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Best Tires For Ford F150 4×4

The 10 Best Tires For Ford F150 You Can Buy: Recommended & Reviews

2015 Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4 SuperCrew – The Best Pickup…Ever?

Best Highway Tires for Ford F150

  • Excellent dry handling in warm and cold conditions
  • Outstanding wet traction
  • Can be used for towing and hauling
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • Not the best option for harsh wintry conditions

The Defender LTX M/S, a successor to the extremely popular LTX M/S2 from Michelin, is the most popular highway tire on the market right now, which goes well with the most popular full-size pickup truck. The reason why the Defender is so popular is simply that it offers outstanding performances in almost every category.

Equipped with the chip-resistant EverTread Compound, the Defender is durable enough for even the most powerful versions of the F-150. That also means that it can be used on gravel roads and even for some light off-roading. The Defender LTX is excellent on the road as well dry handling is one of the best in the category.

Thanks to the symmetric tread design of independent tread blocks featuring high-density 3-D Active Sipes and four wide circumferential channels, wet traction and hydroplaning resistance is probably best-in-class at this moment. The Defender LTX also works in light snow, but youll still need a proper set of winter tires for harsh wintry conditions.

Best Highway Tires for Ford F150

  • Very good 65,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Not the best light-snow traction

On the other hand, the Discoverer HTP comes with an excellent 65,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is better than most competitors in the same price bracket.



Cooper Discoverer A/t3 4s Best Quality Design

This tire has what it takes to keep your truck moving as you experience stability and comfort. One of the things that stand out about this product is that it will move through any road path no matter how tough it may seem.

It has a tread design which is symmetrical as it gives you a precise line that is needed to have a firm grip while driving through the road. Regardless of the type of road you want to drive through, the cooper discoverer rides through it in an effortless manner.

Another feature worthy of note is its traction. The friction of the tire is gotten from the same silica compound found in the tire as it helps to improve soft surface traction without causing much pain to the trucks handling. Then again, theres the fact that it contains double treads which helps prevent stone retention and spillage.

  • Its a little noisy
  • It is a bit on the expensive side

Best High Performance Winter Tires For Ford F

High performance winter tires provide a nice blend of crisp handling, high-speed capabilities and snow and ice traction.

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

Winter driving and long mileage performance are raised to the next level with Nexen Winguard Sport 2.

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

Kumho Wintercraft SUV Ice WS31 provides excellent performance by optimal stud arrangement on icy and snowy roads.

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

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Tread Design And Sidewalls

All-terrain tires come with large tread design, which usually keeps their traction level high. On the other hand, they tend to have damage-resistant sidewalls that make them have longer wear.

However, not every all-terrain tire can guarantee these aspects, so you will have to look carefully. If the tire doesnt have a huge tread design, then it wont deliver a smooth performance on every terrain.

Furthermore, if the sidewalls arent strong enough, then the tire will start wearing unevenly and will last shorter than expected.

Biggest Tires On Stock 2018 F150 20 Inch

Best All Terrain Tire for Ford F150 4x4: Buyers Guide

Now, lets look at the 20 tire and rim combos. Can this be done? Yes, we know it can done and is rather popular, but lets see what is possible with the stock F150 suspension

No No

As you can see once you go 34 and bigger youll need a leveling or complete lift kit. 6 Kits are quite popular and allow you a wide range of options.

If you want a complete list of all potential tire and wheel sizes ranging from wheel sizes 17-22 with tire width combinations then click here: Biggest wheel you can fit on stock an F150 Fitment Guide

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General Tire Grabber At2

Best off-road tire for Ford F-150

Driving off-road doesnt mean that you need to sacrifice on-road ability. The General Tire Grabber AT2 is a great tire for almost every Ford F-150 owner that plans on driving off-road because it combines excellent off-road traction and admirable on-road handling and performance. The lower price point than competitive premium tires is the cherry on top of the cake.

The best thing about the General Tire Grabber AT2 is that it is designed to tackle any terrain. That includes rocky surfaces, gravel, sand, and even mud. We found that this tire works best on gravel and sand, but its also pretty capable in the mud. Another plus for the General Tire Grabber AT2 is that it works admirably in the snow, which is certainly not something you would expect from a tire at this price point.

The General Tire Grabber AT2 is also very good for on-road driving, providing above average traction in both wet and dry conditions. That said, it is louder than premium tires on the highway and at higher speeds. If you dont mind that, the Grabber AT2 is a serious contender for one of the best tires for Ford F-150 right now.

For Most F150 Owners Highway And Touring Tires Are The Best Options

Theres a reason why road and touring tires are the most popular among pickup truck owners, particularly F150 owners. They have everything a regular pickup truck driver could ask for in a set of tires. They are, however, primarily designed for on-road driving rather than off-roading, as their name implies.

The finest highway tire for Ford F150, however, is still adequate for driving on dirt tracks and some moderate terrain. But what is it about the highway and touring tires that makes them so appealing? First and foremost, they are extremely quiet and comfy. Any other tire type for the Ford F150 will have a poorer ride quality and be considerably noisier on the highway.

This is the first thing people notice when they get behind the wheel, which is why we brought it up first. Fortunately, the emphasis on quietness and luxury does not detract from the vehicles on-road performance. In dry weather, highway and touring tires provide dependable performance. The best of them is also extremely responsive, with plenty of grip and traction.

They also provide incredibly short braking distances in both dry and rainy conditions. Because of the circular grooves in their design, highway, and touring, tires have great hydroplaning resistance, making driving in the rain safer.

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Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire

The NITTO Ridge Grappler is one tire that offers a smooth and silent performance. It is very suitable for dry and wet roads and performs well above the average off-road. It performs well on mud terrains too.

The NITTO Ridge Grappler has a tread life of up to 50 thousand miles which is quite impressive. With frequent hauling and towing, the tread life would be about 30 thousand miles. This tire also has a speed rating of T thus the speed of the car should not go beyond 118 mph with it.

Available here.

Tread Pattern And Traction

Fitting 35″ Radar Tires on a LEVELED Ford F-150 with 22×12’s

If you want tires that last for a long period of time, go for tires with a symmetrical tread. Such tires have groove patterns and are thus more durable compared to their counterparts. These tires will wear down evenly to ensure you dont burn through them quickly.

Tires that have powerful forward traction can give an excellent performance not only in snow but also in puddles of water or mud. On the other hand, a dimpled tread surface improves traction in drier conditions and a knobby tread pattern enhances the traction but also hinders the performance of the tires in deep mud.

With Ford F150, it is better to choose tires with a durable tread.

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What About Driving Off

Off-road tires come in a variety of styles, including all-terrain, inter, and mud-terrain. Most F-150 owners, in our opinion, will benefit from all-terrain tires, which are designed to provide a combination of good off-road grip, safe and reliable handling, and low noise levels.

These tires will be entirely useful anywhere you use them because they operate best on the road of any off-road tire. Off-road traction and durability are even better with multi-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

They are, however, substantially noisier on the road, less comfy, and offer far poorer handling and braking. Sure, theyll be fantastic for those looking for the ultimate off-road adventure, but the on-road drawbacks will be too much for most F-150 customers to bear.

So Many F150 Tire Choices On Zohrcom Which Should I Get

We get it. Even if you narrow down your choices a bit, deciding on the best tires for your F150 can still be tough. Were here to help! Contact Zohr online or call/text us at 816-800-9175, and one of our tire experts in Irving, Texas will be happy to help you. Plus, once you decide which tires to get, our mobile technicians will deliver your new tires directly to you and do the mounting and balancing from our mobile tire shop. That means you can skip the trip to the tire shop and keep working or just sit around in the comfort of your home while we do the work for you.

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Mickey Thompson Baja Mtzp3 Best Mud Terrain Tire

  • Tire Diameter: 35Inches

My Findings and Analysis on Mickey Thompson Baja Tire:

The mud-terrain tires are probably the go-to option for many. Considering that, I decided to give the couple a try. Among all the ones I tested, this one from Mickey Thompson stood out the most.

Firstly, the construction design of the tire amazed me. It utilizes a proprietary tread compound that is exceptionally versatile. The tire offers impressive performance on muddy terrains while keeping the traction and handling level high.

The traction on off-road and on-road is reasonably high too. The silica-reinforced tread compound holds a higher capability of providing better handling on wet roads as well.

Other than that, the compound is highly resistant to chipping and cutting. The sidewalls can deflect pointy and sharp objects properly. Also, thanks to the three-ply sidewall construction, the handling will be highly responsive.

Moreover, the tread pattern has a self-cleaning design. The grooves automatically clear out the rocks using the variable draft angles. It also has shoulder scallops that are angled. Those will enhance the off-road traction substantially.

Why Not Replace With Original Ford Equipment Tires

6 Best All Terrain Tire for Ford F150 4x4 Review

Theres no harm in replacing your tires with the shoes it came with from the factory. However, depending on what kind of driver you are, there are significant reasons to purchase something different.

You only need to purchase ONE set of tires for your car every four years or so, depending on how much you drive. When an auto manufacturer purchases tires, they buy them by the hundreds of thousands. For the manufacturer, the decision to choose a supplier one brand or another comes down to a price point.

For you, your consideration may be completely different. If you could get a tire that stopped 20 feet shorter for an additional $10 per tire over the original equipment, youd probably do it. Similarly, if there was a tire that made less road noise for a minimal investment over stock, youd probably decide on the slightly more expensive tire

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Benefits Of Tires For Ford F

  • Improved handling. When you buy new tires, you have fresh tread and new rubber. This helps your tires grip the road better and respond faster to your steering commands. This will help you achieve more responsive handling and better performance through turns.
  • Better stopping. When you have tires with tread, the built-in voids and channels are able to function as intended. This means they can channel water and snow away from the tire. The contact patch will make a better connection with the road, and this will improve your braking ability.
  • Comfortable ride. Have you noticed that your F-150 seems louder when youre driving lately? It may be your old tires. As you drive on them, the tread can wear unevenly, and this can create more road noise. New tires will eliminate this.

General Grabber At2 Radial Tire

The GG AT2 Radial Tire is a tire thats ready to go the distance. Its main selling point is its resistance and durability across all terrain. Its not going to be completely replacing any winter tires, but for the rest of the year, youre pretty much set. So, if you plan to travel far and frequently in your Ford F150, this is a tire that you should consider.

The Grabber AT2 is built to last with its chip and tear resistant compound that also features a self cleaning tread design. Features dont stop there either, as the five rows of hardy tread blocks on the tire combine highway handling with off-road traction. If you live in the country where you must drive on dirt and gravel roads, having that off-road component in a tire can really come in handy. These tread blocks on the Grabber AT2s have been precisely cut to maintain a relatively low noise threshold through the wear yet another benefit of these tires. Its also nice to know that these tires will last a long time, so you wont have to worry about replacing them again for quite some time.

The General Tire company has been bringing you tires that grip harder, go faster, and last longer for the past 100 years. All GT tires come with great features such as traction increasing grip edges, replacement tire monitors that alert you when a tire change is needed, and SmartGrip technology that incorporates a flatter, larger footprint to reduce tread stress and improve tread life.

Our rating:

  • Not the best option for winter tires

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What About The Environment

When selecting a set of tires for your F-150, consider the temperature in your area as well as your demands and the surfaces you drive on. In this scenario, there are three types of Ford F150 truck tires: all-season, summer, and winter. Even though their titles are self-explanatory, some people nonetheless make poor decisions.

All-season tires come in a variety of styles, including highway, tour, all-terrain, and street/sport. The most popular type of tyre on the market is an all-season model. The explanation for this is simple: theyre made to perform in a wide range of temperatures.

This implies that you wont have to worry about the temperature dipping below freezing, nor will you have to worry about excessively hot and humid areas if you use all-season tires. All-season tires perform admirably in both dry and rainy situations, and some even in light snow.

Summer tires, on the other hand, are the finest option if you want the greatest performance in hot weather. In hot or warm circumstances, these tires provide significantly superior traction, grip, and stopping ability than all-season tires. Summer tires are usually available as Street/Sport tires these days, and they work well with big vehicles.

Gt Radial Icepro Suv3 Review

2017 Ford F-150 XLT Crew 4×4 – New Duratrac A/T Tires!

GT Radial ICEPRO SUV3 features a high-volume 150 pin hole distribution throughout the tread to maximize ice traction and braking.

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw is developed for dependable wintertime traction over ice and snow covered roads.

Available tire sizes that fit Ford F-150:

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What Is The Best Tire For A Truck

As mentioned above, truck tires are available in a few different categories, so whats best for you might not be best for another truck owner in Irving who uses their truck for different purposes.

Many truck owners will simply look up to see what the OE tires were that came on their F150 and then purchase those. While theyd no doubt be a fine choice, they might not be the best. The fact is, many, but not all, OE tires are a compromise and are simply used from the factory because of bulk pricing. Thats not to say they arent good tires, because they ofter are, but you can probably get better mileage, more ride comfort, or improved performance. Again, it all depends on how you use your F150 and where you drive it.

Top 10 Best Tires For Ford F150

If you are looking for the Best Tires for Ford F150, we have got all the answers for you. From the top tires to their reviews and a buying guide, you can find everything in this article.

In America, pickup trucks are the most prominent vehicle category. The Ford F150 is well known amongst the pickup trucks. For almost half a century now, for truckers, Fords best-selling vehicle in the USA has been their go-to choice. The newest generation has made a lot of modifications in terms of weight and engines making it the best full-size pickup truck.

The Ford F150 is comfortable on the road, it can tow and haul big loads, it can overcome even the toughest off-road terrain, and its stable on the highway. Although, the F150 is one of the most competent automobiles it cant perform without a good set of Ford F150 tires. Putting cheap tires on F150 will immediately lose every ability it has.

However, it is more crucial to choose the right set of Ford F150 tires than choosing a high-quality brand. Now, you wont be confused anymore about which F150 tires to choose. Luckily, youre in the right place. In this article, to make things easier for you, we have listed the 10 best tires for F150. Here is the list.

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