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Serving Customers & Community

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The shops community involvement and commitment to treating customers like family embody the next of its core values: Possess a servants attitude.

Best-One of Indys philanthropic efforts are numerous, including local charities and organizations in which team members are involved, as well as local humane societies, food pantries, schools, sports teams, 4-H clubs and Toys for Tots.

Each year, the shop holds a free charity golf outing for commercial fleet customers. Through silent auction donations, more than $15,000 has been raised over the last five years for local humane societies. Best-One of Indy also sponsors Mutt Strut, in which participants are encouraged to walk their pet downtown to raise money for a local humane society.

For three years, the dealership has held a foodraiser program called Wipe out Hunger and Spread Some Love, which involves team members and customers donating jars of peanut butter and jelly to restock the shelves of local food pantries. Each donation earns customers a free pair of wiper blades and the effort has resulted in more than 1,400 jars collected.

Were not a national chain, we really are local people, Womack says. Its so important for us to take care of each other, and to help those organizations who are helping others. Were very fortunate to be able to do that beyond the walls of our stores.

This servants attitude and the Mission of Creating Raving Fans extends to Best-One of Indys customer service, as well.

Commitment To Excellence In Customer Service

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About Best One Tire And Service

Best One Tire and Service’s ASE-certified technicians specialize in the routine maintenance needed to keep cars road worthy. Their expertise encompasses essential services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle diagnostics. To help autos reduce their carbon footprint, the staff fills tires with nitrogen. The gas staves off wear-and-tear by lowering interior tire temperature and bolstering tread life, all of which keeps tires from the jealous clutches of local landfills. While techs tend to cars, local shuttles ferry customers across town, so clients can run errands or share a romantic picnic with their bicycle.

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Core Values Drive Best

At Best-One of Indy, success is built in from the top down, as well as the bottom up. The tire dealership, with 15 locations in central Indiana, adheres to four core values, which are the driving force in everything its staff does, from the leadership team to the techs and customer service staff running the shops.

The dealership, part of the Best-One Tire & Service organization founded by Paul Zurcher in 1948, has been in business for 36 years and employs 197 full-time employees and six part-time team members. Through the Best-One partnership, Best-One of Indy leadership enjoys the autonomy to run the business as they see fit, while also having access to the collective buying power of the larger organization, which spans 275 locations in 26 states.

We find the model is extremely effective because we receive the corporate support, connections and purchasing programs, but we still have the privilege and the responsibility of living by our core values and making sure we are Creating Raving Fans of our internal and our external customers, says Rich Elliott, president of Best-One of Indy.

Its those core values and the Mission of Creating Raving Fans that makes Best-One of Indy among the finest in North America, and earned it the honor of being named a finalist in the 2022 Tire Review Top Shop Awards, presented by Coats.

Kentuckianas Largest Dedicated Commercial Tire Sales Team

Vinyl Wall Decal Car Tire Service Logo Wall Sticker Car Repair Garage ...

We know that every business has unique needs. Thats why we dedicate a commercial tire sales professional to manage your account. Your salesperson takes the time to listen to you, and to understand how your fleet operates. Anyone can drop tires at your doorstep, but our goal is to partner with you and your team to develop cost-saving strategies tailored to your specific needs. Let us earn both your trust and your business.


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Employee Training & Retention

Best-One of Indys treatment of its team members embodies another core value: Commit to the pursuit of perfection.

New team members complete an onboarding program, held at one of the retail locations, with a designated upper-level technician as the trainer. Afterward, theres a General Service Training program, in addition to a NAPA Best-One Apprentice Program, which is a series of 16-day workshops designed to teach a team member the required skills and techniques that will lead them to become an ASE Certified Tech.

Techs receive the appropriate TIA 200 or 300 certifications, and all team members complete a yearly OSHA training program.

Selected managers, administration staff and sales team members join John Maxwell Leadership Training groups, which is a five-year program that involves quarterly group meetings.

In addition, monthly meetings with managers and assistant managers cover P& Ls, upcoming goals, marketing plans, operational highlights, and information about any new tire lines. The monthly meetings also generate open discussions about whats working at each location, so all stores take away some new ideas.

Best-One of Indy communicates with all team members weekly using the community announcement section in its payroll system, and quarterly through its Quarter Mile digital newsletter. With content centered on and provided by team members, both communication tools have become popular, Womack says.

Company History And Growth

Best-One of Indy opened in 1986 when Paul Zurcher, Dennis Dickson and Ray and Scott Monteith formed Indy Tire Club. The name changed to Indy Truck Tire Center, then to Indy Tire Centers in 1991 the same year the dealership grew from one to six locations, according to Elliott.

In 2018, we adopted the Best-One name, calling ourselves Best-One of Indy, he said. This enabled us to more closely identify with the Best-One organization.

Before and after that point, growth had been steady, with two more stores added in 1997, one in 2006 and another in 2019. In 2021, the shop acquired six more stores. The closure of one store in 2022 brings the dealership to its current 15 locations.

Regarding that large expansion in 2021, Elliott says that multiple factors aligned the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring challenges and a number of tire dealers looking for an exit strategy.

COVID was tough on everyone, and then the employment situation hit and it was tough to find and keep people, he says. Theres also a certain number of tire dealership owners who got into the business in a similar timeframe. They hit the time that they felt like they wanted to exit, and we became a good exit strategy for them.

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More Than A Tire Company

Over the past 70 years, what started out as a single-bay service station has grown into a respected tire company with 275 locations in 26 statesone of the largest independent tire companies in North America. Best-One Tire & Service® Group is among the largest purchasers of Bridgestone, Firestone, Mastercraft, Continental, General, Yokohama and Goodyear tires in the United States.

We offer a wide selection of passenger and light truck style tires, plus commercial truck tires and fleet service, agricultural tires, and full-service automotive centers across the nation. Were also one of the countrys largest Bandag Retreaders.

Our Tires Your Legacy

Everything you NEED to know about Car Tires!

Combines, tractors, sprayers, skid steer loadersyou name it, we have a tire for it. Well help you find the solution that best fits your needs without pressuring you into the latest and greatestbut we have those, too.

We Are Family Owned. We Are Partners. We Are Hundreds of Locations. We Are Creating Raving Fans.

To us, these are these principles weve built our business on. To you, theyre a promise of exceptional local service with a personal touch.

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Built On A Remarkable Legacy

Best-One Tire & Service was founded in 1948 when Paul Zurcher went into business in Monroe, Indiana, with a $300 loan funded through the GI Bill. Pauls successful business model prioritized investing in others. Throughout the years, the Zurcher Family has continued to invest in dreams by forming partnerships with hundreds of entrepreneurseach sharing a passion for the tire and service industry.

Though Paul passed away in 2015, the familys involvement remains strong with the second and third generations of the Zurcher family. Our executive leadership team and our Best-One partners remain committed to Creating Raving Fans and growing the Best-One influence in the retread, commercial, OTR, and consumer tire divisions.

The heart of Best-One could best be defined by Pauls passion and love for people, along with creating opportunities for entrepreneurial success and growth. Corporately, we remain committed to honoring Pauls core values, building strong relationships with our partners and suppliers, and creating new opportunities for those who join our Best-One family.

As the excitement for our brand continues to grow, we are fortunate to work alongside our Best-One partners each day, striving to Create Raving Fans out of every customer and team member our locations reach. Best-One remains committed to the legacy of love, learning, and entrepreneurial success that distinguishes our company from others in the industry. As we like to say, Selling TiresServing People.

+ Years Of Serving Customers

They supply every tire for us from school buses to our light duty equipment. Their prices are competitive and their service and delivery are second to none.

Its nice to have a single vendor that handles both our on-road and off-road tire needs.

I think the biggest attribute is the personal connection. I can call our sales reps cell phone, and if we really need something, it will be here before the end of the day.

Best-Ones service is unbelievable! Having the right tires keeps our fleet safe, and the wheel reconditioning keeps our fleet looking good.

Our community deserves and receives quick response times in an emergency. I consider Best-One a vital partner in serving the Jeffersonville Fire Department.

For over 40+ years weve partnered with Best-One. They provide proven solutions that keep me rolling when our equipment has Gotta Go!

All our equipment runs on a schedule that has to be met. Downtime is not an option. Thats why we ride on tires from Best-One Kentuckiana.

Having a team I can lean on with great service helps my crew stay on track. I have confidence in in what I get from Best-One they keep me moving!

Our sales rep has gone above and beyond taking care of our account and keeping us informed of the best application of brands & tires.

They have a good inventory of tires on their lot, and most generally provide same day service, which means less downtime waiting on a tire.

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A Refined Marketing Mix

Best-One of Indys marketing techniques reflect the first of its core values: Accept the urgency of accountability and the necessity of change.

As the media landscape changes and how customers want to receive information evolves, we recognize that what may have worked last year may no longer be relevant, states the dealerships Top Shop entry form. In order to achieve our key results, we know we have to change.

Best-One of Indy has maintained its outdoor billboard presence and annual radio campaign to keep a steady branding message, but has placed more emphasis on digital strategies including SEM, Google My Business pages, Google AdWords, Yelp pages, social media pages and its website .

Under the guidance of Trula Womack, director of marketing and brand excellence, the business focuses on drilling down to its customer base, rather than sending broad messaging anywhere it can. This includes cutting-edge techniques like OTT, streaming audio, podcasts, mobile geofencing, email marketing and retargeting, as well as tangible strategies like customer appreciation events, community involvement and a mirror hang tag coupon and referral system.

Its very rare that something will leave our stores without a code on it, Womack says. We code everything, and we track everything, whether its a coupon or a gift card that weve given out at an event, or a mirror hang tag that weve put in a customers car.

Why Choose Best

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With an expansive network of more than 140 Best-One commercial locations, we proudly offer the best fleet service available. Our service lineup includes on-site truck and trailer repair, mobile truck and trailer repair, at-location truck and trailer repair, and everything from kingpins to DOTs and refrigeration.

We also carry a variety of leading tire brands, and we proudly produce Bandag brand retreads in our 16 retread plants throughout the country.

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