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Can You Repair Run Flat Tires

Breaking Down Run Flat Tyres Advantages And Disadvantages

How To Fix Bmw Run-Flat Tires – Puncture Repair

Run flat tyres may sound like the perfect way to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road. While they have their advantages, run flat tyres arent yet a perfect technology and come with some trade-offs.

The main advantage of run flat tyres is that they keep you driving so you can change the tyre in a safe location. In the case that you cannot change the flat, they also give you the time to get to a service location to have the tyre changed for you.

What about disadvantages? Run flat tyres are popular in Europe, and many Australians believe that due to the shorter distances between European towns, thats where theyre best suited. Some people also find that run flat tyres create an uncomfortable and bumpy ride due to the reinforced sidewall. Regular tyre prices are also cheaper than run flat tyre prices, and the grip of regular tyres is also considered to be better all around. Run flat tyres may also be a little heavier, decreasing fuel economy and increasing your trips to the bowser. However, this is offset by not having to carry a spare tyre!

New Tyre Fitting Machine

I also had purchase one of the new style tyre fitting machines. Because of the difficulties that we encountered when trying to remove and re-fit the tyre from the wheel. The new type machines were equipped with special tyre hold down tools that held the tyre in place so that the fitter could use both hands when removing and fitting these difficult tyres. After a while we were used to fitting these tyres and also learned about the TPMS systems that accompanied these tyres fitted to the car.

Should You Repair Or Replace Run Flat Tires

A flat tire is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a driver. It doesnt matter if its in your driveway or on the side of the road you need to know how to fix it. But what if you dont have a sparewhich is often the case when you have run flat tires. Youre not out of luck yet! There are many different ways to get around without having a spare tire handy.

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Can You Repair A Run Flat Tyre With A Nail In It

The short answer is no. Manufacturers of run flat tyres recommend that you replace your tyres rather than repair them for a very good reason the reinforced design and structure of a run flat makes it extremely difficult to tell whether there’s secondary damage and the internal structure has been compromised.

Why Does Bmw Use Run

3x Nylon Tire Changer Bead Drop Center Depressor Clamp Run Flat Tire ...

Run flat tires are one of the newest trends in tire technology. With the ability to stay inflated and stable, even after a puncture, they are a major advancement in tire safety and dependability. They can also help with keeping your high-performance BMW lightweight by eliminating the need for a spare tire.

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Are Punctures In The Sidewall Repairable

In a word, no. More specifically, a puncture that falls outside the minor repair area is not eligible for fixing because of its proximity to the sidewall.

The sidewall is off limits for a straightforward reason. When the tire is in daily operation, this section undergoes a significant amount of stress. Any attempts at making repairs in this area will potentially weaken the structural integrity of the tire.

Another factor is that the sidewall experiences the most flex in the tire. Its unlikely that a repair patch applied here will stay in place for very long, and the tire will fail once again.

One more thing concerning the sidewall is that you should avoid driving any further on a flat tire if you hope to salvage it. Inflation pressure maintains the shape of the tire while driving when that pressure is lost, the tire sidewall is going to be pinched between the wheel rim and the road, so continuing to drive will extend the damage beyond the minor repair area.

In other words, do not drive on a deflated tire while the puncture is within the minor repair area . The tire sidewall could sustain additional damage that renders it beyond repair. The better course of action is to have the vehicle towed or swap the punctured tire out for the spare tire until you reach the nearest garage.

What Exactly Are Run Flat Tyres

The feature that distinguishes run flat tyres is their specially reinforced sidewalls. This characteristic means that even when they are punctured, you can carry on driving on them for a limited number of miles and at a reduced speed. Usually, you can drive for a maximum of 50 miles at a top speed of 50mph on a punctured run flat, allowing you to get to a tyre centre to assess the damage.

This saves you from having to replace your car tyre at the roadside or call out emergency roadside assistance. As an added bonus, because you dont have to carry a spare tyre with you in your car, you can benefit from a larger boot space and – thanks to the reduced weight – greater fuel efficiency and mileage. Importantly, run flats also make it easier to keep control of your vehicle in the event of a puncture, reducing the risk of an accident.

Because of their reinforced sidewalls, it can be difficult to tell youve got a puncture if youre driving on run flats. This means all vehicles that use these tyres must also have a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted. Often, an alert from this monitoring system is the only thing that indicates to drivers that they have a puncture.

If your car has run flats and your TPMS warns you that youre losing pressure in one or more tyres, its vital that you stick to the speed limit and mileage specified by the manufacturer and get your tyres changed as soon as possible. Your handbook will give you the details of these restrictions.

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Conditions Of Our Run Flat Tyre Repair:

  • The stores listed have the ability to service Run Flat Tyres.
  • Run Flat Tyres can only be fitted to vehicles with a TPMS .
  • We recommend Run Flat Tyres are only fitted to vehicles that have Run Flat Tyres fitted as Original Equipment.

This service is available at selected stores only. Please call first.

How Often Should You Replace A Run Flat Tire

Can RUN FLATS be repaired? Life hacks tips!!!

It is a recommendation that when inspecting tires, you replace the tire with a new one after five years or 50,000 miles. You can actually check the manufacturers estimated mileage you should get from them on their website. While 50k is a general estimate, the best thing to do is check the tread depth yourself using a guage. Everybodys tires wear differently because of driving style and terrain. By checking your tires tread depth you can replace them before they get bald.

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How Do The Tires Work

The flat run tires come with two mechanisms: the self-supporting system and the support-ring-system. In most self-supporting run flat tires, the walls of the tires are very much reinforced to take the weight of the car in the event of a puncture.

In the support-ring-system there is a very thick ring of hard rubber in the tire that covers the wheel inside the tire. There is space between the inner tire and rim of the wheel, and this rubber is around the rim of the wheel. The air tube runs between the hard rubber band and the inside of the tire. When the rubber tube gets punctured, the air escapes. The rim rests on the rubber that touches the inside of the tire.

Both systems can only be used in cars that have tire pressure monitoring systems. This system alerts the driver as any one of the tubes starts losing air pressure. A run flat tire that comes with a support-ring-system, usually has thinner tubes, as the hard rubber in the tire takes up space. This type of monitoring system is even more important for such tires.

These Are The Pros But Of Course There Are Cons

Run flats are more expensive than regular tires.

Partially because they are performance tires designed for high end or performance cars, and partially because they are a smaller part of the market, they tend to be more expensive. Also, when you have a damaged run flat tire, you most likely will have to replace it they cant be patched or reused. However, Ive never had a flat that I didnt have to replace .

Run flat tires are also a rougher, louder ride. Every time you hit a pothole it feels as if youve hit a deerit can be jarring and youre sure youve done damage to your car .

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What Are Run Flat Tires

I first heard about run flats when I was thinking of buying my car, and this was a major selling point. Run flat tires dont ever actually go flat. They are made of very stiff rubber and a very thin inner tube that when fully deflated, still can support the weight of the car. You can drive 100 miles or so on a flat tire, which means you never need to change a tire on the side of the road, you dont have to call for roadside assistance and you dont have to stop what youre doing get the tire changed. You just drive your car to the tire dealer and have it taken care of.

How Long Do Run Flat Tyres Last


They will wear the same as traditional tyres, and must still have a tread depth of more than 1.6mm in order to remain road legal. Driving on any tyres with a tread depth below the legal minimum may result in a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre, as well as points on your license.

Even if not alerted by the TPMS, you should check your tyres every two weeks to make sure theyre still road legal.

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What Is Run Flat Tire Learn The Process Of Repairing Run Flat Tire

In this article, we will provide a detailed account of a run flat tire. We will also provide you information about repairing run flat tire.

If the tire gets punctured while driving on the road, a driver can still manage to drive his car for some time so as to get to a spot where he can change the tire, or get his car towed.

Can I Drive With A Slow Leak

Driving with a slow leaking tire is dangerous, especially at higher speeds. The tire should be looked at by a professional as soon as the leak is noticed. If the tire does happen to fail while you are driving, causing a blowout, you may lose control of the vehicle causing injury to yourself and others.

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Can You Repair Run Flat Tires Or Should You Replace Them

Home » Can you repair run flat tires? Or should you replace them?

Its important to know what kind of tires you have on your car, thus if you are ever faced with an adverse situation, youll know what you safely can and cannot do. BMW equips the majority of their cars with run flat tires. They do this because it provides their customers with a few added benefits:

  • You can drive on a flat tire: The main benefit of a run-flat tire is that it allows you to keep drivingup to 50 miles at 50 miles per hour. This means that a person doesnt have to get out of the car on the side of a busy highway or try to change a tire in the dark.
  • More stable after a blowout: Because a run-flat tire can support the vehicle without any air pressure, steering and handling will remain near normal after a sudden deflation.
  • Lower vehicle weight: With no spare tire and the repair tools removed, vehicle weight is reduced.

How can you identify if you have BMW run flat tires or not? All the information you need is on the sidewall. For BMW vehicles, what you will want to look for is the RSC label.

If you are on run flat tires, most manufacturers recommend replacement when they have been driven in a severely underinflated or zero pressure condition. This is because the integrity of their internal structure cannot be confirmed.

Now if you are on standard tires, and your tire becomes damaged, it may be repaired if it meets the following criteria:

  • The tire has not been driven on when flat.
  • What Should I Do If My Run Flat Tyre Is Damaged

    Can you plug RUN FLAT TIRES? Answered.

    For those asking whether you can repair run flats, the answer is a solid no. Its highly recommended that you do not attempt to fix it, and that you have the tyre replaced as soon as possible.

    Speak to a tyre expert, such as the team at your local Just Tyres, who will be able to advise you on the condition and safety of your tyres.

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    Can I Replace Run Flats With Regular Tires

    Yes, you can! Replacing run flat tires with run flat tires is recommended but not required. If you do choose to swap out your run flats for conventional tires, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    • When switching from run flats to regular tires, you should replace all four tires at once. Mixing run flats and conventional tires should only be done as a temporary Because run flat tires are much stiffer than regular tires, mixing the two can significantly reduce vehicle stability and handling.
    • When selecting new tires, make sure to follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations for size, speed rating, load capacity, and inflation pressure.
    • Many vehicles that come equipped with run flats do not come with a spare tire or tire-changing equipment. Check your vehicle to see if you need to purchase any new equipment for emergencies.

    As always, check your vehicles owners manual for recommendations and implications for your specific vehicle and tires. Virginia Tire & Auto would be happy to help with this stepgive us a call at 855.425.3677 to talk to a tire expert!

    Note: If youre leasing a vehicle with run flat tires, most companies require that vehicles sold with run flats be returned with them.

    Is It Easy To Switch To Run Flat Tyres

    In short, yes, it is possible to switch. If your car wasnt designed with run flat tyres, it may take some adjusting including modifications to the suspension. Cars with run flat tyres should also have a tyre pressure monitoring system . The TMPS will alert the driver when a puncture has occurred, so you know when the tyre needs replacing.

    If youre planning on switching, its best to get in touch with one of our experienced technicians who can give you advice for your car.

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    Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Have To Be Used With Run Flat Tyres

    Pirelli Run Flat tyreswere specifically developed to be based on the specifications of the cars on which they are to be fitted. This means that, Run Flat tyres may only be mounted on vehicles that are specifically made to have the Run Flat tyres. This was one of my first bones of contention, when my young apprentice tyre fitter snapped the TPMS valve where it was located on the inside of the wheel where the normal tubeless valve would normally be fitted.

    What Is A Run Flat Tyre

    Flat Tire

    Run flat tyres are specifically designed to be capable of travelling some distance despite a puncture. Also referred to as self-supporting tyres, they are built to operate even at zero pressure. The ability to drive with a completely deflated tyre, makes run flat tyres a versatile and safer option.

    With a run flat tyre, you are always equipped to handle the inconveniences caused by a puncture. Your journey will not need to stop and you can continue driving for a certain distance without having to change your tyre. Moreover, the unique construction of the tyre considerably reduces the probability of a dangerous tyre blowout.

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    Maintaining Good Driving Habits

    In addition to frequent tire upkeep, you mustnt overload your tires or damage them while driving.

    Its not about taking away your excitement of traveling its about maintaining your tires in good shape so they can work at their best and increase your delight.

    Harmful behaviors include excessive braking, over accelerating, continuous stopping and restarting, and pulling your brakes when driving downhill can further aggravate tire wear.

    Can Run Flat Tyres Be Repaired

    Although not all manufacturer Run Flat tyres can be repaired, Goodyear Run On Flat Tyres can be repaired by a qualified tyre professional following a thorough inspection and analysis of the tyre history. In case of any doubt, it is recommended that the tyre should not be fixed. Tyres may only have one repair in their lifetime, all repair work is the responsibility of the tyre professional.

    Goodyear does not support tyre repairs under the following conditions:

    Repairs outside of the tread area

    If the sidewall area is damaged inside or outside of the tyre by a sharp object which could reduce support insert substantially reducing the distance and lifespan of the tyre

    Tyres that have been driven at a low or zero pressure for a substantial distance

    Inner liner damage or rough appearance

    Any damage that would make a standard tyre unrepairable

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