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Discount Tire Road Hazard Warranty

Is There A Scenario Where This Warranty Makes Sense


While the average car owner should skip this warranty upgrade, if you are purchasing low-profile tires for your car, then a road hazard warranty can make sense.

Low profile tires have a shallower sidewall as compared to standard tires. These types of tires are usually outfitted on sports and high-performance cars with larger wheels. And while they can look impressive, this type of tire is notorious for being easily damaged.

Due to their increased fragility, instances where you suffer tire damage that requires replacement but do not suffer any further vehicle damage are possible. In this scenario, investing in a tire hazard warranty is a wise choice.

Is A Tire Road Hazard Warranty A Good Idea

Many tire dealers offer some kind of optional road hazard warranty when you purchase replacement tires for your passenger vehicle, CUV, SUV, or light truck. These extra warranties are typically not available for heavier truck tires and tires used in commercial or racing applications. They are also not included for tires that come with new vehicles, although some car dealers will offer you their own optional coverage packages, along with fabric protection, paint sealant, theft protection and other choices, to protect your new vehicle.

What Is A Road Hazard Warranty

Road hazard warranties specifically cover damage to the tire caused through non-negligent driving. This can include driving over nails, broken glass, or other unexpected debris in the road.

Its important to note that this type of warranty wont cover damage caused to the car because of user error. So, if tires are damaged due to driving errors such as mounting the curb, or maintenance issues such as underinflation, then your warranty will be void.

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How The Discount Tire Certificate Works

With a standard tire warranty, whenever you need to replace your tires, you typically apply a prorated amount toward your new tires based on the tread remaining on the old tires.

Discount Tires Certificate for Repair, Refund or Replacement works differently.

With the Certificate, if your tires fail due to a defect or non-repairable road hazard within the first three years after purchase , Discount Tire will fully refund your purchase price and offer new tires at the refund price plus tax.

The Certificate also applies to tire purchases from Discount Tire Direct.

Discount Tires Replacement Policy

Roadcruza RA1100 A/T tires

Do you know what the Discount Tire replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Discount Tire is the largest independent tire retail company in the world. From its humble beginnings in a single store in Michigan over 60 years ago, Discount Tire now has over 1,000 locations all over the United States.

Discount Tire sets itself apart from large, big box tire retailers with its excellent customer service and expert staff.

One of the best advantages of buying tires at Discount Tire is its tire replacement policy. Discount Tire offers a program called Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement that you can purchase as an add-on when you buy your tires. Similar to a warranty, this Certificate is basically an exchange program for your tires if your original tire has an issue.

Lets go through all the details of Discount Tires tire replacement and repair policies, including their unique Certificate program.

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Tire Warranty: Is It Worth The Price

Shopping for tires can seem overwhelming, thanks to the broad choice of manufacturers and models available. First, you need to narrow down what type of tire you need for your car. But after that, you may find yourself mystified by tire manufacturers and retailers seemingly myriad warranty options.

Mileage-based treadwear warranties, limited road-hazard, discount tire, quality and defect, and uniformity warranties may cover a different scenario.

Our guide will help you decide how much tire warranty you need, what each type covers, and if theyre worth it, to determine what works best for you.

Workmanship And Materials Warranty

This warranty covers the tires for five to six years from the date of purchase, and protects you from issues or defects that stem from the manufacturing process or materials used to make the tire. To be eligible for a claim, a tire has to have an unusual condition that wasnt caused by a mechanical vehicle issue or lack of maintenance.

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Is Road Hazard Warranty For Tires Worth It

by Ag Workers | Apr 12, 2021 | Guest Post, Safety |

If youve ever bought tires, youve probably been urged to buy a road hazard warranty by the salesperson.

Typically, these warranties cost somewhere between 10-12% of the tires total cost and cover: damage to the tire that occurs as a result of normal driving.

Given the vagueness of the terms behind this warranty, its worth discussing whether or not a road hazard warranty is even worth buying, and if so, when it makes the most sense to invest in this upgrade.

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Is The Discount Tire Certificate Worth It

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection – JM& A Group

To determine whether or not to purchase a Certificate, youll first want to consider your driving habits and the condition of the roads you frequent the most.

If you have long daily commutes or often drive on brick roads or roads with lots of potholes, youre more likely to face tire damage in the next three years.

If youve had at least one case of a non-repairable flat tire or other tire damage in the last few years, the Certificate might be worth it.

However, paying for the Certificate may not be worth it if you dont drive much or typically drive on smoother roads. Youre not as likely to face severe tire damage.

The Certificate is often affordable, with prices starting at around $10 per tire for the cheapest tires.

With the highest-end tires available, the Certificate can cost $100 per tire, saving you close to 90% of the price of replacing them. The more expensive the tire, the higher the potential savings with the Certificate.

The Certificate is a good business for Discount Tire because many people wont end up needing to use it in the three-year period. On the other hand, for those who actually end up using the Certificate or those who desire the peace of mind of knowing that their tires are covered, its typically worth the cost.

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What Types Of Tires Do Warranties Cover

Manufacturer warranties usually cover tires over 20,000 to 100,000 miles of use. Some types of tires do not come with manufacturer warranties, including most ATV/UTV tires, winter tires, trailer tires, mud tires, and competition tires.

This is because they are made of special compounds that deteriorate more rapidly than regular tires and wont last through a typical warranty time period.

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Make the most of your shopping experience!

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Are There Exceptions To The Certificate Program

As with any warranty program, there are some exceptions to Discount Tires Certificates.

The following situations will not be covered by the Certificate program:

  • Damage caused by a vehicle collision, vandalism, tire chains, a mechanical defect with your vehicle, abuse, or normal wear and tear.
  • Any pre-existing damage will not be covered.
  • Any loss that may have resulted from damage to the tire.
  • Tires with less than 3/32 of tread depth remaining are not covered.
  • Tires older than 3 years old.

Tire Road Hazard Warranty

Tire and Wheel Road Hazard

From potholes to rusty nails and more, Nissan of Clearwater has your new tires covered with our Tire Hazard Warranty!

Our warranty protects you from damage to your new tires for up to 2 years from your date of purchase and also provides free coverage for non-repairable damage not covered by the manufacturers warranty.*

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Direct Tire Outlet Warranty

For a fee at the time of the original tire purchase or for a fee collected to subject other tires to the term of this warranty. With the purchase of Discount tire outlet warranty the tire will be covered for FREE in the event of a tire failure due to workmanship and materials or non-repairable road hazard for the service of the original tread down to 3/32 inch remaining, or 3 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first. Normal road hazard means: non-repairable punctures, breaks or cuts in the tire caused by nails, potholes and other road debris. In the event the covered tire is discontinued or unavailable, a tire of similar value will be substituted.

If in the opinion, the tire can be safely repaired, we will do so free of charge. The cost of the warranty is set forth on the receipt issued for the purchase of tire.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by collision, vandalism, and chain damage, mechanical defects of the vehicle or willful abuse. No other property damage or consequential damage of any kind is covered by this warranty.

There will be additional charges to purchase a new warranty for the replacement tire and to install the replacement tire.

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More Details About A Road Hazard Warranty

Some tire dealers may offer to “throw in” a road hazard warranty to close the sale, but this free offer may have limited benefits. For example, a road hazard protection plan may cover tire repairs but, if the tire is not repairable, you are on your own. Again, ask questions until you are clear on what is or is not covered. Make sure you get a copy of the plan in writing, or that coverage is documented on your invoice.

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Are Manufacturers Tire Warranties Transferable To A New Owner

Discount Tire offers tires from several major tire manufacturers. Each manufacturer has their own limited warranty with their own terms and conditions, however, each policy specifically states that their warranty only covers the original purchaser of the tire and only on the same vehicle where it was originally installed.

These manufacturer warranties include:

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How Do Tire Warranties Work

Fidelity Warranty Services – Road Hazard / Vehicle Tire & Wheel Protection Explained

We expect a lot from our tires. We expect them to support the weight of our vehicle and the passengers inside, to handle our daily driving demands in various weather conditions, and to last for years after our purchase. But sometimes tires dont last as long as we expect them to, or become damaged beyond repair, and were left wondering what happened and what we can do about it. In some cases, the tire manufacturers warranty may provide some relief.

Tire manufacturers offer a few different types of warranties on their tires mileage, road hazard, etc. Heres an explanation of each warranty type:

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Tire Discounters Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee

No matter where you are in the country, if you hit something and your tire is damaged as a result, well fix or replace it. With the Tire Discounters Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee, well be a phone call away no matter where the road takes you!

The Tire Discounters Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee is a limited tire protection plan. It covers your tires from the time of purchase to 3/32″ tread, up to 36 months. It can be yours for just 15% of the retail price of each tire or a minimum of $12.99 per tire. Then, youre covered nationwide.

The Tire Discounters Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee offers tire replacement up to the original cost of the tire down to 3/32″ tread, or 36 months. Youll still need to cover the installation, but the tire is completely covered. Plus, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Benefit is included for the first 12 months at no additional cost.

Nationwide Warranty Center 1-855-429-2788

If you need additional assistance, you may contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT at 1-888-937-8473, Option 3 or email.

For complete details, please see our warranty at any Tire Discounters location.

This is how many layers of rubber and other materials are in the tire.

What makes up a tire each ply, the sidewall, the tread, and bead.

This number will tell you how well the tire will disperse heat buildup.

The measurement, in inches, from rim flange to the other rim flange.

The total width of the tire, including any raised features on the sidewall.

If You Are Close To A Discount Tire Location:

If you need to replace your damaged tire and you are close to a Discount Tire location, youre in luck. Head to the location with the damaged tire and receipt.

They will validate the Certificate and inspect the tire. After inspection, they will determine if they can repair it.

If they cant repair it they will give you a refund, which you can use to purchase a replacement.

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If You Arent Close To A Discount Tire Location:

Unfortunately, you may need to replace your damaged tire where it is not convenient to get to a store location, or after hours when locations are closed.

If that is the case, you can call Discount Tire Consumer Affairs at 800-589-9642 or 888-774-6560. They will guide you through the Certificate redemption process.

Im The Original Owner Do I Have To Have The Receipt When Making A Claim

Tire and Wheel Road Hazard

It is quickest and easiest to have your purchase receipt in hand when you return to the store for a tire warranty claim. However, if youve lost the original receipt, the staff at Discount Tire will do their best to locate an alternative proof of purchase for you.

If you dont have the receipt, be aware that they may need additional information from you in order to process the return or replacement, so bring in the original method of payment and a valid ID.

Remember, many tire warranty claims are null and void if there are signs of misuse or lack of maintenance on the tire, so make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines to properly care for your tires.

For more information on tire maintenance and care, click here.

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Save More With Nissan Of Clearwaters Discount Tire Program

It just makes sense to buy your next set of tires from Nissan of Clearwater because, in addition to our Tire Hazard Warranty, we also our Discount Tire Program!

That means you always pay less for the most popular tire brands on the market – like Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli and others.

In fact, if you can find the identical tires selling for less anywhere within a 100-mile radius of our store, well refund you 150% of the difference.

Fill out the form to schedule your service visit. Then, get the best tire protection on wheels from your fiends at Nissan of Clearwater!

How Do I Get A Certificate Is It Free

The Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement is not free, but it may be worth it if you buy expensive tires or drive on rough, problematic roads.

The cost of a Certificate is based on a percentage of the price of the tire you are buying, generally from $10 to $100 per tire.

When you purchase a tire from Discount Tire , your Sales Representative will ask you if you want to purchase the Certificate.

If you decline at the time but then change your mind, dont worry. You have up to 30 days after purchasing your tire to buy the Certificate. You can either go back into the store or you can call them.

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For Ultimate Protection Service Your Tires At Nissan Of Clearwater

Getting the most out of your tire purchase begins with professional installation at our state-of-the-art service center. Our factory-trained technicians will ensure your tires are installed and balanced correctly.

Then, every time you bring your car, truck or SUV in for service, well give you a written 47-point inspection as well as an alignment & battery check and wash your vehicle at no extra charge to you.

Whatever type of vehicle you have, rest assured well give it the utmost care and attention when you bring it to Nissan of Clearwater!

What Does The Certificate Cover

Walmart Tires road hazard warranty / Should you buy it ? / Our experience

Discount Tires Certificate program covers tires that can no longer hold air due to a non-repairable road hazard, a defect in materials, or a defect in workmanship.

Covered tires need to have more than 3/32 left of tread depth, and must be less than 3 years old.

For instance, as long as you properly take care of your tire and it is less than 3 years old, you are covered for a new tire if the covered tire gets a puncture, gets damaged by a pothole, or just becomes defective.

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What About Tire Replacement

So, its clear that upgrading to a road hazard warranty isnt the best choice for tire repairs. What about if you need to replace a tire completely?

While the cost can vary depending on your location and the type of tires you select, the average cost of a single tire can range from $70 to $150 for the average car. Premium cars, SUVs, and trucks can require tires that cost anywhere from $200 and higher.

In this instance, paying $20 per tire for your warranty seems like excellent value. However, when we consider the conditions that tires need to be replaced, it seems that they will always coincide with the conditions where the road hazard warranty will be voided.

Tires generally require replacement after they suffer major trauma. Instances where tires require replacement but there is no further damage to the rest of the vehicle are incredibly rare.

Collision insurance covers tire replacements if the tire damage occurs as part of wider damage to the car. Therefore road hazard warranty is redundant for these types of accidents.

Cases where you suffer a tire blowout without trauma severe enough to damage a vehicle almost always occur when tires are underinflated or worn. Therefore, the road hazard warranty is redundant for these types of accidents.

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