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Best Tires For Toyota Highlander

Best Tires For Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander Snow Tire Off-Road Adventure and Review

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus

Our overall pick as the best well-rounded tire for the Toyota Highlander are these, the BridgestoneDueler HL Alenza Plus. The tire mixes wet and dry performance with long life and affordability.

With an extra-wide center tread rib its incredibly stable at highway speeds and initial response to direction changes is first-rate. Large shoulder tread blocks mean it goes through turns effortlessly. You might not care about performance driving dynamics in a 3-row crossover, but these attributes really make the Highlander drive more car-like.

Its great under hard stopping and all of these features are very admirable in the wet as well.

On top of that, its both quiet and comfortable and comes with a very impressive 80,000 mile tread life guarantee.

Toyota Highlander Kumho Tires

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA for their US operations, Kumho Tires produces an array of high-quality passenger, performance, and light truck/SUV tires. Kumho puts a colossal focus on tire performance, braking, and steering improvements combined with hopeful value. Kumho tires offer the perfect balance of performance and value for Toyota Highlander owners. Kumho focuses both on design and technology to create some of the most historic passenger and performance tires prepared. No matter what type of tire you need for your Toyota, Kumho offers a better tire at an roomy value. Schedule your service appointment and get the best deal on a set of new tires rapidly. Kumho started out as a small team that, believe it or not, only produces about two dozen tires per day. Rapidly, Kumho Tires has grown to be one of the largest tire manufactures in the world.

Cheapest Tire For Toyota Highlander

Laufenn S Fit AS

If youre in urgent need of some cheap new rubber for your Highlander we have you covered. Although well also include a warning. No, these tires arent junk. In fact, theyre surprisingly good value for the money.

The reinforced sidewall and mostly uninterrupted center tread sections mean these tires grip excellently, with good handling and braking. They have a slightly stiffer ride than more premium offerings though.

The warning is about tread life. These are actually some pretty aggressive all-season tires and the down-side of that excellent grip is a tread life of just 45,000 miles. For the price, however, you might not be very upset.

Well add that while Laufenn is a pretty unknown tire brand, you dont have to worry too much about quality here. Thats because its actually a sub-division of Hankook.

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Toyota Highlander Tire Rotation Coupon

Nalley Toyota Stonecrest usually promotes combative tire rotation coupons on a monthly basis. You can check out our service coupons here. Not only are our prices the first-rate in Lithonia, our factory-trained technicians and original manufactured parts won’t cost you anything additional. Toyota Stonecrest is number the first-rate Toyota Highlander tire rotation center in Atlanta, GA. Schedule service with us today!

Michelin Latitude Tour Hp Best 110v All

Best Tires for Toyota Highlander: Top 10 Review

We need no performance, we need stability when it comes to driving a Toyota Highlander.

The bigger factor or better say an issue, is the deadly overweight. And to counter this issue, the radial tire is relatively a better option.

As we know the radial tires contain steel belts around them ensuring the car moves smoother without building up the heat. But when you ride on the potholes, get ready to experience the extreme and unbearable jerks.

After all, that is part of having to run with a radial tire and you cannot do anything to fix that other than reduce the speed to cross the potholes and road bumps.

Coming back to the technical part, what we term Michelin Latitude Tour HP is the best 110V all-season radial tire available in the market.

So, getting somewhat deep in the line it has the rating of 110V represents the maximum load capacity of 2,337 lbs with the top sustaining speed of around 149 mph. That is the perfect combination, isnt it?

And a 65.0 tire aspect ratio enables it to bear the low air pressure to some extent, and that means you can drive it well despite having a puncture

Now you can drive on any road conditions be it wet or dry to enjoy the maximum driving experience thanks to its tread pattern.

Despite the interesting tread pattern, it contains a relatively lower 9.5/32 tread depth, so expect it to last a year or one and half a year depending on your driving pattern.

The powerful vehicle requires a durable tire.

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Toyota Highlander Continental Tires

Continental Tires is a German-based tire company that was founded in 1871. Today, their wide selection of tires for passenger cars, high-performance vehicles, pickup trucks and SUVs have made them a gigantic player in the global tire arena. Continental Tires serve drivers a quiet and smooth ride for their passenger tires, unmatched/elite high-performance tires, colossal traction on winter tires, and a selection of all-season tires for all car, comprising your Toyota Highlander. Browse Continental Tires at our Toyota dealership today!

How Do I Read My Toyota Highlander Tires

Learning how to read the information on your tireâs sidewall will help guide you as you take care of your tire. The tire’s information/specs are located on the sidewall and let you know about your tire’s size, load index, maximum chilly inflation load limit, material composition, and tread-wear grades.

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Michelin Defender Ltx M/s

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S tire is a reliable and durable tire that will be there for you no matter where you plan to drive on your summer vacation. This tire can handle driving on paved surfaces without a problem but also shine when the road is less than ideal.

With a great amount of traction any time of the year, this tire will stick to the road even if an unpredictable summer rainstorm comes up. Drivers who have these tires on board do not have to worry about their safety, and can instead focus on the good times spent behind the wheel.

Another key feature of this tire is the great responsive steering and excellent handling, something that is necessary for people who like to push the limits and drive more aggressively. Being in control is crucial to staying safe, so having a tire that keeps up with your driving style is the only way to ensure you are making good choices on the road.

As your tire wears over time, your Michelin Defender LTS M/S tires will experience even tread wear and will still be just as safe. When it is time to replace your tires again, you will more than likely come back to this trustworthy, fuel efficient and comfortable tire choice.



How do these tires handle winter weather conditions?

These tires are great for gripping the road in light snow, and are unlike other summer tires in that they are actually able to handle the changing temperatures.

What is the road noise like?
What sizes are available?

Toyota Highlander Michelin Tires

Here’s Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money

Michelin was founded in 1889 and is one of the largest tire manufactures in the world. For over a century, the French founded company has made many innovations and known contributions to the automotive and tire industry, one of the most commonplace being the removable tire and radial tire. A radial tire is a type of design where the cord plies perpendicular to the direction of travel, which creates less heat and gives you an easier ride. The Michelin brand puts a enormous focus on their tire innovation, quality and driver satisfaction with an exceptional line of tires for passenger, high-performance, light truck/SUV, and snow/ice/winter driving situations. If you’re looking for one of the best and most recognized names for your next set of tires, Michelin tires are perfect for your Toyota Highlander. Contact Nalley Toyota Stonecrest to learn more about our tire specials, Michelin selection and more!

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Best Highway Terrain Tire For Toyota Highlander

Yokohama Geolandar HT

Splitting the difference between an all-season and an all-terrain tire, a highway terrain tire like the Yokohama Geolandar HT could be your best bet if you do some off-roading must mostly drive on tarmac. And chances are this is the best off-road tire for a Highlander driver and the Highlander isnt really designed for much off-roading.

Combining features of on-road and off-road tires, youll find these lean more towards on-road performance with a dose of off-road durability.

They also come with a 70k mile tread life guarantee. Pretty impressive for a tire the manufacturer expects will put in some miles off-road.

How To Choose The Best Tires For Toyota Highlander

If youre like most drivers, youd already know that this vehicle isnt made for off-road driving. Toyota has the 4Runner for those of you who want to take their vehicle to the extremes. Thats why we arent going to talk much about off-road or all-terrain tires.

Depending on your needs, the following three types of tire might fit the bill:

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General Grabber Hts 60 Best Highway Tires

The General Grabber HTS 60 features everything that is good about highway tires. Unfortunately, this model also has a few shortcomings that can be found in the same category. Still, on the whole, its positive points outweigh the not-so-positive ones.

A vehicle-tuned tread pattern helps the HTS 60 grip the road reliably in dry and wet conditions. It is aided in that by external sipes. However, unlike the tread pattern, the sipes also improve this models handling in snow, making it a reliable performer in mild wintry conditions.

You might want to note that General offers this tire in two versions.

The lighter version has more sipes and thus is more useful in areas where it rains a lot. It also has the capability to plow through snow and ice. That is something the heavier version of the HTS 60 can do, which comes in handy to haul or tow heavy loads.

A 65,000-mile treadwear warranty is bigger than what you get on most Michelin LTX M/S models. Which is surprising given that this tire belongs to the mid-price category. All in all, the Grabber HTS 60 has everything to merit the attention of Highlander drivers.

  • Lighter models provide excellent traction in wet conditions


  • Heavy models arent reliable performers on snow

Pirelli Scorpion Verde Best All

Best Tires for Toyota Highlander: Top 10 Review

Hit the market and everyone would be telling you to get the all-season tire for your beauty.

But the hidden factor is, not only the plain all-season tires would be worthy of investment especially when they belong to the radial family.

When we try to get ahold of the information about radial tires, we end up assuming they would be just an ordinary tire minus all the features we crave for.

Luckily, we have Pirelli Scorpion Verde for your 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD, the class with the class tires known as being the best all-season plus II high-performance radial tire.

This long list of features is directly incorporated in just one single tire, Pirelli Scorpion Verde!

Get to hit the long road trips at whatever speed you aim to cruise in all the season, be it dry, wet, rain, or even snow.

Its asymmetric tread enables the tire to provide enhanced wet and dry traction without losing the brakes. And the handling at a variety of speeds would not cause any issues as well.

Unlike the many radial tires available in the market, this one hardly produces any noise at any speed, so drive with your windows rolled down and you would hardly feel any noise banging your ears.

Fit it over 245/55R19 but make sure you are using the stock rim size for your SUV to enjoy the comfortable rides all the time. The unspecified rim size than the stock one would ultimately put a lot of strain on your suspension system, mind it!

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Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2

Okay, that admissible this gigantic Toyota Highlander is good to stuff to its maximum space but why use such a beauty to transport logistics?

This entirely is not a way to handle a car. We ought to use it to transport the passengers other than the logistics.

With Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2, the best passenger radial tire is all good to ride long routes jam-packed with passengers.

Do not just probe into its prominent performance, this passenger-radial tire would not give enough in terms of performance but the confidence and durability to cruise at an acceptable speed with all your loved ones on board.

So, that is the safety measure that you should cater for instead of expecting the performance to knock down the miles instantly.

If the performance is all over your brain, Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 is not for you.

With digging deep into the features of this exclusive tire, it goes well to fit onto the 245/55R19 rim that the 2017 Toyota Highlander LE Plus FWD offers.

Then its 103V ratings combined offer 1,929 lbs as maximum load capacity with a top sustaining speed of around 149 mph. Again, do not try matching this speed on the odometer to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

  • Only to drive with passengers.

Toyota Highlander Tire Replacement

You should always have your Toyota Highlander tires inspected at your domestic dealership dealership for a couple of reasons.

  • Franchise dealerships can commonly replace tires much quicker than independent tire centers because their technicians are factory-trained and carry solid manufacturer parts & tools. In some cases, these OEM tools are required.
  • Toyota Factory-trained mechanics can ordinarily repair damanged tires without replacing them. Our technicians will save you time and money!
  • Nalley Toyota Stonecrest will inspect your tires for free
  • Purchasing tires with Nalley Toyota Stonecrest can consist of additional warranties not convenient through non-franchise service centers.

When it comes to replacing the tires on your Toyota Highlander, it’s effective to do so on time without procrastination. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your tires? There are a couple of clear-cut signs that your tires need to be replaced such as if the tread depth is cut than 5/32 inches, tires that are older than 6 years. tires that have dominant cracks or bubbles, your tire sidewall is punctured, Nalley Toyota Stonecrest will diagnose your tires for free during every visit, but you should consult your Toyota Highlander owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance scheudle related to tire replacement for confirmation. Schedule your free tire inspection today.

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Bridgestone Dueler H/l Alenza Plus

Best comfortable tires for Toyota Highlander

Available at,

This is Bridgestones direct competitor to the Michelin Defender LTX and one that is close in almost every category to that tire. However, while the Defender gives slightly better performance in the corners, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is all about comfort and quietness. If you care about a comfortable driving experience with your Highlander, this is the one to get!

The excellent ride comfort and quietness on the street are achieved thanks to the symmetric tread pattern. Even at higher speeds, the Bridgestone is supremely quiet and comfortable, bringing additional calmness to the already refined Highlander. Despite its comfort-oriented design, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus still offers excellent performance in slippery conditions thanks to the circumferential grooves, lateral notches, and sipes. It is even good in light snow if you need winter performance.

Oh, and with 80,000-mile tread warranty, the Bridgestone is neck and neck with the Defender LTX when it comes to durability.

Achilles Desert Hawk Uhp Best Performance Tire For Suvs

Is the NEW 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE the BEST sport SUV to BUY?

The Toyota Highlander is not just an ordinary vehicle, it is a mid-size concluded capacity of more than 3,500cc.

To enjoy the ultimate power of this dinosaur-alike engine, what we need is the best performance tire for SUVs to avoid the bitter experiences on the go.

All in all, the Highlander from Toyota is worth an SUV but maintaining it is no less than a challenge to face.

Now tour all around the States thanks to its long-lasting build. Although it merely has the maximum tread depth of 10/32 on the new tire you cannot expect it to experience the treadwear this earlier.

Register thousands of miles and you would still find the tread merely rubbing for an inch or two after all these long tours. The tread pattern is the one that you should be so thankful for.

Drive worry-free on all the road conditions, and its solid centric rib would not lose its stability even on the bumps giving the enhanced handling at whatever speed you cruise at.

Then we cannot leave behind the real ingredient of this underrated tire brand 103V with BSW.

103.0 represents the maximum load capacity of 1,929 lbs with a speed rating of V that accounts for 149 mph, although it provides the lower weight capacity so do not try stuffing the SUV with too much load.

And BSW equals to the black sidewall deciphering all the markings, all the numbers, all the alphabets endorsed on the tires in pure black format. This is all that BSW means down here and nothing else.

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What Do You Use Your Toyota Highlander For

When it comes to choosing your next set of tires, the use case is decisive. Thats because if you like Overlanding, you probably need a tire with better off-road performance than a tire for daily driving in the city. Similarly, if you favor ride quality above all else, then such a tire may not be the most suitable for towing your boat.

Best Tires For Toyota Highlander Of 2022

Toyota Highlander is one of the most popular mid-size crossovers today. And the success of this Japanese model is entirely understandable given the reliability of the Toyota brand, comfort for the whole family, and suitability for all ages.

However, the problem only appears when the tires wear out after a few years of use, and you have to find replacement parts.

It wasnt until then that I realized that choosing the best tires for Toyota Highlander would be the real challenge: I wanted a product that could improve the already good dynamics of this model and suit your driving style.

If you have the same problem as me, dont worry too much. Through personal experience and a series of other unbiased reviews, I have compiled a list of the best tires for Toyota Highlander. With this curated list, youre sure to find the product thats best for you.

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