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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires

Meet The Baja Boss A/t Hybrid Tire 5000

The Best Tire Yet? Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Hybrid Tires have been great so far. From the Rocky Mountains of South West Colorado to the extreme heat in Moab, and back to the granite rocks in Northern California, weve put about 5000K miles on these in the first couple of months and were beyond impressed.

If youve been following me for any amount of time, you know how much I love tires.

Tires are arguably the most important mod you will add to an off-road rig. Ive run well over 10 different tires ranging from Highway Tires and All Terrains to Hybrids and Mud Terrains, and today Im super stoked to show you guys why the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T hybrid is arguably one of the most versatile tires on the market.

Weve traveled through a ton of terrain types and there wasnt a single time I was disappointed.

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Are Mickey Thompson Baja Tires Good For Off

Mickey Thompson is one of America’s pioneer tire brands, being the first to build a 35-inch tall off-road-focused option. Today, the Mickey Thompson Baja lineup of tires offers that same ingenuity, with stellar construction cues including the iconic “tread-on-the-sidewall” for added traction on all surfaces.

Background Of The Tire

The Baja Boss is a tire that gives truck owners a lot to work with, starting with its radical look and attitude. As a mud terrain, it comes equipped to deal better with off-road use. Its makeup represents a new phase of tire design, as digital media specialist Willy Woo explained.

To understand the vision behind the Baja Boss, we have to look at the Baja MTZP3, he said. The Baja MTZP3 was released in 2015 to replace the legendary Baja MTZ. We intended to update the tire with the newly developed silica-reinforced tread compound. We also wanted to pack in new features, while modifying as little of the classic design as possible.

“While the Baja MTZP3 and Baja Boss are both premium Mud Terrain products, the Baja Boss is more cutting-edge,” said Woo.

For the Baja Boss, our intention was to differentiate greatly from the Baja MTZP3 and the competition, he continued. We did it thanks to several new features: a new soft-asymmetric tread pattern, PowerPly XD construction, longer, deeper SideBiters, deep embossed black sidewall lettering, unique sizing, higher load carrying capacities, etc.

Pairing with this awesome tire was the Sidebiter II, a wheel styled after the “tread on the sidewall” Sidebiter tire design. The Sidebiter II comes in multiple sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches, and would blend well with the dark aesthetic of our Ram 1500.

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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/t Tires

Our Price: $331.49 – $902.89
$100 Rebate w/ Purchase –Receive a $100 prepaid card with the purchase of a set of 4 tires! See More.
Made in the USA
  • PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall construction
  • Deep wide voids to enhance off-road traction
  • Stone ejector ribs to prevent wedged gravel
  • Angled shoulder scallops
  • Made in the USA

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T Tires are manufactured with the avid off-road driver in mind. They are also expertly crafted to survive on even the roughest of back roads or canyon terrains. Each tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern to help improve handling. The proven construction and design, is truly second to none.

This tire features a next generation four-pitch sidebiter® pattern that is 50% larger than any other Mickey Thompson tire to provide unparalleled off-road traction. On top of that, each tire has silica-reinforced tread compounds for enhanced wet performance and longevity. Outfit your ride with the best mud terrain tire on the market with the Baja Boss M/T from Mickey Thompson.

Features: Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/t Review

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Radial Tire

At a glance, Baja Boss AT is noticeable with the bold look. Remarkably, its appearance comes from an aggressive tread design. This innovative soft-asymmetric tread pattern enhances its maneuver in all terrains.

Pairing with this, Baja Bosss application in PowerPly XD technology has also opened a new phase for tire design. Utilizing the bias-angled third ply can dramatically increase the puncture resistance, smooth riding, and faster steering response.

Another distinct difference between the Baja Boss At from the earlier model is extreme side biters. Compared with Baja ATZP3, the boss AT is 150% deeper. Wheeling your truck is at ease on rocky mountains, granite rocks, or muddy areas thanks to more excellent traction coming from the bitter side tire.

As the boss of all-weather tires, the Baja Boss AT undoubtedly delivers exceptional handling and stability under harsh conditions. Furthermore, the tread life is also extended. All these great capacities come from silica-reinforced tread compounds.

Last but not least, 3PMS Symbol and 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on LT sizes are proven facts for their outstanding performance over diverse terrains.

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Which Products Can Be Returned Or Exchanged

Most products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, provided it is returned in original packaging and the items are in new and unused condition. We reserve the right to charge up to the full value of the product for items not received in this condition.

Products that cannot be returned or exchanged:

  • Some products, including, but not limited to, custom patterned and custom, and painted items are not returnable
  • Products that shipped via freight, typically oversized and heavy items.
  • Products that have been installed on your vehicle
  • Products that have been modified

K Mile Treadwear Warranty

Pictured: The Summit of Black Bear Pass

50,000-mile treadwear warranty instills confidence that the Baja Boss® A/T is built to last. But what does this really mean?

Car tire warranties work in the delta. Lets say you run this tire for 40K-miles and for some reason the tire tread is just destroyed. Well in that case, then Mickey Thompson would credit you a 10K-mile difference or credit towards a new tire. Its nice when tire companies back their offerings with a warranty. And as you can see here, Mickey Thompson is saying that this tire will last you 50K-miles.

What do I think? After 5,000K miles of some really rough abuse, they look great. Ill let you decide.

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What Kind Of Truck Tires Does Mickey Thompson Make

The Mickey Thompson Baja lineup of tires is what you’re looking for here – you most likely know of the Baja Boss, available in A/T and M/T configurations for trucks and SUVs alike. Elsewhere in the lineup are the hybrid Baja Legend, belted Baja Claw, competition-ready Baja Pro, and many more, all able to give you the handle, comfort, and performance you’ve been craving.

Earn $100 Reward With The Purchase Of Select Baja Boss Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Mud Terrain Tire Review for Jeep Wrangler

Looking to hit the road or the trail this summer? Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels Summer 2022 Rewards Program can help you get there!

Buy four eligible new Baja Boss® A/T or Baja Boss M/T tires between July 1 and Aug. 15, 2022, submit your rewards submission by Sept. 1, 2022 and earn a $100 Mickey Thompson Visa® Prepaid Card or Virtual Mickey Thompson Visa Prepaid Card. Visit for all applicable terms and conditions.

“The summer adventure season is in full swing, and were happy to help truck and SUV owners conquer any trail and earn a reward at the same time,” said Dominick Wycoff President, Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels. “The Baja Boss is our premium extreme tire line, offering capability and versatility in all conditions.”

The Baja Boss A/T delivers undisputed on-road handling, performance, and tread life while also dominating in the mud, thanks to its asymmetric tread design. It features aggressive looks, low noise, long-lasting tread, a smooth ride, and a severe weather rating.

Meanwhile, the Baja Boss M/T extreme Mud Terrain radial tire includes an asymmetric tread pattern and the companys PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall construction.

For more information on Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels Summer 2022 Rewards Program, visit

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It All Starts On The Inside Right


The already-proven PowerPly carcass has been made even stronger by increasing sidewall cord thickness by 50%. This means even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and a quicker steering response.

PowerPly XD is 10% stronger than standard angle ply technology and gives you greater sidewall protection. The additional denier, combined with the angle, reduces softer rubber gaps between sidewall cords, improves tear resistance, and when coming out of a turn it returns the steering to centre faster than traditional radial construction, so there is less chance of losing control in emergencies.


Mickey Thompson Tires use an exclusive compound recipe utilising Chemically-Coupled Silica. It lowers rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip and improving cut and chip resistance, working together to extend the tyre’s life and durability.

Available Sizes

Receive Your Refund Or Exchange

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Will Mickey Thompson Tires Fit My Truck

You can rest assured that Mickey Thompson will have a tire to fit your ride – in fact, the Baja Pro XS is the tallest DOT-approved light truck tire in the world, available in sizes up to 58 inches tall. All possible sizes are represented in the Mickey Thompson lineup, so all you have to do is look, find, and buy.

About Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss X Radial Tire

An iconic racer during his day, Mickey Thompson knew a thing or two about what makes a great tire. Today, his legacy lives on with the brand that bears his name, and with Mickey Thompson building some of the best-performing, longest-lasting tires in the business, you are in good hands.

This makes them perfect for your truck and all the driving styles you use it for, and it’s why we’re stoked to be able to bring you all the best Mickey Thompson tires.

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Where Can I Buy Mickey Thompson Tires For My Truck

You’re in luck if you’ve got your eyes on new Mickey Thompson tires – they’re available in our inventory and ready to ship to your door. All you have to do is add a set to the cart, so shop online for Mickey Thompson truck tires at Custom Offsets today and get quick delivery within 7 days. Don’t forget if you package your Mickey Thompson tires with new wheels, we’ll handle the mounting and balancing for free.

  • Monday – Friday 9AM to 7PM CST
  • Saturday 10AM to 4PM CST
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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/t Tires

Our Price: $189.09 – $712.69
$100 Rebate w/ Purchase –Receive a $100 prepaid card with the purchase of a set of 4 tires! See More.
Made in the USA
  • 50,000 mile treadwear warranty
  • Severe Snow Service Rated

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tires are manufactured with the adventurous truck owner in mind. They are expertly crafted to deliver unmatched on-road and off-road performance. Each tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern to help improve handling and reduce noise in all conditions. The proven construction and design is truly second to none.

This tire features a next generation Extreme Sidebiter® pattern that is 150% deeper than other Mickey Thompson Baja all-terrain tires to provide unparalleled on and off-road traction. In addition, each tire has Mickey Thompson’s trademarked PowerPly XD which adds extra denier cord to provide greater puncture resistance, improved handling, and quicker steering response. The silica-reinforced compound aids in on-road tread wear, cut and chip resistance, and improves handing and braking performance. Outfit your ride with the best all-terrain tire on the market with the Baja Boss A/T from Mickey Thompson.

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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tire Review

Off-roading puts heavy demands on a vehicle joint-flexing, engine-churning, brake-scorching, and tire-wearing demands. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Making sure our 2017 Ram 1500 had the right equipment meant having the latest and greatest from Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels and that came in the form of the Baja Boss.

Touted as an ultra-premium Extreme Mud Terrain, the Baja Boss offers up some marvelous traits and aesthetics that make it a good match for our recently revamped Ram. A truck like that has to perform as good as it looks, and were putting our trust in the Baja Boss 35×12.50R20LT to get the job done. Were also pairing these can-do tires with can-do wheels the 20×9 Sidebiter II , also from Mickey Thompson.

Truck Specs: 2017 Ram 1500

Tires: Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 35X12.50R20LT

Wheels: Mickey Thompson Side Biter 2 20X9, Bolt Pattern 5X5.5

Exterior Modifications: Barricade HD drop-side step bars , Barricade retractable bed cover Barricade Extreme HD rear bumper with LED spot lights , Barricade HD Off-Road front bumper with LED fog lights , and Barricade skid plate for HD Off-Road front bumper

Fifteen New Fitments Designed For Light Duty Trucks Suv Applications

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Driving Review

Light-duty pickups, SUVs and lifted Crossovers deserve an all-terrain tire with aggressive looks and all weather traction, so Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels is adding 15 new sizes to its go-anywhere Baja Boss A/T tire line.

The Baja Boss A/T’s new sizes feature an all-new S1 silica-reinforced compound that provides lasting tread life, cut and chip resistance, and impressive wet handling and braking performance. It is severe snow service rated with a 3PMS certification.

The Baja Boss A/Ts asymmetrical tread design is optimized for less noise. Deep, aggressive Sidebiters® give the tire a bold look, along with extreme off-road traction and protection.

“These new sizes of the Baja Boss A/T are a lighter-duty alternative to our LT metric offerings while still delivering a bold look, off-road traction and protection, with an improved ride,” said Heather Tausch, director of product management, Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels.

The new sizes include: 235/75R15, 265/70R16, 265/75R16, 245/65R17, 265/70R17, 285/70R17, 265/60R18, 265/65R18, 275/65R18, 265/50R20, 275/55R20, 305/50R20, 275/60R20, 285/45R22 and 305/45R22.

The Baja Boss A/T SUV sizes are covered by a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. For more information about the new Baja Boss A/T sizes and all of Mickey Thompsons Baja Boss off-road tires, visit

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