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Does Walmart Mount And Balance Tires For Free

What Are The Cheapest Tire Services: Sears Costco Sams Or Walmart

Customer states Mount and balance new tires with no alignment. Ok lol

After a person has purchased high-quality tires, it is necessary to implement certain maintenance and services to these new tires. Among the most important components are overall performance, tread, grip, and tire life, among other aspects.

In many instances, tire purchases can be made online or in person at an auto parts store. That is why here the additional services when buying a tire may vary depending on the size chosen. Among the most important aspects to choosing a certain option are:

1. Disposal fees for old tires.

2. Manufacturers defect, road hazard, or mileage warranty

3. Rotation balance

5. Alignment and multi-point checks

6. Routine tire inflation

The 4 auto parts stores considered here are the most popular and incorporate different costs when working on a given tire. All of these costs can vary as well as exactly what quality and results each person gets can vary. To find out if Walmart is the best option, or Costco, among others, we must speak of each auto parts store.

The Extra Costs To Think About

Aside from the actual tire installation, do not forget to add in the price of the new tires and new rubber valve stems if needed .

As mentioned above, a tire disposal fee of about $1.50 per tire applies at all locations, but in some cases, it could be higher or lower.

If the package does not include the warranty, a road hazard warranty can be added for $10 per tire. You can learn more about the optional road hazard warranty by viewing the official contract here.

If the tire pressure monitoring systems need to be reset, this can be another $5 per tire.

Are Walmarts Tire Installation Costs Cheaper Than Competition

Weve already learned about the cost of having a cars tires installed at Walmart. We compared Walmarts tire installation costs with those of its competitors to help you understand the details.

You might also find other retailers offering discounted tires or cheaper services than Walmart. To ensure you find the best deal, shop around at different retailers.

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Walmart Tire Installation Cost Guide Conclusion

We can finally come to the conclusion of our Walmart tire installation guide. Hopefully, youve been able to learn a thing or two about tires, which ones to buy for your car, and how does it cost to have them installed. Moreover, youre also now better informed that youve gone through our guide here. There are countless different retailers, garages, and specialists that offer services for tires.

In the end, its up to you, the consumer, to choose which one is best for you. Our best recommendation is for you to have a quick glance at the retailers respective web pages. Browse through, and compare the pricing of the tires that best suit your car and your needs. And consider not just the costs, but the convenience for you depending on where you live.

Walmart has an upper hand, owing to its large network of automotive service centers. Furthermore, the economies of scale have allowed them to generally undercut their competition in terms of pricing, and options. Thus, we can conclude from our Walmart tire installation guide quite pleasingly that Walmart is a pretty good all-in-one stop if you need to have your tires replaced. Plus, you can get groceries while the cars tires are being looked after.

If you want to know more about wheel alignment costs Walmart read our guide.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount And Balance Tires At Walmart


We know Walmart as the place where you can get anything. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop from teacups to couches. Among its many departments is the automotive supplies and services section.

In your local Walmart Auto Care Center, you can purchase tires and have them mounted and balanced while you shop for all the other essentials of life. The prices start at as little as $15 per tire.

Keeping your vehicle in optimum shape involves paying attention to the wear on your tires. Tires are generally good for about 50,000 miles. Whether you have to replace some or all four of your tires, Walmart can sell you the replacements and install them right there at the store.

Keep reading, and well give you the rundown on what Walmarts tire installation and balancing service will cost you.

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Do Walmart Tires Have Good Quality

Customers say that Walmart has good-quality tires. You can find the perfect ones for your vehicle at such affordable prices. Not to mention the fact that Walmart also provides a good warranty.

All tires sold by Walmart may be as durable as the other premium-quality tires you can find elsewhere. Whats good about Walmart tires is that they are the most available and convenient to find.

This is mainly because Walmart has thousands of locations. There will always be one near your place.

This only shows that Walmart does not only sell tires of high quality. But they also provide excellent customer service.

Does Walmart Do Oil Changes

Seeing that tires are a regular maintenance item, many have wondered if Walmart does oil changes, too. Indeed, oil changes are a staple of Walmarts Auto Care Centers. Walmart offers a basic Pit Crew oil change for $22.88, though this doesnt include any oil filter swaps and uses conventional oil. For a standard oil change, youre looking at $32.88, once again using conventional motor oil. A step up would be high-mileage oils, setting you back $42.88, and using specialty engine oils for high-mileage engines. At the top end of the spectrum, Walmart offers both semi-synthetic and synthetic oil changes. They cost $42.88 and $46.88, respectively.

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How Smart Shopper Save Money With Walmart Tire Promo Code

Since every vehicle absolutely requires tires, drivers who own a car or truck for several years should expect to replace the tires at intervals. The treads eventually wear down with heavy use. Roadway tire blowouts also occur from time to time when a sharp object punctures a tire. By taking a moment to search for useful Walmart tires promo codes today, you just might save money when you need to replace a heavily used or damaged tire!

Visit this website frequently to locate attractive special offers and Walmart tire discount coupons. Then shop for tires within the time periods stated on the coupons!

Just How Much Does Walmart Charge To Install The Tires

Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?

The expenses to have Walmart install a set of tires will depend upon the tire package you choose as they do offer numerous packages at different costs. According to their main catalog, the rates, since 2018, are as listed below:

Type Of Package

  • Basic Includes tire installation, valve stems, stabilizing for life, and a complimentary tire rotation every 7,500 miles, plus a re-torque after the very first 50 miles. $12 .
  • Value Includes all of the options in the Standard plan, plus a road hazard lifetime service warranty $22 .

KEEP IN MIND: These rates are accurate since 2019 and might consist of a tire disposal charge too, which is an extra $1.50 per tire, however, this can differ on your local shop policy.

Sometimes, the shop will use free install offers when you acquire particular tires as pointed out on the main site. These totally free setup packages will consist of the very same addons as the basic package the majority of the time, however, to make sure, talk with an auto expert at the shop to find out more. To make sure you get the best deal, we suggest trying to find unique tire offers too to be integrated with the free setup.

According to Cheapisms best tire setup vis popular chains, Walmart came in 4th, losing to BJs, Costco, and its other brand name, Sams Club due to the fact that the storage facility chain provided a free TPMS reset and a 24/7 roadside tire-change service for 3 years after the purchase date.

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Walmart Tire Rotation And Similar Services Description And Costs

Does not include mounting or balancing for directional tires $2.5 per tire
Tire Mounting Carry-in Does not include general installation benefits $10 per tire
Tire Mounting Specialty Does not include general installation benefits $15 per tire
Flat Tire Repair Tubeless Rubber Manufacturers Association repair $15 per tire
Lifetime Balance & Rotation Complete balancing and rotation service $14 per tire

Can You Negotiate The Price Of Discount Tires At Walmart

Walmarts tire installation service is neither the most expensive nor the least expensive. If the tire is discounted, you might not be able to negotiate the price unless the price is lower elsewhere. If you think Walmarts tire installation costs are too high, you may want to look at other Costco locations and see if they work better for you. Costco is the most affordable place to get a tire installed compared to other companies like Walmart. If you are concerned about the price you pay, it is good to compare prices at locations other than Walmart.

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Choosing The Right Car Tires

Different vehicle models usually require different tires to operate optimally. But while buying tires is easy, finding the ones that are best suited to your car or truck can be quite difficult.

No matter how good or well-made a tire is, if its not compatible with your vehicle, it will wear out prematurely and can even jeopardize your safety on the road. You have to be diligent in your search for the right tires.

Fortunately, Walmart provides a tool that makes this task easy, convenient, and less stressful.

What Types Of Tires Does Walmart Sell

Rugged Ridge 15391.16 XHD Wheel/Tire Package  Incl. 17 in. XHD Wheel ...

Walmart sells a comprehensive range of tires from over 30 recognized tire brands.

In addition to car tires, Walmart sells tires for other vehicles, from tractors, commercial trucks, and motorhomes to motorcycles, ATVs, and even lawnmowers and golf carts!

When you shop for tires at Walmart, you can shop by brand, size, or vehicle, and apply a range of filters to find the perfect tires for you.

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Changes In Driving Behavior

A cars tires are able to transmit a lot of feedback back to you, the driver. Among them is the condition and state of the tire itself. If you notice any vibrations while driving, mostly felt through the steering wheel, then your tires might be damaged.

Notice as well, if the car is running a bit hard and rough compared to usual. Or, try to hear if there are any odd noises while driving along. A clinking sort of sound might indicate that something is lodged in your cars tires. Maybe its a small stone or a nail that has punctured through the rubber.

Are Tires At Walmart The Same As Everywhere Else

Extensive research was performed to compare Walmarts tire replacement expense versus other bigger businesses like Costco or Mr. Tire. In their studies, they did not just concentrate on the quality of the tires but at the same time on other offered services accompanying tire installation.

According to these studies, Walmart does not provide the least expensive tire installation. It is Costco who got the top place when talking about tire installation price, tire quality, and extra services that come along with tire installation. Costco supplies the most affordable tire installation along with all essential services linked to tire replacement as compared to Walmart. Nevertheless, Walmart still is in a great position when compared to Mr. Tire, so a strong second place.

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How Much Should I Pay For Tires

According to CostHelper, a standard, all-season tire costs between $50 and $200 each with an average price of $80 to $150. For a pickup truck or SUV, drivers may pay $50 to $350, with an average cost of about $100 to $250. Several variables determine the cost of new tires, including the tires brand and size.

Can You Do Your Own Alignment

Are Douglas Tires From Walmart Any Good?

One of the best ways to extend your tires lifespan is by routinely doing your own wheel alignment. If you want to find all the parts and tips you need for this DIY project and more, come into your local U Pull & Pay today. The first step in doing a proper wheel alignment is establishing your cars current camber.

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Walmart Auto Center Hours

If you need to ponder over a Walmart tire installation cost, you should first take a look at the opening and closing hours of your local Auto Care Center. Most Walmart Auto Care Centers are opened 7 days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic around, these hours may fluctuate. Its best to pop open Google Maps, and note the opening and closing hours stated there for your nearest Auto Care Center. And just to make sure, give them a call to see if theyre still open.

Does Walmart Install Tires

Walmart sells products at a pretty reasonable price. We all know about their wide range of products for home and kitchen, but you must also hear that they provide Auto care services. In case you didnt, now you do. So yeah, they provide a plethora of auto care services and sell automotive products as well.

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How To Claim A Tire Warranty At Walmart

If you pay for Walmarts tire warranty, you can file a claim in two ways. The claim can be either in person or via a phone call.

If you choose to file a claim in person, you can walk into any Walmart Auto Care Center, even if you dont have an appointment. After explaining your issue, you may be lucky to have them fix your tire problem right away.

However, this isnt always the case with in-person warranty claims. You may have to schedule an appointment and come back at a later date.

On the other hand, filing a claim over the phone allows you to schedule an appointment with the Auto Care Center closest to your area.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment via phone, you should speak with a customer service representative. The rep will forward your call to a Walmart Auto Care Center near you.

How Much Should You Pay For Tire Installation

Time Trials on 300 Treadwear Tires? Yes! â you suck at racing

Tire installation and balancing typically cost $13 to $45 per tire industry-wide, but large retail and wholesale outlets such as Walmart and Costco may offer the service for even less.

The cost will vary depending on the type of car you drive. For instance, SUVs and pickup trucks have larger wheels, rims, and tires than sedans and hatchbacks and require heavier weights for balancing and more labor.

In most cases, the tire installation cost includes other services such as tire rotation, valve stem installation if necessary, and even a road-hazard warranty that offers protection against accidental damage to the tire.

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Does Walmart Balance Tires

Walmart has an Auto Care Center inside all of their stores which offers tire balance service. You have to spend $14 to adjust one tire, which means you might pay up to $56 to readjust all four tires of your car.

However, you have to wait from 40 minutes to 2 hours to get things done. Thats quite a long time, and you might get frustrated if you are in a rush.

A piece of advice is that you should call to book in advance before bringing your car to the store as it will save you a lot of time and effort.

You might still be craving more info about this service. Keep reading, and you will find what you are looking for about wheel balancing services offered at Auto Care Center inside their stores.

Can I Replace My Lug Nut At Walmart

If you lost a lug nut or one of your lug nuts is damaged, you will have to replace it. The easiest thing you can do is take the car/tire to Walmart and let a Walmart technician inspect it. If he/she deems the lug nut to be damaged beyond use, they will offer you a replacement nut for about $2 per lug nut. You also need to be aware that this cost is solely to buy the lug nut, and nothing else.

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Walmarts Auto Care Center

The Auto Care Center is just Walmarts service shop where they offer a multitude of services for vehicles. You can visit their Auto Care Center to get all sorts of car problems fixed. Their service range from as simple as filling the air in your tire to offering a full-fledged tire installation package. We have talked about their services in the previous sections of this article. You can even avail of their services online by visiting Walmarts Auto Care Center website.

This website lists all the services along with their price, so dont have to wonder about the costs. Their service centers are located in many states across the country. In case you are having trouble finding them then this Auto Care Center location finder should help. This link opens Walmarts auto care center finder, and all you have to do is enter your location. This will then show you all the service centers in that particular location.

How To Get The Best Deal On Tires From Walmart

Don’t sleep on Walmart tires. Independent contractor

There are several recommendations you can keep in mind to get the best deal on your tires from Walmart.

Here are some of the good tips:

  • Search online for coupons or discounts and keep an eye on any advertising from Walmart
  • Choose the perfect timing to purchase your tires. It is recommended that you buy tires sometime between April or October. This is because, at these specific months, there is a significant weather change. For instance, in April, people will start thinking about going vacations and enjoying some road trips. Similarly, in October, people will start thinking of buying new tires as winter approaches. That’s why you will find the best deals and sales at these specific two months.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. It is recommended that you be proactive about getting your tires throughout the year till the time you need them. If you waited until you get a flat tire, you would not have enough choices to choose from, and you will have to accept whatever the mechanic suggests or the available prices.

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