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33 Inch Tire 17 Inch Rim

How Much Lift Do I Need To Add To My 3rd Gen Tacoma To Fit 33 Tires

Stock JK Wrangler | 33×11.5R17 | 17×9 Wheels – W& T Fitment

First of all, you need to do some body mount modification combined with a little arch trimming for the tires to fit. After that, you will need a 2.5-inch lift and -12 negative offset rims for the setup to work.

The additional modifications on the body include pinch weld bending and welding and cutting of your vehicles body mounts. At the back of your vehicle, there is little to do as there are no clearance issues. You just need to install the negative offset rims.

For improved clearance, you may consider wheel arch trimming. If you choose to do this, you will have to say goodbye to your wheel arch liners.

When turning, it is essential to note that the front wheels not only move right and left but also move backward and forward. This is the reason why we trim wheel wells to avoid rubbing.

Figure Out The Best Combo

Choose the best tire and wheel combo to increase the quality of control and performance.

Make sure that the tire is compatible with the rim size.Combine 33-inch tires with 15, 16, or 17-inch wide rims, for example.

So basically, combine large tires with wide rims to ensure maximization of tire profile and flexibility of rides.

It is a matter of controversy though, as too wide rims centrally pull up the tread.

On the other hand, too narrow ones peripherally pull up the tread and away from the road.

However, neither side is not necessarily wrong, as they both have pros preferred by many.

So, it is crucial to fix a width range via measuring rim width of the tires and stay within the range.

It is also advisable to take a look at some of the options already available.One of the latest, yet a vastly accepted trend, large-diameter rims allow upgrade from 15, 16 inches to 17, 18 inches.

Large rims decrease tire profile but maintain overall tire diameter thus, create better control.

So, go ahead and put on a 33-inch tire on a 17-inch rim and use it every day.

Another few points need to be taken into consideration

Each of the points has its own limitations as well. Like beadlocks tend to be of an extra expense and source for problems, including weight and subsequent imbalance, sudden deflation, and the sorts.

Or, how backspace and offset are commonly mixed up. It is even possible to create major damage when there is unbearable stress on the small area for bolt pattern.

Jeepers Favorite Steel Wheels

The weight of the tire and wheel is the, “Grizzly in the outhouse,” when it comes to tire choices. The increased rotational inertia of bigger tires and wheels puts a larger load on your brakes on the street and reduces handling qualities. On the trail, that inertia adds to drivetrain loads and can help break axle parts.

An “average” 33 inch tire weighs about 55 pounds. A stock 225/75-15 tire weighs 28 pounds. Aftermarket steel wheels are usually heavier and stronger than the stock wheels. In averaging a few aftermarket 15×10 inch steel wheels, we’ll use 26 pounds as a number versus about 16 for the stock wheel. So, where the stock wheel and tire combo weighed 44 pounds, a 33 on a 15×10 steel is 81 pounds. An “average” cast alloy wheel come in at 16 pounds, dropping the upgraded tire and wheel back down to 71 pounds.

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What Can I Do About Issues Of Width

There are a couple of fairly easy solutions, thankfully.

Wheel Spacers

Spacers are simple metal or plastic screw-ons that can fit between your tire and axle to push the tire itself out just a bit to keep the actual rotating rubber and metal of your tires from touching the inside of the vehicle. These are easier to install and can often be done in your garage or through your local service department would welcome the business.

Lift Kit

We often have readers asking if you can add 33 tires to a 17 rim and keep it stock. The answer is, it depends and not always quite a yes. Some vehicles will need a lift kit to make the combination work properly.

A lift kit can help create both height and width separation on your truck or SUV. The lift kit also impacts the quality of the ride but can be absolutely worth it to gain the extra couple of inches of space off-roaders often want.

Lift kits also just look cool sometimes. Some people like to stand out in their truck, and having the whole body raised by a couple of inches is certainly a way to do that.


Cutting out parts of your wheel well from the inside might not sound appealing, but it can be very helpful in giving your tires some extra space. For a person with grinders or sawzalls in their garage and a bit of patience, its also not all that difficult.

Can You Put 33 Inch Tires On 17 Inch Rims

33 inch tires 17 inch rim for Sale in Melrose Park, IL

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Only one part of your car connects you to the road you drive on, and that is your tire. So, it is of utmost importance to choose the very best.

However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when you actually go about the process of it.

So, ask yourself questions and move forward based on your answers.And one of the most frequently asked questions is, can you put 33-inch tires on 17-inch rims?

If you are not sure, read on for a sense of clarity and gain some confidence to work your way around. Check out more guide at AutoNerdsReview

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Pick The Right Size For The Tires

Determine the size of the tires right for the car. Usually, the size is mentioned in both the user manual and the drivers door placard.

Read out the tire size and decrypt. Generally, there are three parts. The first part contains both numbers and letters and refers to the tire width.

The second part consists of only numbers and refers to the tire height compared to the tire width.

The third part again includes both numbers and letters and refers to the tire diameter.

Make sure to follow the instructions and pick the right size for the tires.It is also possible to find the right tire size on the internet from any retailer website.

Just put in the details of the model of the car, and not only will the tire size show up, but a list of all the tires that are of the same size and also compatible with the car will appear too.

Here, since it is predetermined that 33-inch tires are being used, find and choose the best possible ones in size.

Wheel Choices: Steel Vs Alloy

Your two basic wheel choices are aluminum alloy or steel. Steel wheels are tough, malleable and relatively inexpensive, but heavy. Cast or forged alloy wheels are lighter, usually stronger than steel but not as malleable. The malleability aspect come into play when repairing a bent wheel. Alloys are more problematic to repair, though forged units tend to be more forgiving in that regard than cast.

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Arch And Fender Trimming

Depending on how wide the tire is, backspacing and wheel offset is often accompanied by arch and fender trimming. 33 tires are wide tires and therefore require more space inside the wheel arch to prevent rubbing, especially when maneuvering in off-road situations.

If you decide to fit bigger tires into a normal-sized wheel arch without lifting your truck, you will have to chop off a huge part of the arch plastic and inside the fender to allow the huge tires to fit inside the arch.

Mudders And Rock Tires

Stock JL Wrangler | 33×11.5R17 | 17×9 Wheels – W& T Fitment

The more aggressive the tread design, generally, the better the trail performance. The open tread design of a mud or rock tire divides the tread into small blocks, leaving many void areas. In mud this makes for a tire with lots of edges that work more or less like paddles. The void areas are open enough that the mud that collects in them can be thrown out via centrifugal force, leaving the tread blocks open to supply grip as they rotate back down into the goo.

On rocks, the blocks of tread are more flexible to conform to irregular surfaces and have many biting edges with which to grip the surface. On top of that, the ground pressure on these blocks of tread is high. In some cases, the weight of the Jeep is concentrated on just a few of these tread blocks and are practically glued to the rock.Whats the difference between a mud and rock tire? Often very little if we are talking about radials. Most radial mudders perform very well in rocks. Not so much the bias ply. The specialty rock tires differ from a true mudder in way the tread blocks are staggered and aligned and many times are directional. Often, the biggest difference is in the composition of the rubber. Dedicated rock tires often use a softer rubber compound to offer better grip. Grip will be very much better than a standard composition but treadwear will be very much reduced when used on the street. Some rockcrawling tires also use extra plies in the carcass to resist sidewall damage.

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Tech Tip: Finding Street Pressure For Larger Tires

When you increase the tire size, those factory pressure recommendations go right out the window. If your stock 225/75R-15 tire had a 29 psi street rating, the 31×10.50 you replaced it with might need only 22psi to carry the same load. You need a certain volume of air to support a given amount of weight, regardless of the tire size. When you have to carry that weight on a small tire with a small internal volume, you have to really pack it in and this increases pressure. Putting the same volume of air into a larger tire, which has more internal volume, creates less pressure but it carries the same weight.

A typical 35 x 12.50-15 might show a maximum load rating of 2550 pounds at 35 psi. That means at 35 psi, those four tires can carry 10,200 pounds, or 5,100 pounds a pair. Your Jeep weighs 4,500 pounds. How much pressure do you need again? There are many ways of finding the new street pressure for a new set of big tires. All involve some trial and error. Here’s one way.

First, divide the weight at each end by two to get the individual weight on each tire. Take the per-tire weight and match it to the chart the get the pressure you need for that weight. If the pounds don’t match exactly, move up to the next higher pressure. These load vs inflation charts will look like the one in the sidebar, which is a generic version for some popular tire sizes from the Tire & Rim Association.

Are 285 Tires Equal To 33s

As a quick rule of thumb, assume the 285 tire is equal to the 33-inch tire. However, the 285 is slightly smaller than the 33 inch tire. the 285 tire has a diameter of 32.832 in comparison to the 33 tire. This means that the 285 tire is slightly smaller than the 33. Additionally, you need to check each tire manufacturers specs as there is variability in the 285 and 33-inch tire offered by each tire maker .

Every tire manufacturer in the world has its tire molds. This means that without a set pattern in the industry, the actual diameter is different from one manufacturer to another.

This makes the 285/75/16 to be regarded as the metric size for 33 that is accepted globally. The two sizes are extremely close but the 33 is slightly larger.

The only way of finding out the actual diameter of a tire is by visiting the website of the manufacturer and getting the manufacturing specifications from them.

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Wheel Offset And Backspacing

Offset, on the other hand, refers to how outward or inwards your wheels are sitting inside the wheel wells. Wheels usually come with a negative, zero, or positive offset.

When a wheel has a negative offset, it means the imaginary center line is towards the wheel hub, making the wheel develop a profound dish effect. When a wheel has a positive offset, the imaginary center line of the wheel is outwards away from the hub.

Are 33 Inch Tires The Same As 285

Nitto Tire LT285/70R17 C 116/113Q Trail 33 2857017 285 70 17 Inch Tire ...

A lot of people do not know are 33-inch tires the same as 285. They assume that two of these metrics are different.

The answer is yes, it is. 285 tires refer to the width in millimeters while 33-inch tires allude to diameter.

In other words, they have similar sizes. The measurement systems are quite distinct, so many of us might confuse. 285 indicate 285/75/16, which is the metric size for 33 inches.


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Fitting 33 Inch Tires On Your Truck

Bigger, taller tires are the single most effective method of gaining improved ground clearance. This is especially important for overcoming obstacles in an off-road situation. There are however a few limitations, especially when it comes to IFS 4WD vehicles.

Lets now look at a few factors to consider when fitting 33 tires on your truck.

What Size Tires Can I Put On My Truck W/Without Levelling Kit

Do I Need To Modify My Truck If I Want 33 Tires

To fit 33″ tires on a halfton truck youll most likely need a front leveling kit to clear your tires, depending on their width as these can range from 10.50″13.50″ wide. On most threequarter ton and 1ton trucks a 33″ tall tire will fit without modifications, depending on the tire width and wheel offset. For Jeeps, Tacomas, 4-Runners, Rangers, Colorados, FJs and Land Cruisers, youll need a 23″ suspension lift.

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How Big Is A 275 70r17 Tire

275/70R17 tires have a diameter of 32.2, a section width of 10.8, and a wheel diameter of 17. The circumference is 101.0 and they have 627 revolutions per mile. Generally they are approved to be mounted on 7-8.5 wide wheels.

What size tire is a 275?

P-Metric Tire Sizes P-Metric to Inches Conversion Chart

Rim Size
8.42 in

How Much Lift To Fit 33 Tires On A Ford Ranger

How To Choose Tires For Your Jeep Wrangler – 33 vs 35 vs 37 Inch

f you want to fit a larger 33 tire without a suspension lift, there is some modification needed. The Ranger T6 crash bars protrude from the wheel well and the bigger 285/70/17 tire makes contact. These will need to be removed/modified first so as not to damage the new tires. They are quite a PITA to remove so be prepared. Once removed, and a 20+ offset aftermarket wheel is fitted you should be able to get the 33 tires to fit comfortably.

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Big Lifts On An Ifs Truck

When lifting any IFS truck, the front suspension configuration determines the complexity of the upgrade. In the case of an SFA or LIVE axle, the axle is not physically attached to the chassis. This allows you to fit big tires and higher lifts easier. The CV angles are not compromised since they are always in line with the diff and axle. This allows you to fit 3, 4 and even higher with fewer hassles. Fitting 33 tires to a Solid/Live axle truck requires fewer additional modifications and in most cases little to no Body or arch modifications.

An IFS front axle on the other hand is a more complex process and you are limited. Unfortunately, most 4WDs in production these days are IFS suspensions. Manufacturers are more concerned about on-road performance and safety so they produce IFS trucks that appeal to a larger market.

The main problem with IFS suspension upgrades is the CV axles. The diff of an IFS truck is mounted directly against the underside of the chassis. This makes for excellent stability and cornering, however, it limits the downward travel of the wheels and places the CV joints under more stress when the vehicle is lifted too high.

Its not recommended to go higher than a 3-inch lift kit on an IFS vehicle, and if you do decide to go higher, youll need additional modifications such as diff drop kits, adjustable UCA , LCA, and Stabilizer arms.

Gas Mileage Difference between 33 and 35 Tires MPG vs SIZE

Sizes Of Wheel Arches

Wheel arch sizes vary from one car to another. This will often be the difference between heavy bodywork modification and a light trim. In most cases, however, only little trimming is needed in order to fit 33 tires.

In order to avoid scrubbing at full lock, a little BMC is also required. In newer trucks like the Ford ranger or the F150, complete removal of cutting away of the crash bars is also necessary

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Guarantee Long Term Usage

Guarantee long-term usage of the tires otherwise, there is zero point in everything else.

Pick the right size for the tires, figure out the best combo, find the best fit.Make sure to choose tires with great handles and brakes.

Ensure that they provide extremely comfortable rides on and on.

So, there you have your answers to the question, can you put 33-inch tires on 17-inch rims?

But most importantly, you have to take it easy, and carefully maneuver your way around to figure whatever works the best for you.

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