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How To Know If You Need New Tires

Turn To The Tire Professionals

How to Tell if You Need New Tires on Your Car

Still not sure when to replace tires on your vehicle? Let the knowledgeable technicians at Tires Plus help. From checking your tire tread depth and pressure to helping you choose the right new tires, we can offer expert advice to keep your vehicle riding smoothlyand safelyon the road. It may take longer than a minute to head to your nearest Tires Plus, but your safety is worth it!

Replacing Your Tires Doesnt Have To Be A Bad Thing

Its a good idea to replace your tires every few years, even if you dont think that they need replacing and can still function fine. Tires become a larger liability as they get older and the odds of experiencing a blowout increase. Saving a few dollars and delaying the inevitable isnt worth putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

By visiting Rent A Wheel, youll be able to browse a wide catalog of new tires for your vehicle. You can search based on the size or brand of your tires as well as the year, make, and model of your car. The flexible payment plan and free shipping can help you to afford a new set of tires and easily replace your old ones.

Monitor Your Air Pressure

Finally, it’s a good idea to monitor how much air pressure is in your tires. When there isn’t enough air inside your tires, the rubber will begin to wear out and break down faster. So, be sure you check how much air is in all of your tires at least once per month, and fill them up when they get too low.

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Signs You Need New Tires

Take it from former race-car driver Johnny Unserchecking for telltale warnings of a worn-out tire is more important than you think.

Checking your tires is like going to the dentist, says Unser, five-time veteran of the Indy 500. Its something we dont do often enough, that we put off until we absolutely have to.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , tire failure causes around 11,000 car crashes each year. Both Unser and NHTSA recommend doing a quick tire inspection once a month to see if you need new tires.

Why Worry About Tread Wear

Truly know if you need new tires

It’s all about your safety. With good treads, your car will drive better on the road. When tire treads are worn, your vehicle may be unable to handle weather conditions like rain and snow. Worn treads can also make other parts of your car wear down faster. And remember – having insufficient tread is considered illegal in many states, so please check your tire tread regularly!

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Why Are Old Tires Bad

Tires are a crucial part of an automobileâs safety. They support the weight of the vehicle and glide it smoothly along the road. However, worn out or old tires can increase the risk of blowouts. Blowouts can cause an accident and are more of a hassle than it would be to just replace the tires. Worn out tires also make it difficult to stop and slow down effectively. This can cause a crash or even make you wear out your brake pads.

Putting New Vs Worn Tires To The Test

The Michelin team pointed out that most tire performance ratings only apply to new tires, not worn tires. But how a tire performs the distance it takes to stop the carcan vary greatly based on the rubber compounds, the tread design, how much of the tread grips the pavement and how much tread is left on the tire.

To learn the difference, we tested out four sets of tires: two new and two worn, to see how they performed on wet pavement. The biggest surprise was this: The worn set of tires from Brand A performed about as well as the new tires from Brand B. And the worn tires from Brand B? It took a lot more braking and steering to control the car. This last part was a real eye-opener.

When Brand B is worn down the pavement gripping power wears away, too. Photo: Scotty Reiss

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Can I Replace Just One Tire On My Awd Vehicle

When it comes to the tires on your AWD vehicle, it’s not a good idea to replace just one or two the best approach is to replace all four at the same time, even if some of these tires show less sign of wear than others. A new tire has a larger diameter than the exact same tire that’s halfway through its tread life. If you replace some but not all the car’s tires, this difference in tire size could negatively impact your car’s performance. It could place undue strain on your vehicle’s drivetrain. It could also mislead the traction control system, causing it to believe that your vehicle is frequently suffering from a loss of traction.

The Most Important Reason To Worry About Tread Wear Is Safety

How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Tires?

When your tire treads are worn, your car may respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like rain and snow. With good treads, your car will grip the road better. Also, having insufficient tread is considered illegal in many states. And finally, worn treads can make other parts of your car wear prematurely.

Potential Problem Areas:

  • Excessive wear in center tread indicates over inflation of the tire.
  • Excessive wear on shoulders may signal problems such as under inflation of the tire.
  • Uneven tread wear indicates poor wheel alignment.
  • Excessive wear on one side of the tire signals incorrect camber angle.
  • If the treads on the outer section become knobby, it may signal problems with the toe-in value.
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    What Are Good Tires To Buy

    There are many good tires you can buy. However, the price ranges depending on the tires you get. Listed below are some good examples.

    Michelin tires, Continental tires, BF Goodrich tires, General tires, Uniroyal tires, Cooper tires, Toyo tires, and Nitto tires, Hankook tires, Falken tires, Pirelli tires, Kumho tires, Nexen tires, Mickey Thompson tires, Dick Cepek tires, Hercules tires, Ironman tires, Carlisle tires, are some of the top tire brands.

    Always be sure to understand how to tell if you need new tires before you or someone else deems them bad. So, be sure to do your own due diligence!

    Other Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Will Need Tire Replacement:

    • You can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire
    • The tire cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
    • The tire tread or sidewall is cracked, cut, or snagged deep enough to show the cord or fabric
    • The tire has a bulge or split
    • The tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that cant be repaired correctly


    Tires age when stored mounted on a parked vehicle. Park a vehicle that will be stored for at least a month in a cool, dry, clean area away from direct sunlight to slow aging. The area should be free of grease, gasoline, or other substances that can deteriorate rubber. This also applies to unmounted tires.

    Parking for an extended period of time can cause flat spots on the tires that may result in vibrations while driving. When storing a vehicle for more than a month, remove the tires or raise the vehicle to reduce the weight off of the tires.

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    Measuring Tire Tread Depth

    The simplest way of measuring tread depth is by using a penny and a quarter, says Gene Petersen, tire program manager for Consumer Reports, a product review site.

    Start by inserting the quarter into the tread in the center of the tire with George Washingtons head pointing toward the tire. If the top of his head is even with the tread, the tires are still safe to drive on, but its time to start shopping for new ones, he says. This will give you enough time to choose the best tires for your car and shop for a good price.

    If you insert a penny, also head-down, into the center of your tires tread and its even with the top of Abraham Lincolns head, the tires are becoming unsafe. You should replace your tires right away.

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    Sluggish Steering And Poor Braking

    Summer Tire Care Guide for Beginners

    The lower the tread left on the tire, the worse its controllability will be. Tire treads are in constant contact with the road, and they are responsible for optimizing the vehicle’s handling and performance.

    When you notice the tires are not responding well to steering instructions, it is time to replace your tires. Additionally, braking distances can also suffer when tires wear out. This ties in with traction, as the worn-out footprint is not able to provide the necessary road grip.

    The bigger problem is that this will greatly impact your driving style. If you are used to quick and sharp responses, the tire’s slower handling can easily lead to accidents.

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    What To Do If I Need New Tires

    If you’re looking for a set of new tires, we recommend stopping by yourlocal auto shop to get them checked out. Most auto shops have a tire specialist who can give you a quick inspection and give you an idea of how much life is left in your tires. If you feel unprepared financially for the cost of new tires, Acimas lease-to-own solutions* can help you get the tires you need with flexible lease renewal payment options.

    Noticing Signs Of Tire Damage

  • 1Bring your car in for maintenance if you notice irregular tread wear. This could indicate wheel misalignment, improper inflation pressure, the need for tire rotation, or all of the above. Regardless of the specific reason, uneven tread wear is a sign that you need to take your car in for servicing.XResearch source
  • If uneven tire wear is extreme or if tires wear out much faster than expected, have a competent tire workshop check your suspension and correct it as necessary before replacing tires. Improper alignment or worn suspension parts can dramatically shorten a tire’s life.
  • Rotate your tires from front to rear in pairs to avoid irregular tread wear. Take both front tires and move them to the rear and vice versa.
  • 2Check for any abnormal bulges or bubbles in the sidewall. The sidewall is the tire surface outside the rim that faces you when the car is parked. A bulge indicates that the rigid internal frame of the tire has been damaged and cracked, allowing air pressure to reach the flexible outer layers of the tire. Any tires with sidewall bulges should be replaced immediately, regardless of the tread status.XResearch source
  • Such damage could be caused by driving through a large pothole, driving over a curb, or by driving with low tire pressure.
  • 3
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    How To Choose New Tires For Your Vehicle

    There are different factors you need to consider when purchasing new tires.

    Where will the tires be used? What do you expect from the tires? What does the tire size you need to offer for your vehicle?

    These are all questions you need to ask. You need to make sure the tires fit your needs. You will need to decide between summer, winter, and all season tires, as well as the terrain performance they offer. Touring, highway, off-road, and performance tires are also categories you need to think about.

    Be sure to also check the tires’ DOT code when shopping around. While an older DOT number does not necessarily mean the tire is bad, it can be a deciding factor between two tire models. Newer DOT numbers mean that the tires will last longer, at least based on NHTSA guidelines.

    When Do Tires Expire

    How Do I Know if I Need New Tires? | Tire Rack

    Auto manufacturers such as Ford recommend that you replace your car’s tires once they reach six years of age, even if the tire is still in good shape. Tire manufacturers such as Continental say that a tire can be used safely for up to 10 years if it’s in good condition. Continental states that once they hit the 10-year mark, all tires should be replaced with new ones.

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    What Does The Tread Do

    In a perfect world, like a perfectly dry road, tread actually reduces a car’s performance because it has the effect of reducing the contact patch area, and the forces that can be transmitted through the contact patch are correspondingly reduced.

    But in a not-so-perfect world, on a wet road, the tread is vitally important.

    The tread is designed to disperse water from the contact patch, thereby helping the tyre grip the road.

    Without tread the tyre’s ability to grip a wet road is severely limited, making it almost impossible to stop, turn, accelerate and corner.

    How Do The Tires Handle

    How does your car react to the road when youre driving? Does it seem to pull to one side? Wobble under normal driving conditions? Too much shivering and shaking isnt a sign that your car is coming down with a coldit could be trying to communicate with you! There might be something fishy going on inside one of your tires, things could be misaligned, or your shock absorbers may be worn. Even if your tires are fine, continued vibration could cause them to have problems soon enough. Let your mechanic take your car for a spin and do a quick inspection.

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    Warning Signs You Need New Tires

    By: Christopher Lampton | Updated: Apr 1, 2021

    Just as your feet are sore after a long walk, the tires on your car take a beating every time you drive. This isn’t a sign of bad driving –well, not usually — but rather an inevitable fact of life. Tires get old and worn down. And because a tire failure while you’re driving can be catastrophic, causing your car to go out of control or leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere without any easy way to get home, you want to know when your tires are in bad shape so you can get new ones before something goes wrong. Of course, if you have a mechanic look at your car periodically, he or she will probably tell you if the tires need to be changed, but there are several things you can do yourself short of a visit to your local auto center to make sure your tires are in good shape.

    We’ve listed five of the warning signs that indicate you need new tires over the next few pages.

    How Long Do Tires Last

    How to Tell If You Need New Tires

    Tire wear varies based on many conditions. At minimum, its a good idea to have them checked every year by a service professional. Factors like driving habits, climate and road conditions all contribute to how long your tires will last. One great way to extend the life of your tires is by rotating them regularly and maintaining proper air pressure.

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    What Factors Can Cause Damage To The Tires

    Many people ask How long do tires last on average?

    The problem is, theres not a set answer to that question due to the variety of factors that can lead to a necessary tire replacement. These factors include:

    • Tire design from the manufacture
    • A lack of attention to basic tire maintenance
    • Not using the right tires for different seasons and terrains.
    • Potholes, obstacles, curbs, sharp objects, and speed bumps
    • Climate conditions
    • Excessive braking or acceleration
    • Driving for long periods at high speeds

    Every driver faces different conditions and cares for their cars differently. The bottom line is that you need to be aware of your own driving habits, environment, and tires to ensure youre replacing your tires when necessary.

    How To Tell If You Need New Tires By Checking Tire Tread

    How to measure tire tread depth is easy when using a Smart Color Coded Tire Tread Depth Gauge. This tool is a quick and easy way to check tire tread. It will prevent extra spending of your hard earned money on gas and tire replacements if both used frequently and properly. This tool is suitable for trucks, motorcycles, automobiles, and any passenger vehicle.

    This tire tread depth gauge tool reads in 32nds. Suitable for trucks, motorcycles, automobiles and any passenger vehicle. Know exactly when to get new tires!

    However, if you dont have the money for this tool, there is a free way to check your tread depth! All you need is a penny.

    Read below to learn how to check your tires tread for practically free! When you measure your tires be sure to measure them in three places the outside tread, center tread, and the inside tread.

    Your tire tread can be thick on one side of your tire and very small on another. This will also indicate if you have alignment issues and or improper tire inflation.

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