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Best Places To Buy Tires

Costco: The Right Place To Buy Tires

The best place to buy tires

Want tires for sale that will keep you safe through any adverse weather conditions and all seasons? Costco is the place to get them. You can also schedule an appointment with our tire shopsOpens a Dialog, who assist with tire rotations, repair, and finding the right size tires for the type of vehicle you drive.

Well make sure youre picking the ones you need for the season. Whether youre in search of new tires that will give your vehicle better fuel efficiency or winter tires with great traction that will last, find them at Costco.

Is It Okay To Buy Tires Online

It may seem odd to buy online, but using the internet is a legitimate way to save money on your purchase. Not only does it allow you to comparison shop and read reviews, it often lets you find the best tire prices.

Many local mechanics will install what you buy from online retailers. Just include that cost in your overall price.

Golden Wrench Award Winners

Michelin has been a leader in the tire industry for over 100 years. They are a very well known option for consumers, as they maintain positive reviews and ratings with mechanics and owners alike. The company is one of the top-selling tire companies in the world. It also owns BF Goodrich, which is focused on SUV and performance tires, and the more budget-friendly Uniroyal brand. Michelin is known for its long history of innovation and receives consistently high marks for quality, and has a strong environmental ethic. Michelin has won multiple awards in our Golden Wrench Awards this year.

  • Known for innovations in technology
  • Highest quality

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The Best Places To Buy Tires

When youre looking for the best place to buy tires, theres certainly no shortage of options. But between warehouse clubs, online tire merchants and independent tire retailers, the prices and quality of service can vary quite a bit.

In this article, Ill cover where to find the most affordable tires, highlight which retailers do it best and cheapest, and Ill take a close look at the top six places to buy tires.

Ive researched the prices and process of buying new tires at a variety of popular tire retailers to see where youll get the best deal and the best customer experience.

How To Save When Buying Tires

Best Places to Buy Tires Online and Save Hundreds

Tires, especially quality tires, can be very expensive. Buying a set of four tires may cost you close to $1,000! Not everyone has $1,000 laying around, thus it is important to be able to save as much as possible when buying tires. If you are looking for ways to save money on tires, these tips might be able to help:

  • Buy tires online and take advantage of free shipping and tire installation. Installing tires is not that easy thats why we tend to go to auto garages or auto centers to have them installed. Yet, in doing so, we might need to spend another $100 . It might be worth it to take the time to learn how to install tires and do it yourself to avoid this cost. Take an online course, learn it from your mechanic friend, or read a book on how to install tires. Many tire retailers offer free balancing at a local garage, so you can drive your car there to have the tires rebalanced for free after you have installed them. Additionally, take advantage of free shipping if applicable. Some tire retailers offer a discount or free shipping if you pick up the tires yourself, so look out for those as well.
  • Look for rebates. Rebates are the tire worlds coupons. Tire retailers dont usually offer coupons but offer rebates instead, though both will save you money. Thus, when looking for tires to buy, you might want to check out what rebates a retailer is offering and for how much.
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    What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Tires

    Tires dont wait for a specific time of year to wear out. Thats why the right time of the year to buy tires is when you need them. Our car tire experts can show you all of your options and help you find the perfect mix of performance, technology, and price to keep you safe on the road and work with your budget.

    What Is The Best Month To Buy Tires

    Online purchases can save you significant amounts of money compared to purchasing at the local store. But purchasing in October or April can double the chance of saving money.

    Tires go on sale in October to urge the customer to replace the summer tire with the winter ones. In April, when the weather is getting warmer, it is time for drivers to start thinking about getting new tires for road trips or joy rides.

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    Factors Considered When Choosing The Cheapest Tire Sellers

    The list of the best places to find affordable tires discussed later was narrowed down based on the following:

    Average Cost of Tires

    Undoubtedly, the first thing youll look at when searching for the best tire deals in your area is the price tag. Since a tires price will usually depend on the size and brand, the list was narrowed down by looking at the average cost of tires for sale in each store.

    Installation Cost

    Unless you prefer to install the new tires yourself, installation is an overhead cost you must keep in mind. You might have bought the most affordable tires, but youll realize you paid more than what you can get from other stores or shops when you add up the installation fee. Youll find that some stores already include the installation cost in the tires price. Still, there are places wherein the installation cost is as affordable as their tires.


    Shipping is another overhead cost that can affect the actual cost of the tire you plan to purchase. Like installation, some sellers already include shipping fees in their prices, while others have affordable fees that they just add up to the tires price.

    Variety of Tires

    Car tires are available in different types, brands, and sizes, so your needs would be different from another persons. As such, when choosing the cheapest place to buy new tires to include on our list, we considered the number of tire options available.

    Warranty, Returns, and Other Perks

    A Wide Selection Of Tires Online

    Leith Toyota Raleigh,NC: Why It’s the best place to buy tires

    Whether you own a sedan or a pickup truck, or are looking for tires for an SUV or a minivan, we have the model and size of tires that will meet your expectations. In addition, our user-friendly search tool will help you find the right brand of tires for your vehicle we even have tires for commercial vehicles andtrailers!

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    Look What Our Customers Are Saying

    Took some tires to here to get mounted and balanced. They had to take off old tires from rims and put new tires on to those rims and install onto my vehicle which they did for an exceptionally low price of 20$/tirecant beat that! It took them a little longer than they estimated but other than that I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend this place for tire service.

    Excellent place, very fast communication. Had the tires I was looking for at an amazing price. Answered phone instantly, ordered them for next day. They texted me when the tires were ready came over, had them installed in less than 45 minutes and was on my way. Even helped me load old tires that I needed into bags. Honestly couldnt be simpler, it is a tire shop that sells tires and does it well. Will recommend to everyone I know.

    Guys at the front desk are amazing. Huge store with lots of knowledgeable and professional staff. Highly recommend.

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    The Easiest Place Isnt The Best Place To Buy Tires

    When most people need service completed for their car, they consider heading back to the dealership they bought their car from. While most major car dealerships will likely sell you tires, you can get the best deals on tires elsewhere.

    Instead, consider the following best places to find the best tire deals.

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    Picking The Right Tire Store

    While this doesnt have to do with the tires themselves, its nice to receive perks. When looking at tire places, see if they offer any benefits when you purchase from them.

    Ask yourself some of the following questions:

    • Do they offer warranties?
    • Do they offer balancing, mounting, and rotation?
    • Is there a discount for buying a set of four?

    These are all terrific benefits, and you never know if you get them unless you ask. The store may also offer oil change coupons if you buy from them.

    When you purchase your tires, ask what discounts they have to offer.

    Best Places To Buy Tires & Save $100s

    What is the best place to buy tires

    by Helen Jarden – Verified & Updated May 11, 2020

    Having to buy anything for your car is almost always an expensive venture. One expense that many people have trouble with is tires. If you are wondering how to save money when buying tires, this is the article for you.

    According to Angies List, members report paying an average cost of $637 to replace four tires, with a range of $525 to $725. Thats obviously a ton of money to pay all at once, especially when you have bills and necessities to afford.

    Listed below, Ive compiled all the best places to get affordable tires. Whether youre shopping for new or used tires, want to buy them in person or online, youll find the resources you need here.

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    Best Place To Buy Tires Online Get Your Need By One Click

    Most people will traditionally purchase the tires at the store, but it is not the case with todays shopping. Instead, you can get all your needs with the help of the internet.

    Many online sites offer great deals for tires as the winter season is coming, people need to get winter tires for the snowy weather. However, finding thebest place to buy tires onlineis not easy recklessly choosing bad quality tires can cost you much more money for fixing and replacement.

    In todays article, we will give you comprehensive reviews for the best site to buy tires. So lets scroll down to get further information!

    Choosing A Tire Brand

    If our Golden Wrench recommendations don’t fit within your needs or budget, there are many reputable brands to choose from. If we can offer one piece of advice, its to choose a tire brand youve heard of. If somebodys trying to talk you into a set of Riptide Ditchfinders from the gas station for a third what the same size Yokohama tire would cost, do yourself a favor and save your money.

    There really arent that many tire brands that might ring a bell when somebody mentions them to you, so it really narrows down the wide field of brands you should be thinking about. In general, we always look to the following brands when we need to replace your tires:

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    Q: Is It Cheaper To Buy Walmart Tires Online And Have Them Installed

    A: Today, its pretty easy to find tires at lower prices online, especially when youre shopping at big box retailers like Walmart. This can save you hundreds of dollars, especially when youre buying a complete set of four tires. Generally, with reasonable installation prices, its overall cheaper to do your shopping online, then have your tires installed rather than heading straight to a tire shop.

    Does It Make Sense To Buy A Wheel And Tire Package From An Online Retailer

    Best Place To Buy New Tires & Tpms Sensors. Thanks Discount Tire Tallahassee Honest Review

    Our answer is yes we highly recommend you do it. As you know, certain tires will fit with specific wheels, and it is also crucial for your safety when you are driving at high speed.

    If you want to change the tire, do yourself a favor by looking at the tire and wheel package as they were mounted and balanced to be compatible with each other. Of course, it would cost you a little more than getting your summer tires removed or winter tires installed, but your safety is guaranteed.

    Once the item is shipped at your door, you can install it yourself without an extra fee for professional installation.

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    Best Places To Buy Tires Online And Save Hundreds In 2022

    Our choices for the best online retailers in 2022 can be broken into three clear categories:

    • Online Tire Retailers
    • Tire Brands
    • Brick-and-Mortar Retailers with Online Shopping

    Most people buy tires the same way they did in 1959: They arrive at either a big box retailer or a local tire specialist, read the 30-year-old copy of Road and Driver and drink the 5W50-weight coffee burning on the bottom of the coffee pot and drive out hours later with a fresh set of rubber mounted to their car. You can still do it that way, and there are still some good reasons to — well get into that later — but youre really missing out on some great deals and some fantastic advice if youre not shopping for your next set of tires online.

    What Tires Should I Choose For My Performance Car

    Youll notice right away that tread life isnt exactly a performance tire strong suit. Most of these tires are rated in the 450 range, and some can be as low as 200. That means that some of them are going to wear out in half as much time as a conventional passenger car or touring tire.

    The advantage, though, is their road-holding capability. These tires constructed with a much stickier rubber compound, and in some cases, a much more track-oriented tread pattern, often with diagonal tread on just the outer portion of the contact patch, while the inner section is grooved almost like an F1 rain tire.

    These tires are also unidirectional, meaning that when its time to rotate them, they can only be relocated to the front from the rear, not in a cross pattern.

    Performance tires on modern cars are usually in the 19- or 20-inch range, but you can buy a high-performance tire in 17-inch sizes for your passenger car, too.

    All of these tires have received greater than a 3.5 out of 5 star rating by consumers:

    See our top tire picks for these popular models.

    Best Tire Deals Near Me

    Buying tires in person is still an incredibly popular choice that many consumers make.

    But with so many options, whats the best store to get tires at a discount?

    Here are the best national stores to go to that are reported to give the best prices compared to other places.

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Daily Goodie BoxKashKickPanda ResearchQuickRewardsRewardFishSwagbucksInboxDollars

    You can get tires from these guys in just a few easy steps.

    • Step one: find the tires you want on their site
    • Step two: choose an installation time that works best for you
    • Step three: order and pay online
    • Step four: Go to your nearest auto center when the time comes and get them installed!

    Dont forget top take advantage of coupons and special promo codes. These guys seems to always have some sort of especial like Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free! This applies to any store and website mentioned in this post, by the way.

    4. Goodyear

    Goodyear is one of the largest tire companies in the world. Founded in 1898, theyve made over a billion tires. Buying directly from their outlets means you wont have to deal with the markup other stores add on.

    Know those bobblehead guys? Theyre still around, going strong, and offering tires at discount prices.

    What To Consider When Buying Tires

    Best Places To Buy Tires Online  knowledge Mentors

    According to Petersen, there are more than 33,000 independent tire retailers in the US. That means there’s a lot to sort through when you’re shopping for them. Tire shops can range widely in size and how they sell tires. Everyone from big-box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club to small, local, independent tire shops offer tires for sale. These days, online retailers are also making it incredibly easy to buy tires online and have them drop-shipped to a location of your choice when you’re ready to have them installed.

    Petersen advises that the best way to make the most of your tire shopping is to take the entire cost of both purchasing the tires and getting them installed into consideration. “It’s not like a TV,” he said. “You buy a tire and you still have to have someone put it on your car.”

    The first thing to do when shopping for new tires is to figure out the right size for your vehicle and the features that you want for your specific needs. To find the right size, look at the outside rim of the rubber tire and find the number and letter combination that is divided by a slash. You can also find your tire size by looking at the inside frame of the driver’s side door.

    Read more:

    Warehouse membership clubs like Sam’s Club are definitely worth considering when tire shopping.

    When shopping for tires, it’s important to pick the right one to suit your driving needs.

    Goodyear offers a nice variety of warranty coverage on its tires.

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