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Discount Tire Life Of Tire Maintenance

Knowing When To Replace Tires

Discount Tire Centers – How to Know When to Replace Your Tires

If the below signs are evident with your tires, it may be time to have them replaced.

Low Tread Depth

Tread loss is a significant sign a tire needs to be replaced. Low tread is a sign driver can physically see happening on their tire. Depending on the part of the tire that is wearing, there may be other problems with the vehicle.

Pronounced inner or outer shoulder wear: tires are misaligned

Edge of the shoulder wear: tires are under-inflated, need to be rotated or both.

Center wear: tires may be overinflated or have been subjected to extremely hard acceleration.

Cupped wear: the vehicle is experiencing suspension problems

All tires have tread wear indicators built-in, but if the tread looks low take time to do the penny test on the tires.

Rough Drive

If youâre experiencing a vibration , or high levels of tire noise it may be a sign your tires are out of balance, not wearing properly or have a structural issue. In some cases, this may affect safety, so have your tires checked by a qualified professional asap.

DOT Number

Bridgestone recommends that its Bridgestone or Firestone brand tires be removed from service after ten years regardless of their remaining tread depth. They also recommend periodic inspections by a qualified technician for damage such as punctures, impact damage, signs of improper inflation or overloading, or other conditions resulting from the use or misuse of the tire.

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When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, your tires are one of the most maintenance-heavy parts, along with oil changes. Not only is their maintenance important because they are your contact point to the road, but also because they are a wear heavy part. With wear heavy parts we need to do as much as possible to make them last!

One of the best things you can do to improve wear on your tires is to rotate your tires and what better place to do it than Discount Tire. If you bought your tires from them the rotation is free along with tire balancing. If you did not buy your tires from Discount Tires you can still get the same tire lifetime service for $22 per tire.

What’s In This Guide?

Where To Have Your Tires Installed

Of course, you cant have your tires installed by an online tire center. Instead, Discount Tire Direct has several brick & mortar partners that can install yourtires for an additional fee.

According to Discount Tire Directs website, The installation of your tires and wheels can vary in price based on the installer you decide to use. Discount Tire offers the most competitive pricing at the highest quality industry standard, but you can use any installer you prefer.

Before deciding where to have your tires installed, be sure to call the tire center ahead of time to find out exactly how much tire installation will cost. If you live near more than one installer, it never hurts to call a few of them and compare prices before placing your order.

To find partnering installers near you, including Discount Tire stores, enter your ZIP code online.

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How Much Does Tire Installation Cost At Discount Tire

There is not a single flat fee for tire installation across all Discount Tire locations, but they certainly offer a pretty good price. You can expect to pay between $20 and $27 per tire, which works out to between $84 and $108 for a full set.

The average cost across all of their stores is about $22 per tire, but it does depend on where in the country you get your tires fitted.

Of course, its not just about the fee itself. There are a lot of other expenses that can arise from fitting new tires, particularly if you are not covered for replacements or maintenance.

Sometimes, what can seem like a good deal will end up costing you more in the long run.

Is Discount Tire Worth It

Tire Rotate &  Balance Service

Discount Tire has a wider range of tires to choose from than, say, a non-tire-dedicated company like Walmart, which means that you are more likely to be able to get the tire you want immediately rather than having to wait for the shop to order them for you.

Whats more, since Discount Tire only specializes in tires and wheels, you can be sure that its staff really know their stuff. Lots of happy customers have reviewed their experience positively, citing the friendly, helpful employees on hand to assist them.

Tires purchased from Discount Tire also come with free rotation and balancing for the entirety of the products life, which is a handy perk that could save you money in the long run.

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Is The Discount Tire Protection Worth It

Car Specs

148k miles

3.5L V6 Automatic

I’m buying two front tires from Discount Tire and for $36 they’ll offer protection on both. I can’t decide if this is worth it. The tires are ~$120 each. Can you guys steer me in the right direction? Thanks a lot.


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Extended protection programs are always about 90% pure profit. The risks of the company having to pay out and the amount that they pay out is Trivial compared to the volume of enrollees. Personally I have never opted in for one of these programs whether it is for tires, electronic devices, machinery, or anything else. A side issue is that when you look at the fine print he’s not really getting that much protection anyway. Another way to think of it is this: if one of you are $60 tires fails you might be on the hook for $60. The coverage costs almost 40.

Discount Tire Directs Return Policy And Warranty

According to Discount Tire Directswebsite, all tires come with the standard manufacturers warranty which covers workmanship and material defects.

Additionally, you can purchase Certificates for Repair, Refund or Replacement that cover your tires for up to three years regardless of a road hazard or wear as long as they have at least 3/32 of tread depth. When I shopped around for tires that fit my car, the certificates ranged in price from $8-$15 per tire. Of course, this price can vary based on tire brand, type and size.

But the standard manufacturers warranty should be enough to cover your tires. In fact, Consumer Reports argues that tread life warranties are next to useless, and money expert Clark Howard never buys extended warranties.

My position on extended warranties remains the same always, says Clark. I dont like them, and I dont buy them at any store.

If you arent completely satisfied with your order, you will have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it. Youll have to call Discount Tire Direct at 1-800-385-3322 to get a return label. At that time, youll also be able to make arrangements for your return, and packaging materials are available upon request. If you use the tires at all, you cant return them.

You can find more information on the companysreturn policy online.

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What Does Discount Tire Do For Free

For tires bought from Discount Tire, the free services include tire inspection, rotation, and balancing puncture repair and air pressure checks.

There are still freebies for tires that werent originally purchased from the company though, with free tire air pressure checks at any Discount Tire store.

Trust Your Tpms Warning Light

Tire Safety & Maintenance – Know Your Numbers | Discount Tire

If Car Talk could offer readers just one piece of tire advice it would be to trust your tire pressure monitoring system warning light. When that light comes on, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and investigate the issue. Check each tires pressure with a gauge, not by eye. If you drive even a short distance on a flat tire it can be damaged and you can lose control. Take fast action, and the tire may well be repairable.

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Why Does Discount Tire Overinflate Tires

Discount Tire staff may overinflate tires, particularly replacement tires, to match the vehicles desired handling as set out by the manufacturer.

There are two air pressure figures on a tires sidewall: a number for the maximum pressure, and another for recommended air pressure.

Car owners often choose different replacement tires than those that came with the car, and since these replacement tires will have different maximum and recommended pressures to the originals, they may need to be inflated above the recommended air pressure figure.

You should check the air pressure of your tires when they are cool, as the air inside the tires can expand when they are hot, causing the pressure to increase.

But if you are certain that they are overinflated, you should go back to your local store to get them double-checked, as driving around on overinflated tires can be unsafe. The staff at Discount Tire are experts in tires and wheels, so it is unlikely that this will happen each time you visit for an air pressure check.

Is Discount Tire Cheaper Than A Dealership

Discount Tire is estimated to be about $33 cheaper per tire than car dealerships.

Its worth mentioning that the comparisons above use averages to compare the different companies, but the folks at Discount Tire say they are committed to offering the best prices for their tires and wheels and will beat the price if you find it lower elsewhere.

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Does Discount Tire Remove Nails For Free

Discount Tire will remove nails and repair tires for free, provided that the nail punctured the tire in the tread area, rather than the sidewalls.

Another condition of repair is that the tires still meet its safety guidelines after a thorough inspection.

If not, they will recommend that you buy new tires.

Is Discount Tires Warranty Worth It

Tire Central

In place of the traditional manufacturers warranty, Discount Tire has Certificates, which cover any tire up to three years old against unexpected damage in much the same way as a warranty.

If you want peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to your tires they would be repaired or replaced no questions asked, then Discount Tires warranty is worth it.

The general consensus on online forums is that it is a very cost-effective service that has saved drivers money.

The question comes down to whether you want to pay to cover the tires upfront knowing that you may never need to redeem the certificate, versus the likelihood that you will have to pay more in the event of tire damage that requires attention.

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Engine Repair And Diagnostics

The check engine lamp can signal a variety of issues. The lights you should pay close attention to are check oil/oil level low, oil pressure low, and check engine. However, if any dash lights continue to stay on after you start the engine it is time for you to contact us for an engine diagnostics service. Typically when light switches stay on in the dash it is the first sign of engine problems. Discount Tire can run a complete engine diagnostics test and take care of your engine repairs.

Discount Tire proudly serves the Engine Repair needs of customers in Logan, Providence and Smithfield, UT

Areas Served : Logan, Providence and Smithfield, UT and surrounding areas

What Does Discount Tire Offer

Discount Tire offers free rotation and wheel balance for any customers that have bought tires from them. Though their policy is to only provide this free service to returning customers, they are known to sometimes not charge for a tire rotation.

If they do charge you, which they will most likely do if you have not bought your tires from them, they offer a lifetime of tire maintenance service which includes balance and rotation in addition to TPMS Rebuild kits , flat tire repair, air pressure checks, and tire condition inspections, all for the price of $22 per tire.

If your tires did not come with a warranty like the above from the tire dealership, then this is not a bad deal. On average a set of tires will be rotated around 10 times. At an average of an hour per rotation, you are paying around $8.8 per rotation which is more expensive than say Walmart, however you get all the other benefits included in the package.

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How Long Does Tire Installation Take At Discount Tire

One thing you definitely want to consider when youre paying for new tire installation is how long youre going to have to wait around.

Often, the lower price at somewhere like Walmart or Costco also comes with a longer wait period, as they do a lot of different installations in one day.

Discount Tire says that they aim to have your appointment completed within 45 minutes of the time that you are scheduled for, which is pretty speedy in the world of tire installation.

Youd be hard-pressed to find anywhere you could get it done faster.

Visit Mavis For An Alignment Tire Balancing Or Rotation

Trailer Tires and Wheels – Facts & Maintenance Tips | Discount Tire

When it’s time to take care of your tires, it’s time to go to Mavis Discount Tire. Make a reservation at one of more than 140 convenient Mavis locations throughout New York State and even in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Want to be sure your tires are properly inflated? Just stop by and Mavis will be happy to take care of that for you at no charge.

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Are Tires Good Value At Discount Tires

Of course, while Discount Tires will install somebody elses tires onto your vehicle, they would rather you buy a full set through them, but are the tires at Discount Tire a good deal?

Well, they are known for offering low prices and they often have sales that can give you a really good deal if you buy at the right time. Ultimately, though, a branded set of tires is likely to cost almost the same no matter where you shop.

Part of the value of buying through Discount Tire is that you get a lot in one simple payment, including installation costs.

They also stock a lot of cheaper tires that you might not get elsewhere, including their own brand, called Road Huggers, which offers pretty great value for money.

Costco, by comparison, offers cheap installation but all of their tires are relatively expensive brands.

Discount Tire also claims that they are never undersold and they have a Low Price Guarantee to try and prove it.

Discount Tire Final Thoughts

Discount Tire is an incredibly successful company that has been built from humble beginnings into the giant that it is today.

Reviews from satisfied customers have earned the company a 3.7-star rating on Consumer Affairs, with many of the positive reviews quoting the friendly customer service and capable staff.

With an online store as well as physical locations, and the huge inventory and expertise you would expect from a chain that specializes in wheels and tires, Discount Tire has it covered when it comes to getting your car rolling.

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What Is A Tire Rotation

I once had someone tell me that their tires rotate plenty when they drive. Though a good joke, this is not what is meant when talking about rotating tires. When you rotate your tires, you are switching the tires positions with each other.

There are a few different ways in which tires are swapped, most common is the front to back and the back to front but crossed over. Others include the straight front to back, left to right, back to front and front to back but crossed, and variations of these but involving a full-size spare tire.

What Happens To A Tire As It Ages

Discount Tire Labor Day Tire &  Wheels Deals TV Commercial,

Sean Kane, president of Safety Research & Strategies Inc., compares an aging tire to an old rubber band. “If you take a rubber band that’s been sitting around a long time and stretch it, you will start to see cracks in the rubber,” said Kane, whose organization is involved in research, analysis and advocacy on safety matters for the public and clients including attorneys, engineering firms, supplier companies, media and government.

Cracks in a tire’s rubber begin to develop over time, appearing on the surface and inside the tire as well. This cracking can eventually cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tire. Improper maintenance and heat accelerate the process.

Kane and his organization have identified over 250 incidents in which tires older than six years have experienced tread and belt separations most resulting in loss-of-control and rollover crashes. These incidents were the cause of 233 fatalities and 300 injuries in 2012.

Every tire that’s on the road long enough will succumb to age. Tires that are rated for higher mileage have antiozonant chemical compounds built into the rubber that will slow the aging process, but nothing stops the effects of time on rubber.

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Can You Just Buy Tires From Discount Tire

Buying Tires & Wheels Online At Discount Tire Direct, we would like to make your experience with us to be inviting, easy, and safe. We are here to help guide you through the process if needed. When youre ready to make your purchase, well ask you to enter both your billing and shipping information.

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