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Ford F150 Rims And Tires

The Right Tires For Every Ford And Every Climate

Stock 2015-2020 F150 | 33×11.5 Tires | 18×9 Wheels w/ 0MM Offset | W& T Fitment
  • Winter Tires

    When the temperature dips below 7°C, itâs time for winter tires. The rubber compounds remain flexible even in extremely cold temperatures, allowing the tire to grip the road better. Plus, tread designs with larger gaps help provide increased traction on slush, snow and ice. All winter tires come with a mountain snowflake symbol to let you know that they meet specific traction performance requirements set by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

  • Performance Tires

    Sometimes called summer tires, performance tires are designed to help give increased handling, superior traction, cornering and braking in certain dry and wet warm weather. They feature unique tread patterns, construction features, and rubber compounds to help provide enhanced precision and responsiveness. One of the most visible features that can help you spot a performance tire is the short, low profile sidewall.

  • All-Season Tires

    All-season tires help provide versatile traction for certain wet, dry and lightly snow-covered roads. Grooves in the tread pattern help disperse water to help improve grip. All-season tires are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, but because of this, they wonât provide the same amount of extreme grip and sharp handling as a performance tire, nor the ability to trek through deep snow or drive on ice. Theyâre kind of like the jack-of-all-trades of tires.

F150 Rims For 16 17 18 20 Inch Wheels & Up

Our Ford truck wheels are offered in a range of sizes from a low of 16-inches up to as high as 20-inches or more. Most of those wheels will fit on a stock F-150, but it’s important to verify the size has enough clearance on your specific model and year variant before investing in them. These wheels are durable, but some are designed for off-road performance, others are meant for towing and hauling, and there are everyday driver wheels that are meant to look as stylish as possible. When investing in wheels, it’s up to you to decide what features are most important to you.

Our Ford wheels are available in chrome, black chrome, stainless steel, matte black, and unpainted, as well as other finishes. It’s possible to get wheels and have them painted any color finish you want to get them to match your truck’s style exactly. If you have a neutral color, you can likely find pre-painted wheels that will match your design already. Consider pairing a stylish set of wheels with exterior trim for an even more impressive finish.

Popular F-150 Wheel Colors:F150 Black Wheels, F150 Bronze Wheels, F150 Chrome Wheels, F150 Gunmetal Wheels, F150 Red Wheels, F150 Silver Wheels, F150 Tan Wheels

Are You Seeking Cheap Wheel Packages For Ford F


There are many options when it comes to FORD F-150 vehicles custom wheels and tires. Whatever driving needs you may have, your F-150 will look much more incredible with the custom rims and tires you find under our selection. is your best choice for enhancing the exciting features of your FORD F-150.

Buy your wheels and tires package with us today and save money and time. Look for discount coupons while in the shopping cart before checking out.

All the wheel styles currently available in the aftermarket industry such as: 5-Spokes rims, 6-Spokes rims, Multi-Spoke rims, custom rims, full face rims, muscle look rims, off-road rims, replica and truck style rims all available at one single place.

When you buy custom rims, wheels and tires from Rideonrims.Com, you are buying from the best. We carry over 60,000 wheel fitments and sizes from 15-inch wheels to 28-inch rims. Buy FORDF-150 wheel and tires package deals at We have the perfect wheel style to fit your budget. Our fitment guarantee policy its simple and easy, and our customer Service is U.S. based and ready to expertly answer your wheel and tire questions at 888-220-0484.

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Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Sport
2021 F150 XLT FX4/Sport -5.0- Velocity Blue

I would love to get the KO2s, but would hate to replace brand new tires. Has anyone had success selling just tires by themselves or even having the dealer or shop swap them out while they are still new? Just curious what options there might be before the new ones would still have value for someone else.

BDUB…That is a beautiful truck!!!I would be interested to see factory wheels with a more aggressive tire on it. I hope to see more posts in the future as these trucks start to roll out…

I would love to get the KO2s, but would hate to replace brand new tires. Has anyone had success selling just tires by themselves or even having the dealer or shop swap them out while they are still new? Just curious what options there might be before the new ones would still have value for someone else.

My local install guy is recommending the following:ProComp 2.25 level kitFuel Sledge 20×9 +1 offset295/55/r20 Nitto Ridge GrapplersHe seems to think theyll fit- Ill post once I get them installed in a couple weeks

2022 F150, 2021 F150, 2018 F-150 1997 F-250H
21 F150 Lariat 4×4 PB 7.2k FX4 17Raptor Beadlocks

Get The Custom Rims You Want For Your Vehicle With No Credit Needed And Everyday Low Prices

2016 Ford F

Visit any of our RimTyme for great deals on custom wheel packages. Our wheel experts can assist you in selecting the right wheels whether you are looking for truck wheels, off-road wheels, black wheels or chrome rims. We take pride in offering brand name wheels with flexible payment options, you can choose cash, credit, or our unique payment program to rent wheels or rim and tire packages. If you want to pay cash then, take advantage of our discounted cash prices.

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Everything You Need To Know When Replacing Wheels And Tires For Your Ford F150 Truck

The Ford F150 truck is a durable vehicle, but you may notice a difference in how it rides when you have worn tires. When your tires are worn, you will notice a change in the trucks handling and braking capabilities. Read on to find out everything you need to know when getting new or preowned Ford F150 factory wheels and tires on eBay.

Choose the size

The size of your trucks tires, wheels, and F150 rims has an impact on the way the vehicle rides. If you plan to go off-roading on a regular basis, then you should choose heavy-duty Ford F150 wheels and tires that are at least 35 inches in diameter. For extreme off-roading, you want to choose a Ford F150 wheels and tires package that is at least 37 inches in diameter. It also helps to choose the proper tread pattern for the type of terrain you will be riding on.

A muddy terrain needs a more aggressive tread pattern than what is required for riding on a wilderness floor. Truck drivers should look for two common things when replacing wheels:

However, it is a good rule of thumb to keep the same type and size that originally came on the truck.

What materials to choose for F150 wheels?

You want to choose Ford F150 tires and wheels that are manufactured from quality materials. Several layers of materials are used to make tires, which makes them durable for riding on rough trails. However, choosing materials for wheels are a little more complex.

Consider fuel economy

Wheel & Tire Packages

F-150 Wheel & Tire Packages

If you drive a Ford F-150, you own the keys to one of the best-selling American-made vehicles in the modern era. A five-time winner of Motor Trend Magazine’s coveted Truck of the Year Award, the F-150 has long been a favorite of professional contractors, active off-roaders, and pickup truck lovers everywhere. Because the F-150 is so popular, many Ford truck owners go to great lengths to distinguish their builds from the crowd.

From exterior enhancements to suspension modifications, F-150 owners have plenty of flexibility at their disposal to improve the way that their trucks look or the way that they perform. If you are hoping to alter your truck’s appearance and off-roading capabilities at the same time, however, it would be a good idea to swap out your factory rims with shiny aftermarket replacements.

The only issue is, sometimes, new wheels will not work alongside your Ford F-150 tires from the factory, meaning that you will be rolling the dice with an expensive purchase. The best way to make sure that everything agrees is to purchase a Ford F150 wheels and tires package from the get-go. As its name implies, F150 wheel and tire packages contain both new wheels and new tires that will work together harmoniously in adding a more aggressive look to your rig.

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