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Lawn Mower No Flat Tires

Maintenance Tips For Keeping Lawnmower Tires In Great Workingshape

NO FLAT solid wheels tires on TORO TIMECUTTER zero turn mower

When usinglawnmowers, your safety should come first. While we will not look at dangersassociated with flat tires, you should ensure they have optimal pressure at alltimes. Ensuring the longevity of mower tires, therefore, means you do thefollowing:

  • Avoid sharp objects: Do not run over sharp objects such as nails, harpoons, rocks, cacti, porcupines, thorns, glasses, needles, and bolts. You should inspect your lawn for any of these before mowing.
  • Store the mower in shade: Construct a cool shed or a garage where you store your lawnmower when not in use. Dry rot on tires happens due to overexposure to direct sunlight. With dry rot, often manifest on the sidewalls, tires cannot contain pressure for a long lime. The risk of a blowout also becomes real.
  • Avoid chemicals while washing: When washing mower tires, do not use harsh chemicals. But if you do, rinse off with plenty of clean water.
  • Keep tire pressure optimal: Underinflated tires cannot support the weight of a mower hence risk getting damaged. On the other hand, overinflating tires puts them at risk of blowouts, something you dont want to experience when mowing uphill/downhill.

Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire

The Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire is made for residential and commercial riding lawnmowers.

Thanks to its all-weather tread compound and maximum traction on turf surfaces, this tire is best to replace turf equipment, lawnmowers, and other utility vehicles.

This innovative tire design features a unique, square shoulder shape for increased stability during yard work and a super quiet mowing experience.

These Turf Saver tires provide greater puncture resistance than standard pneumatic tires. It also allows your lawnmower to withstand heavy loads in muddy or uneven terrains.

It also features a flat surface for easy tire gauge and improved traction to provide a better ride.

Furthermore, the chevron tread pattern provides increased sidewall stability and traction, especially on wet surfaces in straight positions and excellent self-cleaning capabilities, improving the overall performance on any surface.

Designed with a turf-friendly tread pattern, the Carlisle Turf Saver tire is ideal for driving over rough terrains such as sod, dirt, and even some types of gravel.

Its also vehicle manufacturer-approved, so it offers an easy and familiar fitment.

However, you cant mount this tire right out of the package. Instead, you need to allow several days for decompression before mounting onto your lawn mowers rim otherwise, the fitment will be nearly impossible for you.


  • Requires several days of decompression

A Remove The Jack Stand

Thats it, your tire is back on the rim and fully inflated. Re-insert your jack and raise the mower enough to remove the jack stand.

Lower the mower back onto all its wheels. We recommend letting it stand for a few minutes before moving it. This way you can wait and see if your tire will keep pressure.

Once your happy everything is working, dont forget to reconnect the spark plug wire and remove any chocks on the other wheels.

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy Flat Free Mower Tires

In order to find the right sized flat proof tire for your mower, there will be a few measurements you will need to know.

Hub LengthThe hub length is the measurement through the middle of the wheel measuring from end point to end point . Make sure you measure through the center of the wheel and not just the outside. Youre trying to determine how much space the rim takes up on your axle. If the hub length is too short, the tire will move from side to side on your axle. If you order a hub length that is too long, your rim will extend beyond your axle.

BearingA bearing is the metal piece at the end of your hub where the axle goes through. You need to measure the inside diameter of the hole. To double check for accuracy, you can also measure your axle diameter to be sure you have the correct size.

Tire SizeWatch the video below to learn how to measure your tire size.

How to Measure Your Tire

What Is The Rightlawnmower Tire Pressure

No Flat Tires in 2020

First off, take note that tire pressure should not be too high or too low. Both extremes are always bound to cause problems. You should, therefore, inflate your lawnmower tires to optimal pressure . The big question is whether there is a standard pressure gauge for these machines or varies depending on the model. The good news is that like tires in bikes, airplanes and a car, determining the optimal tire pressure for your lawnmower is as easy as looking at the sidewall. You should spot a labeling Max.Press.XX where xx is the recommended psi. It could be 30, 34, or 40 psi, depending on the type of tires on your mower. For worn-out sidewalls, check the user manual for the optimal psi recommended by your lawnmower manufacturer. You can find tire pressure gauges here.

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What To Do If Your Lawnmower Tires Keep Going Flat

Machines are bound to develop technical or mechanical problems. And when it comes to your newly acquired Husqvarna, Toro, Honda, or John Deere riding/push mower, you should expect its components to wear and tear after some years. However, when problems like flat tires become frequent, they negatively affect your grass-cutting machines general efficiency. It goes that lawnmowers depend on tire pressure for maximum traction and performance. Thus, apart from the fact you will often replace mowing blades, belts, and filters, tires that keep going flat should be a real cause of worry.

So, What to do if your lawnmower tires keep going flat ?

If your lawnmower tires keep going flat it can be due to several reasons:

  • Rough lawn terrain
  • Insert tubes inside each tire on your mower
  • Buy quality and/or original tires

For an experienced handyperson or a homesteader, you will agree that fixing a flat tire on a lawnmower is not always easy. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair, and the only option you have is to buy brand new tires. Thus, in answering the question of what to do if tires on your mower keep going flat, we would say there are many things you can do. First, one must delve into the real causes of flat tires before seeking a long-lasting solution.


  • 6 Final Remarks
  • What Causes A Flat Lawn Mower Tire


    At some point, chances are youve found yourself on the side of the road with a nail in your tire.

    It happens.

    But for some reason, nails, screws, thorns, and sharp objects have a habit of finding their way into the paths of our lawn mowers as well.

    And while we dont have an explanation for this phenomenon, we do have a solution.

    To the naked eye, Stans Sealant appears to be just a milky-white fluid. But floating around inside are tiny crystals which, when a puncture occurs, are rushed directly to the damaged area to quickly plug the hole and form a tight seal.

    In fact, Stans is so advanced, you could run over a full-size landscaping spike if you wanted to and our sealant would still be able to save your tire as it is designed to plug punctures up to ½ in diameter!

    Poor Seal At The Rim

    Minor imperfections in the bead of a tire or the lip of a rim allow air to escape, creating a slow leak even while your mower is just sitting.

    Whats the best way to fix a flat lawn mower tire from a bad seal?

    Well, you could spend money to have the tire replaced, and then the rim too, if that doesnt do the trick.

    Or you could save yourself the time, expense, and hassle of both and let Stans do the work for you.

    Once a tire is filled with Stans, our sealant rushes to any imperfections along the bead as the tire rotates, evenly spreading the liquid and creating a lasting airtight seal in seconds.

    Flat Lawn Mower Tires From Weather Corrosion

    Leaky Valve Stems

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    Check The Instructions For Proper Amount Of Sealant

    One of the reasons many people think that Fix-A-Flat doesnt work is that they use too much or too little of the product.

    To make sure that youre using the right amount, read the instructions provided with the can. For most standard lawn mowers, youll need to use either the 16-ounce or the 12-ounce Fix-A-Flat Can.

    Time To Refill The Flat Tire

    No More Flat Wheelbarrow / Riding Mower tires

    Following the above steps to the letter should leave the patch tightly in place. Now, it is time to test the tire for puncture once again. You can also refill it with pressure while taking care not to exceed the max limit. If the patch does not let out air, roll down the jack and remove it. You are now ready to start mowing your lawn once again. Take note that fixing holes on lawnmower tires follows the same procedure as that of car tires. The only difference is that tires in mowers are narrower and smaller. Should you find the task challenging, we recommend seeking help from a specialist to avoid causing further damage to flat tires.

    Pumping your tire with a small air compressor is very convenient. You can find tire air compressors here.

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    Adjust The Pressure Of The Tire

    Another step that many people overlook while using Fix-A-Flat is adjusting the tire pressure to match other tiles, which makes them uneven.

    To solve that, reconnect the air pump into your stem valve can and restore the proper pressure of the wheel.

    Once the pressure in the wheel is established, you can remove the object that punctured your tire.

    Adjust The Hydraulic Jack

    Now its time to place the hydraulic jack. The placement of the jack depends on the flat tire wheel. If the front wheel tire becomes flat, then you need to place the jack under the edge of the front wheel deck. Place the jack under the edge of the rear wheel deck if the rear wheel tire becomes flat.

    Press the handle of the jack downwards to raise the mower upwards. Raise the mower at least half a foot above the ground. And make sure that the jack is properly set with the mower to avoid any kind of accident in the time of repair.

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    Buy Quality And/or Original Tires

    There is a real chance of buying counterfeit tires today. The risk gets more real for someone who has never considered replacing worn-out tires. So, you ask, whats the catch with tire replacement? Well, we advise that you purchase quality original lawnmower tires from a trusted dealer. There are more than a dozen manufacturers of tires who enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Original tires will not only last long but also last their value without going flat unnecessarily. You can find Lawn Mower tires here.

    No Flat Tires For Lawn Mowers

    Michelin X Tweel Turf Airless Radial Tire 26"  x 12"  N12 for Zero Turn ...

    Our aim would be to fulfill our shoppers by offering golden company, very good value and good quality for No Flat Tires For Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mower Wheel Upgrade, Folding Wagon Inflatable Tires, Heavy Duty Folding Beach Cart,Beach Trolley Rubber Wheels. We are sincere and open. We look forward to your visit and establishing trustworthy and long-term standing relationship. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Finland, Italy,Argentina, Borussia Dortmund.Our solutions are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing of economic and social needs. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

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    Meet The Tweel: The Tire That Never Goes Flat

    John Deere is using Michelin’s airless tire-and-wheel, the Tweel. Go ahead, run over some nails.

    The John Deere Z740R ZTrak zero-turn mower has a lot going for it: a mowing deck up to 60 inches, a 10 mph top speed and a 23.5-horsepower V-twin engine. That bad boy’s got a four-year, thousand-hour warranty that would be bumper-to-bumper, if it had bumpers.

    What it doesn’t have is air in the tires. Nor does it need any, because the Z740R rolls on the sickest of low-pros: Michelin Tweels, which combine a “shear beam” with flexible poly-resin spokes connected to a hub. It’s a tire and wheel in one, hence the name.

    Now, when presented with an airless tire, you might think the first thing you’d do is try running over a nail. Wrong: you try running over two handfuls of nails, in the driveway of a friend’s farm. This had no effect whatsoever, so I lined up a trio of nails in my own mini spike strip to see what would happen. The Z740R rolled over the nails, which lodged harmlessly in the tread and impeded the mower not at all.

    Feeling cocky, I placed a brick in the driveway and drove over that, the Tweel deforming around the masonry and then springing promptly back into shape. It’s simultaneously like a zero-profile performance tire, a run-flat, and an off-road balloon tire aired down to 10 psi.

    Satisfied with my Tweel experiments, I roared off to mow approximately half a football field in five minutes, which is possible when you’re hacking a five-foot swath at 10 mph.

    Tips On Fixing Flatlawnmower Tires

    When lawnmowers tires keep going flat, cutting grass becomes painstakingly difficult. Youwould rather do it manually than push or ride a punctured mower. But you shouldnot give up just yet. There are a host of things you can do to save troublesometires. Apart from inspecting them for a puncture, a permanent fix becomesnecessary. Based on our experience with these machines, we suggest fixing flattires by doing the following:

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    Flat Free Lawn Mower Tires Save You Money

    Zero Turn Mowers are hard working machines. A flat tire is simply unacceptable when you are trying to keep your business running. Flat proof tires for zero turn mowers keep your machines running, and your crew on schedule!

    Flat Proof or Flat Free Tires have been available in the marketplace for many years, yet many contractors and homeowners dont know they exist. They are designed to replicate the ride and handling of air-filled tires and their performance is hard to beatno more headaches due to slow leaks and flat tires.Zero turn mower front tires are one of the most popular types of flat free tires we sell.

    Tires are great on my Walker Deck Mower. No more flat tires or wasted time for me.

    M. Ambrose

    How To Fix A Flat Tire On A Riding Mower: Step By Step Instructions


    When most riding mower owners imagine getting a flat tire, their first thought is all the painstaking work that lies ahead to get their mower back up and running: Jacking the mower up off the ground, unbolting the wheel, breaking out the rasp, the tire plugs, the rubber cement Were here to tell you to skip all that. Theres a better way. Heres how to fix your tire in five minutes flat with next to no tools whatsoever.

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    Using Smooth Tires On Your Zero

    If youre riding on a zero-turn mower, you might want to try out some smooth tires.

    Smooth tires allow your mower to take sharper turns because theres less friction between the grass and your mower, thanks to the lack of tread. Not only can you make sharper turns with the mower, but these tires will last season after season because theres no tread to wear down.

    Also, no tread pattern means your lawn will always be looking its best, because a smooth tire wont leave any marks as you’re riding along. Putting a pair of Carlisle Straight Rib tires on the front of your zero turn mower can leave marks on your lawn as you pivot your mower – so try Carlisle Smooth tires instead!

    Not sure which tire is best for your zero-turn mower? Give us a call at 961-8668.

    Need lawnmower, garden tractor, or golf cart tires?

    Well help you find the right fit and style for your mower, tractor, and more.

    Flat Proof Tires Mean No More Headaches And More Importantly They Save You Money

    Imagine this

    No more equipment related downtime!

    Unfortunately we cant prevent mechanical breakdowns, but we CAN GUARANTEE NO MORE DOWNTIME DUE TO FLAT TIRES!

    No more flats.No more tire related downtime costs.No more headaches!

    Has this scenario happened to you?

    Tire has gone flat ~ No spare on hand ~ Search for tire or repair begins ~ Crew and job on hold ~ Tire not in stock ~ Needs to be ordered ~ Downtime costs escalate!

    A $10.00 tire failure can cost you upwards of ten times that in downtime!

    Reliance, the NO-FLAT tire by Carlisle Transportation Products, gives commercial tire users the durability, ride, and security they require. This compound can handle the load and abuse of commercial use while the FLAT PROOF design eliminates costly down time. For use on commercial deck mowers, hand trucks, pressure washers, generators, paint sprayers, carts, and other waste handling applications.

    When an off the shelf flat proof tire is not available, there is another solution available.Introducing EcoFlex SoftFill, a patented polyurethane liquid that is pumped into the tire filling the entire cavity and cures into a soft rubber like material. It cures within twenty four hoursthe result is a 100% flat proof tire.

    • Protects your tires

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    Ferris Flat Free Lawn Mower Tires

    Enjoy less downtime with Ferris flat free lawn mower tires. Flat free tires are not pressurized by air, but are composed of a polyurethane foam which allows for them to not go flat. Airless tires do not need to be changed as often either which results in savings for our customers!

    While also saving you money flat free lawn mower tires also save you time by reducing downtime changing out tires as often or due to a flat tire.

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