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Best Deals On Truck Tires

Summer Tires: Our Top

Best 5 Truck Tires || 2020 Staff Picks

If the winter ones are designed for smooth, safe driving in snow and ice conditions, summer and all seasons are designed to satisfy the needs of different drivers and vehicles. We are proud to offer a dozen world-famous, premium quality brands to our customers. Whether you are looking for the best off-road experience or the smoothest touring drive, we have the right ones for you.

Among our high-quality brands, youll find:

Budget Nexen Nfera Ru5

The Nexen N’Fera RU5 tire features a 2nd outer rib for increased stability when cornering. It has been designed to evacuate water quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the risk of hydroplaning is kept to a minimum. It also comes with an 80,000 km treadwear warranty and is perfect for buyers looking for a performance tire at a great price.

Bfg Advantage T/a Lt Sport

The BFG Advantage T/A LT Sport is an all-season touring light truck tire that is known to perform better than its competitors in a wide range of conditions. This tire truly lives up to the promise that it will provide four seasons of traction. Thanks to the silica-enhanced tread compound, 3D active siping technology, and symmetric tread pattern, this BFG tire offers superior cornering, traction, braking, and grip in wet and dry conditions. It is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified and employs Aqua-Flume technology, which prevents hydroplaning by expelling excess water from the tires using the sweeping cross grooves.

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How To Read Tire Sizes

Tire sizes arent universal globally, but they are generally universal for North American sales. Truck tires generally come in two bents: standard and flotation. The flotation scheme is quickly fading as standardized measurements become the norm.

The numbers on a truck tire will always have two sections of digits followed by a tire type and wheel size. Numbers like 33×12.5 R17 and 285/70R17 are examples of what will be seen on tire sidewalls.

In the first case, the numbers are a flotation size and indicate the tire tread width and sidewall height in inches in a radial design and fit for a 17-inch wheel.

The second set is standardized and indicates a tire with a 285mm tread width and a sidewall at 70 percent of that size . The R still means radial and the 17 still indicates the tire is designed for a 17-inch wheel.

When going up or down in wheel size, the aspect ratio of the tire will also change accordingly. The larger the wheel, the smaller the aspect ratio will be. This ratio keeps the total diameter of the tire and wheel the same.

Knowing how to read tire sizes is just one aspect of tires. Its also important to know what the different tire types generally mean about the tire youre considering for your truck.

How To Choose The Best Truck Tires

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Determining the best tires for your truck is a big job and can affect the lifespan of your tires in the long run, so you will want to ensure you are making the correct choice! Your dependable, hard-working pickup, Jeep, or SUV needs similarly tough and durable tires to match its attitude and work output.

When choosing the best truck tires for cheap, we suggest doing your research by getting to know the different types of truck tires available and which tires are most suitable for your truck make and model and for how you use it. When in doubt, the staff at Discounted Wheel Warehouse are happy to help guide you in this decision. You will find that our lineup of truck and SUV tires includes a huge list of make and models, like older sport trucks from the Big Three, everyday use pickup trucks, crossovers, and a handful of light commercial and recreational vans.

Fun fact: all of our truck tires may be used for applications that are not exactly trucks, so you can have fun with the tire buying process! Maybe you are looking to enter a demolition derby with that sweet old Lincoln you just picked up for cheap and you want to throw a light truck tire on it for a more aggressive look to scare the competition. We are happy to help you scare away your competition and you can be sure we will have tires available for any needs you have. We carry Complete Wheel & Tire packages, and fast shipping right to your door with all packages including 4 wheels and 4 tires.

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What Truck Tires Last The Longest

We know you want the highest quality truck tires for the lowest prices, which is why you will want to know which tires last the longest. Brands such as BFGoodrich,Cooper,Michelin, and Goodyear are reliable, durable and have multiple options for trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. One of our personal favorites is the Michelin Defender LTX M/S, which is known for improved tread life in severe conditions. We are also big fans of the Kumho Crugen HT51 for the best value and durability for money.

The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Fr Was Specially Developed For The Extreme Winter Of Arctic Countries

Its perfect for driving in complete safety in deep snow, thanks to its aggressive tread pattern designed to dominate the most difficult weather conditions.The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR will give you confidence in your driving skills, even in heavy snowfall, slush or over icy roads. Thanks to the 3D butterfly sipe technology, it will maintain utmost stability and absolute steering control in all circumstances and on all surfaces, dry or wet.

This Pirelli tire model integrates the companys exclusive Run Flat technology, which lets you drive on when punctured and replace your tire in a safe place. Indeed, this smart piece of tech isnt simply handy, its a genuinely priceless feature if youre ever stuck in a snowstorm. Whether you drive a compact or premium sedan or SUV, you’ll love the performance and security this tire has to offer.

5. BF Goodrich Winter T/A KSI 8.7/10

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What Affects The Cost Of Tires

Behind the scenes there are experts who careful design tread patterns for optimum wear and traction. They also formulate the rubber compounds of a tire for peak performance, often in specific conditions including winter weather. This expertise impacts the cost of a tire as do the tests reputable brands perform to ensure reliability. All this knowledge, testing and attention to design detail impacts the cost of a tire. The size of the tire also raises cost with larger tires and those for SUVs and trucks often costing more.

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How To Truck Tire Shop

Finding the Best Truck Wheel and Tire Setup | Matchup Comparison

To truck tire shop effectively you have to know what your expectations of your truck tires are going to be. Generally you want truck tires that are going to give you the best grip no matter what your driving terrain is. You need to know that the truck tires you pick are going to give you the shortest distance for stopping safely. Then you also want to know the quality of the tire is going to afford you the longest life of the tire possible.

Normally when it comes to replacing your truck tires it is recommended that you replace the tires with the same kind and size that came with your truck purchase. If you are not sure these are the best for your vehicle, then check the ratings of the specific tires you are interested in according to the appropriate size and how they rate for stopping, handling and hydroplaning.

The truck tires sizes, the brand and the quality of the tire are all going to be factors when it comes to tires for trucks prices. Here you can do a fast truck tire price comparison to see who is offering the best price for the specific truck tires that you finally determine is going to be the best for your vehicle.

Compare up to 4 products:

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Best Truck Tires For 2022

If you’re looking for new truck tires, we’ve got recommendations for everything from street driving to playing in the mud.

Tires are designed to fit certain vehicles, with truck tires coming in as a wholly different category than the tires for a sedan or even a minivan. A truck tire is designed to manage the heavier loads of a truck, especially if that truck is towing something. There’s also the potential for some serious off-road adventuring when you have a pickup truck, and that, too, requires a tire that’s up to the task. In addition to off-road truck tires, there are snow tires and performance tires as well as a wide range of all-season tires from which to choose.

Along with considering the conditions you’ll be driving in, it’s important to consider how important comfort and tread life are to your buying decision. Big, beefy off-road tires may take you through mud and over rocks, but they’re not ideal for highway cruising, where they tend to feel sloppy and produce more noise. It might be better to consider an all-season tire with good on-road manners for better passenger comfort. Some tires have no tread life warranty at all, while others cover you for up to 70,000 miles or six years of driving.

Research Into Wheel Brands

If certain wheel brands come on your vehicle or any other vehicles in your family, then it might be worth taking the time to research which online store offers them for the lowest price.

Just make sure what type of wheels fit because if they dont, you will have to either pay extra or find a way to get the wheels off and bring them to the store.

Research is always vital before any purchase.

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This Bf Goodrich Model Gives You Extreme Traction In The Snow Over Ice And Through The Slush

You can feel secure at the wheel of your car with these tires holding steady to whatever road surface you encounter. Wet and rainy conditions are no match for the Winter T/A KSI, with its saw-toothed grooves and extra number of edges. This also means you can safely accelerate and turn in the rain, and experience reduced braking distances as well.

On top of that, ice and snow are easy challenges for this tire, as its design incorporates a serrated shoulder profile that grabs into deep snow.Furthermore, the active locking 3D sipe technology helps with block stability, resulting in precise handling and cornering. Anywhere there is snow, whether hard pack or freshly fallen, the BFGoodrich Winter T/A KSI will go over it with ease, leaving the driver feeling in control at all times.

6. General Arctic 12 8.7/10

Large Selection Of Cheap Truck Tires

Goodyear Wrangler SR

Picture this scene: you’ve just spent an hour in the waiting room of your local inspection shop and the mechanic has informed you that your truck tires are below the tread threshold and they no longer perform the way they are supposed to. You are two seconds away from pulling your hair out, considering fleeing the country and your bank account is shaking in fear. You need cheap truck tires, but what can you do? Thankfully, you’re in luck because Discounted Wheel Warehouse is here as a resource for all of your tire related needs with our robust collection of discount truck tires and friendly staff, we will have you set and ready to get back on the road in no time.

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Highway Tires For All Trucks

  • Budget: Kumho Crugen HT51 – These are excellent tread-life tires for the budget-minded buyer. The HT51 fits both half-ton pickups with light duty in mind and heavier-duty one-ton dually-axle trucks.
  • Moderately Priced: Firestone Transforce HT – These are well-priced and functioning highway tires with a strong reputation for longevity. Sized for most truck needs in all three weight classes, these tires fit most on-road use well.
  • Cost-No-Object: Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 – These on-road tires are superior in every way and many will find the cost worth the returns.

What Makes For A Good Tire

Start by looking for a tire that suits your truck and how you drive. Don’t get performance tires if you plan to off-road or vice versa. The key part to getting a good tire for your truck is picking one that fits how, where and what you drive.

It’s a safer bet to go with an established tire brand. “Major manufacturers are more tech focused,” said Campbell. That means you get a tire with the latest technologies from specially formulated rubber compounds to coatings to the tread pattern. Companies with long histories and solid reputations are focused on innovating so that you get the best tire possible for your needs.

You will pay more for most brand name tires than you will for some sketchy unknown tire brand, but you also know the tire you’re getting will perform as specified when it’s from a brand you can trust. Also, remember that simply because a tire costs more doesn’t mean that it’s the only good one. Tire companies offer a range of products to fit every budget so don’t break your budget unnecessarily.

When it comes to trucks, there are some specific needs you won’t come across if you drive a sedan. “A truck tire used primarily for off-roading should have sufficient sidewall protection and an open tread pattern,” said Hubbard. This design keeps the rocks and sticks that might otherwise puncture the sidewall from causing damage.

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Bridgestone Dueler Hl Alenza Plus

The Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus is an all-season light truck tire that offers drivers a comfortable, fuel-efficient driving experience in a range of weather conditions. The tires feature a tread compound made of 5% recycled rubber, an everblack sidewall, a symmetric tread pattern, and wide circumferential grooves. Together, these features keep road noise to a minimum, ensure traction in wet, dry, and snowy conditions, and improve durability. Overall, there are few premium light truck tires on the market today that perform as well as the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus.

Changing Truck Tire Sizes

Top 5 Tires of 2022!

Trucks come with a lot of tire options, a lot of wheel options, and plenty of aftermarket modification options. Pickup trucks are, in fact, the most modified class of vehicles on American roads. If you plan to change tire sizes, change wheel sizes, or look for a lift or other change, you have to consider what this means with your tires and truck.

Tires and wheels have an overall diameter that is inherent to the trucks design. Modifying that requires more than just swapping out components. It changes the physical dynamics of the truck, safety, and how some of the trucks electronics can function. Going with a larger or smaller diameter tire and wheel combination means, at the very least, youre no longer getting accurate speedometer and odometer readings on the truck.

There is nothing wrong with changing tire or wheel sizes for aesthetics. Its just a matter of keeping the overall dimensions the same. So a smaller tire wall should mean larger wheel diameter and a smaller wheel diameter should mean a larger tire wall. The overall diameter should remain consistent.

There are benefits to downsizing wheels:

Going up with wheel size also has benefits:

  • Better handling Those who are mostly on the road will find better handling and sharper steering response from thinner tires.
  • Better looks Todays style trends towards larger wheels on larger vehicles.
  • Better braking The wider wheels on a smaller profile tire can mean better braking characteristics.

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What Are Big Tires For Trucks

Big tires for trucks as their name implies are big tires. These tires are considerably larger in comparison with the regular OEM spec tires that your truck came out the factory line with.

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These tires include a bigger diameter and are extremely wide in comparison to the regular tire, going from 255 up to 305 or 325 millimeters in diameter. Which is extreme, to be honest. If you have so much rubber, then you probably need a huge amount of horsepower to make this vehicle drive well.

Power is one of the first things that you need to consider before getting big tires for trucks. If you want to have big tires with big thread, you will need that extra edge to make everything function properly. And by this, I mean a lot of power. If you drive a gasoline truck you are probably going to need a bigger displacement engine in order to make the power necessary to make this vehicle nice and snappy.

Or a good diesel truck will fit the bill because diesel trucks have huge amounts of torque that can be delivered in any place at any time.

Another aspect is the wheel diameter. The wider the tire the bigger the rim that you will need in order to fit these big tires for trucks. And these rims can also be quite expensive costing thousands of dollars in some situations. Thats why before ordering big tires, you will need to learn if your rims are going to fit these new tires.

Do You Need To Replace All Your Tires At Once

Recommendations are to never replace only one tire, even if only one is damaged, because of the potential for uneven treadwear. It might not seem like it’ll make a difference, but if one tire has a nice new tread and the others are worn, then it can cause handling, traction, and wear issues for all your tires. In some cases when all your tires are quite new and one is damaged, then you may be able to replace only that one. It’s best to have an expert evaluate your tires and let you know if this is a wise option.

It’s always best to replace all four tires at once, so they all have the same amount of treadwear at the start. If your budget doesn’t allow for that expense, then replace either the two front or two rear tires at once. These sets of two will have similar wear, so there’s a reduced potential for problems. If you can, get the exact same tires you already have on your truck for the best match.

Another consideration is all-wheel or four-wheel drive, which usually includes manufacturer’s recommendations to only replace all four tires at once. If that’s the case for your truck, then you should follow those guidelines and replace all your tires together to maintain proper handling.

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