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Best All-season Truck Tires 2021

Toyo Open Country H/t

9 of the BEST All Season / All Weather Tires for 2021

Toyo Open Country H / T are all-season pickup tires for highway and off-road offering increased comfort and low noise while driving, and have a long life and a wonderful contemporary look.

They are designed for light trucks , vans, and SUVs.

Tires provide a sense of confidence and security and are optimized for both dry and wet roads. Low noise level makes movement comfortable.

Upper annular rib tread pattern reduces noise, while numerous slit-like wavy grooves reduce tread wear and make the movement more comfortable.

The wide tread with square blocks, created with the new composition of the rubber compound ensures a long tire life. Breakers of high-strength steel provide excellent control and stability of handling.

High-modulus polyester fiber cladding provides clear response steering and high durability of tires.

Kenda Klever R/t: Best Off


If the Kenda Klever R/T looks different from the other tires on this list, thats because it is. Unlike the others, which were basically created by making a standard truck tire perform better off-road, the Klever R/T was created by making a mud tire more usable everywhere else.

Where it stands out is true off-road performance. The Klever R/T floats through mud and scrambles over rocks that would leave other truck tires dead in their tracks. On the other hand, its not as capable in the snow or rain, although it does come pre-tapped for studs. Studs wont solve all its winter woes, but they will transform this tires grip on ice and hard pack. Kenda covers their tires with a blemish warranty for the tread life of the tire, but not a mileage guarantee like some of the other manufacturers.

If youre putting tires on a daily driver that occasionally ventures off the beaten path, this isnt the tire for you. It will make too much noise, struggle in too many conditions, and wear out too fast. On the other hand, if your vehicle spends more time on dirt than asphalt, this is a serious contender. If I were hunting mule deer in the southwestern U.S., Id use this tire and look for excuses to show off what it can do in the mountains.

What’s The Best Truck Tires On The Market

There’s no one tire that’s the absolute best for every situation. The truck tire that’s ideal for off-roading is not the same tire that’s perfect for highway road trips. To get a good tire, look for a known and respected brand rather than a no-name tire company and make sure that tire is recommended for how you drive your truck.

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Best Truck Tires For The Money


The Federal Formoza AZ01 is a classic, versatile all-season truck rubber hoop and has slowly clawed some market share from the giants, largely due to its incredible price.

Despite its budget-friendliness, itâs well-balanced and adequately burly to handle whatever surprises the weather may throw at it.

These best light truck tires for the money have heat dissipating compounds, honeycomb sidewall design, and rolling resistance that combat heat and related problems while delivering great fuel efficiency.

On a similar note, their blade-shaped grooves expel water effectively ensuring you remain safe when riding on slippery roads.

Surprisingly, the company still managed to incorporate noise-reducing effects on this tire!

Summary Features
  • The look isnât as intimidating as in the Parada Spec-X tire
  • The fabric is not breathable in hot weather
  • It is not machine washable

Very affordable but powerful, the Federal Formoza AZ01 is a potential gift! Safe steering, soft rides, and a kingly performance on wet/dry conditions are just a tip of the iceberg!

How We Chose The Tires Listed Here

Best All Season Truck Tires Reviewed! [2021]!

We turned to the vehicle manufacturers that offer trucks and SUVs with serious off-road capability to see which all-terrain tires they use as standard equipment. The automakers’ engineers work closely with tire manufacturers to develop all-terrain tires that meet rigorous requirements for off-road performance, on-road ride-and-handling, noise level, resistance to punctures, wear, quality, and cost.

Auto companies and tire makers both test the all-terrain tires that are going on a given vehicle extensively before production starts to validate their performance. Vehicle manufacturers can’t afford to have their truck’s on-road performance or off-road ability undermined by sub-standard tires. If an all-terrain tire is good enough for a manufacturer to put on their production vehicle, then it’s a good bet it will perform well on yours.

Based on the testing of the vehicle manufacturers that put them on as standard equipment, here are the top all-terrain tiresin roughly equivalent sizes for comparison purposesand the production vehicles that are fitted with them:

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Do You Need To Replace All Your Tires At Once

Recommendations are to never replace only one tire, even if only one is damaged, because of the potential for uneven treadwear. It might not seem like it’ll make a difference, but if one tire has a nice new tread and the others are worn, then it can cause handling, traction, and wear issues for all your tires. In some cases when all your tires are quite new and one is damaged, then you may be able to replace only that one. It’s best to have an expert evaluate your tires and let you know if this is a wise option.

It’s always best to replace all four tires at once, so they all have the same amount of treadwear at the start. If your budget doesn’t allow for that expense, then replace either the two front or two rear tires at once. These sets of two will have similar wear, so there’s a reduced potential for problems. If you can, get the exact same tires you already have on your truck for the best match.

Another consideration is all-wheel or four-wheel drive, which usually includes manufacturer’s recommendations to only replace all four tires at once. If that’s the case for your truck, then you should follow those guidelines and replace all your tires together to maintain proper handling.

Highway Tires For All Trucks

  • Budget: Kumho Crugen HT51 – These are excellent tread-life tires for the budget-minded buyer. The HT51 fits both half-ton pickups with light duty in mind and heavier-duty one-ton dually-axle trucks.
  • Moderately Priced: Firestone Transforce HT – These are well-priced and functioning highway tires with a strong reputation for longevity. Sized for most truck needs in all three weight classes, these tires fit most on-road use well.
  • Cost-No-Object: Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 – These on-road tires are superior in every way and many will find the cost worth the returns.

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Bfgoodrich Mud Terrain T/a Km2 Best Mudding Tires

Mudding tires are a special type of tire that wont work for everyone. However for those people that see mud with their truck, more than they see road, there isnt anything much better than the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2.

Basically, you will be taking the KO2 tires we saw earlier, and make them considerably more aggressive and more capable when it comes to keeping mud from sticking inside of the tread.

You wont want to be using these on highways much though, as they will be loud, will take up gas mileage, and wear quickly.

These would be great for off-roading hobbyists, or farm trucks!

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus Ii

Top 5 Best All-Season Tires Review in 2022

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is another one of our favorite all-season truck tires. Its actually a hybrid H/T tire that offers confident traction in mild off-roading, including snowy, muddy, or grassy pavement. The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is constructed from an updated tread compound to offer better grip over wet, icy, slippery, and snowy roads.

This tire is equipped with a sportier asymmetrical tread pattern with an optimized rubber-to-void ratio. The tread blocks are optimized and tuned for a smoother and quieter ride without penalizing ride comfort and tire wear. It also has a larger footprint than most H/T tires which equates to sharper handling, accurate steering, and sure-footed grip in changing weather conditions.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II also comes with four circumferential grooves and high-density lateral siping to enhance wet traction. It may be pricier than other all-season tires, but its definitely one of the best for light trucks and SUVs.


  • Admirable performance on snowy roads
  • Comfortable and silent ride

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Pirelli Scorpion Str A

Similar to the Continental, Pirellis Scorpion STR A is a multifaceted highway tire. Its rugged enough to handle a bit of off-roading, and its grippy enough to forge over wet and slippery roads. The Scorpion STR A is Pirellis premier all-season highway tire for light trucks, large crossovers, and sport-utility vehicles. The tire is available in two different symmetric tread patterns according to the region: The North American market is identifiable as the Scorpion STR A while the European market receives the Scorpion STR.

The Scorpion STR A is equipped with a symmetrical tread pattern with independent tread blocks, narrow grooves, and continuous shoulder ribs. The overall tread pattern is designed for longer wear and a quieter, smoother ride. In our tests, the Pirelli Scorpion STR A is one of the most comfortable H/T tire for trucks. Its also among the most silent despite having a more rugged tread design.


  • Average off-road performance

Are Truck And Suv Tires The Same

According to Consumer Reports, there are crossover SUVs that do just fine on car tires. However, for larger pickup trucks and SUV models a tire thats ready to handle some heavier lifting might be in order. In addition, theres an array of off-road tire options that suit the needs of certain drivers and their SUV or truck. But are truck tires and SUV tires the same?

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As long as the tires are sized correctly, you can generally put the same tires on an SUV that you can on a pickup truck. However, there are exceptions where youd prefer to buy more specific, designated tires.

Consumer Reports bought over 550 tires in 2020. After rigorous testing, there are top performers. In terms of tires for pickup trucks or SUV models, these are the best SUV and truck tires of 2021. There are standouts amongst the all-season SUV and truck tires.

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Michelin Pilot Sport A/s 3+ All

Another reputable and industry-backed model made by Michelin, the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All-Season tire is made for sporty vehicles. Though its a higher-profile model than the Defender series, the Pilot Sport boasts excellent handling and cornering abilities. The tire is made from Michelins Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology, which ensures an even wear as you drive.

However, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All-Season only has a 45,000-mile tread life warranty, which is lower than most of our other picks for best all-season tires. It also has some reported issues with snow and ice performance. However, if youre looking for an all-season tire thats been manufactured with the spirit of racing in mind, consider this model. Compare prices for the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All-Season tire on Tire Rack and Discount Tire.

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrack: Best Pickup Truck Tire

Best All


With the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac, were starting to lean toward the off-road end of the all-terrain spectrum. This impressive Goodyear truck tire can tackle pavement, dirt, and snow well enough to make you think youre a better driver than you really are.

The Wranglers tread pattern has a bit of a split personality. Down the center, a relatively tight pattern of smaller tread blocks accommodates paved roads with reduced wear and road noise. Along the edges, big, chunky lugs provide traction in deep sand and snow. Theres even an aggressive tread on the sidewall for hardcore off-roading. In the most extreme winter conditions, you can thread studs into this tires pre-tapped holes . All this is backed by a 50,000-mile warranty. Expect to see the Wrangler Duratrac priced above the Goodyear and below the Falken.

This is another tire I can personally vouch for. I used a set of these on my truck to find ghost towns in the Nevada desert, trudge through deep snow in the Sierra Nevadas, and haul motorcycles all over the country. These tires were fantastic off-road and in the snow, but they were noticeably louder than most on paved roads. If your style of hunting and fishing involves lots of rugged backcountry miles, this tire is tough enough for the job.

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Nitto Ridge Grappler Coolest Looking Pickup Tire

If you are looking for some tires that offer great off-road styling, but want some quieter tires that may not actually be quite as off-road oriented, then the Nitto Ridge Grapplers are a great option. While these may look crazy cool, they actually are more of a tire for those that plan on spending more time on the pavement than the other way around. Because of this, show trucks end up getting these!

The downside, is obviously capability. These tires tend to not do quite as well in the mud as a tire like the KO2 that we talked about earlier in this article, however they are going to do much better with the ride and sound.

To emphasize the styling side of these tires, you can actually choose between to different side wall designs!

What Are The Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma Of 2022

The market is literally plagued with choices when it comes to choosing the best tire for your vehicle. In this case, we will discuss the best tires for Toyota Tacoma. This will hopefully shed some light on the features and performance aspects of OEM brand tires to determine if the higher prices are indeed worth it.

If you happen to be working with a low budget, dont despair. This list also includes the best cheap tires for the Toyota Tacoma so you can end up with top-rated tires with money left to spare.

When talking about the best selling trucks in the USA , it is hard not to mention the Toyota Tacoma. Now only in its third generation, it is important to point out the second-generation Tacoma was recognized as Motor Trend Magazines 2005 Truck of the Year. That alone speaks volumes about the comfort, amenities, and off-road capabilities of this handsome truck.

The first generation Toyota Tacoma started out as a compact pickup truck. But unlike the Toyota Hilux, the Tacoma was not engineered to be a heavy-duty brute that can excel in the worst possible driving scenarios. Im not saying the Tacoma cant cut it when the going gets tough, but it was conceived to be a more refined and safer alternative to the rather brash and uncivilized Hilux.

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Should I Buy All Season Or Winter Tires

There is always the question about which is better: All season or winter tires? The answer will strongly depend on your driving habits, conditions and where you live.

If you only experience light flurries with minimal ice than all season tires may be a good option. BUT, if you know there is a period of time when snowy and icy roads are always an occurrence, having winter tires is suggested.

Mounting a full set of winter tires on your vehicle for the winter will help improve safety by increasing traction, and decreasing the chance of losing control while driving on snowy, wet, ice covered roads.

It is also important to remember to remove your winter tires as spring arrives. If you leave them on the rubber will wear down faster on heated, dry pavement.

At the end of the day, all season tires are a good option for drivers who want year round performance and dont frequently deal with driving in extreme cold, ice and snow.

Do I Need To Replace All Four Tires At The Same Time

Top 5 Tires Of 2021

Swapping out all your worn-out tires for a fresh set is definitely the way to go. You may not need to in certain situations, but its best to keep all your tires in the same condition.

Dont forget that keeping fresh rubber on your truck doesnt always mean buying a set of four of the best truck tires. Thats right, theres a spare under that truck of yours, and most people forget all about it. If you buy aftermarket tires that are larger than the original ones, youll need to upgrade your spare, as well. Every time you replace your tires, check the date on your spare. Tires more than about six years old are generally considered due for replacement. To save some money, you can ask to have the best of your old tires moved to the spare position if its still in good shape and less than six years old.

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Michelin Defender Ltx M/s

Available at

Valid through

Without a doubt, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is one of the best tires for the Toyota Tacoma. This is an eco-friendly all-season tire that also excels over wet roads or light snow. This tire offers better stopping distances in the wet combined with a more durable tire compound that can withstand heavy loads and severe driving conditions.

Michelins Evertread compound was utilized in the construction of the Defender LTX M/S. This compound is formulated to last 10% longer while lowering the rolling resistance of the rubber. The MaxTouch Construction process will not only help you save up to 65 gallons of fuel over the life of the tire, but it will also give your Tacoma a more comfortable and quieter ride.

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is accompanied by a 50,000-mile to 70,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. The tire is sold in 15 to 20 diameters to suit a wide array of OEM and aftermarket applications. Prices will start at around $140 to $170 each.

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