, you would need a welder and tap and die set to help get all the pieces to work together. The first task would be to weld the end plates to the tube steel. Then Mark the center spot and create a threaded hole for the down rod to enter.

Or you can simply create a hole with a metal drill bit and high-speed drill, then weld the down rod into place. Make sure the threaded end is down away from the tube steel. Once these items are in place, you can either bolt the tube steel to the frame or weld it into place.

After that, it is a matter of placing the tire over the threaded down rod, putting the steel washer on, and then the oversized wing nut. Your biggest hassle will be lifting up the tire so you can adapt this style to include a winch for easier lifting and lowering.

Adnik 28218b Spare Tire Carrier

Rear bumper spare tire mounts are cumbersome and ugly, and they make it difficult to install bike racks and cargo trays. Plus, they add weight and length to your travel trailer.

Adnik now offers the Hide-A-Spare Tire Storage System that allows you to mount the bulky tire beneath your trailer and out of the way. This system is very easy to mount, and if you ever require access to the spare tire, simple to remove.

The knob and pin are removed to lower the Hide-A-Spare. It then telescopes out for easier access to the spare tire.

68 to 75 frame width, Underslung mount for trailers with enclosed underbelly

This RV spare tire holder is not for motorized RVs. Fifth Wheels and travel trailers

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Class A Motorhome Spare Tire Carrier

If you bought one of these rigs, you may be surprised to find out that the manufacturer did not put a spare tire on board for you. Their reasoning is that the tire is too big, too heavy, and too bulky so they tell owners to let the road service people handle the carrying of the spare tire.

Roadmaster has taken advantage of this void and developed a spare tire extension. it is supposed to go into your receiver hitch with ease. They built this carrier to have an easy-to-use spring hitch system that folds out of the way as you move the tire down to ground level.

As long as your wheel meets these dimensions, you can get a spare tire in this extension- 16, 16.5, 19.5, 22.5, 24, or 24.5-inch wheel. Also, the extension comes with its own 2 receiver hitch which allows you to add your car. The towing capacity is 10,000 pounds with a 400-pound tongue weight.

The cost of this extension is around $700 but the word is you can find similar ones on the street selling for around $100.

Towing Accessories To Fit Your Lifestyle

ATDynamics Spare Tire Carrier in Tire &  Wheel
Hitches, trailer wiring, cargo carriers and more!

CURT offers a complete line of towing accessories to let you fully enjoy your passion!

With everything from custom trailer hitches and trailer wiring to 5th wheel hitches and cargo carriers, we have the towing equipment you need to make the most of each adventure.

Whether you’re working, playing or doing a little of both, CURT towing products enable you and your crew to make memories that will last a lifetime.

A complete line of towing products

  • Trailer hitches

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Jayco Under Trailer Spare Wheel Carrier Options

Spare tires are important.They are great to have around when you get a flat. All you have to do is pull it out, take the old tire off and place the spare on and you are on your way. The problem is where do you carry it when you do not need it? You cant go on holiday without one so finding a good spot is equally important.

There are a lot of different options you can use. There is the old bolt pattern, the under chassis storage and tire carrier, and even a winch that you can use to hold that spare. You can even make your own but the key is to make sure that it is sturdy and strong enough as you cant go on vacation without a spare tire.

To learn more about your spare tire options, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can place your spare tire out of the way until it is needed. Some owners even use the space under their bed to store their spare tires.

How To Install A Spare Tire Carrier

To start, you need to select the type of spare tire carrier you want on your trailer. The bolt-on models will come with all the hardware you need so attaching them is not going to be difficult.

The hardest part of that process is finding the right spot to place the holder. Once you find that, it is just a matter of using a wrench or socket set to tighten the bolts in place. Underbelly locations keep the tire out of the way but they make it difficult to place the spare tire unless you add a winch to the holder.

If you bolt the holder on the back bumper, make sure the bumper is rated for the weight of the tire and the holder.

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Where Does The Spare Tire Go On A Travel Trailer

Actually, there are quite a few places where you will find a spare tire on a travel trailer. One of the more popular spots is on the tongue. It is out of the way, well secured, and easy to access at that location.

Or, it goes by the ladder just above the bumper. This too is an easy-to-access spot, out of the way, and makes sure you have a little buffer between you and the car behind you. Both locations are great, that is until you need those spots for extra storage, a battery box, or hooking up an extension or trailer for a double tow.

Then you need a different location and many owners opt to put their spare in the hidden reaches of the underbelly. With the right holder, there are some good spots that keep the spare out of your way and fairly easy to access.

There are different hidden spots that are big enough to hold the trailer. you just have to have the right holder to secure it in place.

Where Do You Put The Spare Tire On A Toy Hauler

DIY Small Trailer Spare Tire Mount

Some owners place the spare tire in front of the rear wheels. There is what is called a hide-a-spare holder. It is a telescopic design and it is held into place by welding a little lip to the outside of the toy hauler.

Then the slide out goes over the lip and you need to remove a pin and the screw before you can pull out the spare tire. Before you pull, you need to lift up and then pull towards you.

The spare tire holder will then lower to the ground and you just pull it out from there. To get the spare tire back under the toy hauler, just reverse the directions. Push the tire back into place.

Then lift up on the holder until you get it back on the lip. Then all you do is put the screw back into place and finally push the pin into its spot. It is a very simple process and the spare tire remains out of the way until you need it.

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