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225 60r17 All Season Tires

Winter / Snow Tires 225/60r17

225/60R17 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring All Season Tire (99T)

All-season tires may not be sufficient for winter conditions in your state. For maximum safety in winter conditions, we recommend having one set of summer or all-season tires 225/60R17 and one set of winter tires 225/60R17.

Each tire 225/60R17 has its own unique qualities that set it apart from others. In some regions, studded tires are acceptable. Some types of tires perform better on snow, others on ice. Some have an aggressive tread pattern, while others have smart slots in the tire called sipes that help grip the road. Weve selected for you the best all-around set of winter tires 225/60R17.

How Is It Over Snow

Despite the all-season name, these kinds of tires are not exactly fit for all seasons. Most of them have slightly limited winter performance, which is why I often recommend getting a proper winter tire. The same goes for the Kinergy PT H737.

The tire has decent performance on snow, as long as its light. Thanks to the tread design, it can bite down and find enough traction to start rolling. It has a decent grip in the corners as long as you dont get too carried away. The tire performs similarly in slushy conditions.

As soon as the snow gets deeper, the Kinergy PT H737 will start to struggle as it is not designed for those conditions. I was surprised by how well the Kinergy PT H737 did on the ice. In general, touring tires are not known for being particularly good on icy roads, but this one seemed to be a bit better.

Is It Comfortable And Refined

Considering it performed so well on dry roads, I didnt have high expectations, but I was wrong. The Kinergy PT H737 proved to be very comfortable, and I would put it on top of the list in its class.

Bumps and road imperfections are ironed out to a point where you wont feel the car shake over smaller ones. When it comes to bigger holes, the Kinergy PT H737 absorbs them without disrupting the comfort too much.

The noise levels are also impressive, but only to a point. At lower speeds, the noise is barely noticeable, something that touring tires are known for. Regardless if you are driving around town or on the highway, the noise is not too high. As the speed increases, the Kinergy PT H737 gets slightly noisier, but only at very high speeds.

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Dry Grip And Traction

Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S tends to perform exceptionally in dry conditions. It allows a driver to drive aggressively at the same time having complete control even at high speeds.

However, some drivers have complained about the noise on the Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S, that the tires make little noise and do not quickly respond to steering changes on dry roads.

But overall, the tire performs incredibly well in dry climates and constantly gives good cornering and stops.

Snow And Ice Traction

Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax All

The tire is an all-season tire and, as such, can take on any weather, including snow and ice. However, it can only work well on light snow or ice thanks to the sculptured groove wall.

So if you primarily drive in harsh weather conditions such as heavy winter, you may need to get a winter tire.

Another thing that makes this tire perform well on light snow or ice is the Dynamic Range Technology which gives the tires enough grip to take on light snow.

And because of this, it can perform well in soft snow, just as it will in wet and dry conditions.

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With That Being Said How Is It In Snowy Roads

Here, the MS932 completely falls apart. Sure, it is M+S rated all-season tire and has additional sipes for better traction in snow, but in reality, it doesnt hold a candle to the best all-season tires. Of course, we dont mean to be rude to Milestar it is probably not feasible to design a tire that will work in all conditions for this price. On top of that, if you live in areas where it snows frequently, you should replace your all-season tires with winter tires anyway. Most importantly, the advanced silica tread compound of the MS932 at least works in dry and cold conditions, which should be enough for people that live in warmer places.

The Best Tire Brands At The Right Price

Shop all 225/60R17 tires and get your online quote or visit a nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care store. View each tire’s performance, warranty, sidewall specifications, and speed rating to select the best tire for your car, truck, or minivan. Get a competitive quote and schedule your installation appointment today!

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Mastercraft Lsr Grand Touring Best Grand Touring Tire

The Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring is made for those sedan, coupe, minivan, SUV or crossover drivers who want year-round traction but not at the cost of ride quality. Its asking price and above-average warranty further endear the LSR Grand Touring to potential customers.

Mastercraft has equipped this tire with a silica and carbon black tread compound. This tires tread has a unique symmetrical pattern which you normally dont get to see on grand touring tires. Still, it offers brilliant traction on dry and wet traction, while also reducing rolling resistance.

The LSR Grand Touring comes with a 4- or 5-rib design, depending on its speed rating. This design helps the tire stay stable at high speeds. Multiple lateral and circumferential grooves are also on offer, reducing the risk of hydroplaning while also ensuring reliable wet traction.

Steering responsiveness is very good too. A closely pack row of shoulder blocks make sure of that. And the cornering stiffness on offer is good enough to resist deformation while the vehicle corners at high speeds. You can thus count on the LSR Grand Touring to retain its original shape for long.

Any complaints about this tires warranty arent justified. The 80,000-mile treadlife warranty is among the longest we have seen from any grand touring tire. Let alone a budget-friendly model like the LSR Grand Touring whose asking price doesnt cost you to rob a bank.


What Are Maintenance Indicators

Michelin Defender All Season Tire 225/60R17 (T-Rated)

The MS932 doesnt come with any maintenance indicators that I know of, but Milestar still offers a standard limited mileage warranty of 50,000-miles. This is certainly not a great result given the type of tire some manufacturers offer touring tires with 90,000-mile and even 100,000-mile treadwear warranty. That said, 50,000-miles is probably the best you can get for the price. Also, Milestar will replace your tires if theyre worn-down to 2/32nds of an inch of tread remaining within five years of purchasing. That said, this is only if the tires are properly rotated every 5,000-miles. As for real-life durability, owners report that with proper maintenance, the MS932s can really last for 50,000-miles. However, there are a lot of people that were disappointed with the treadwear when the tires were driven more aggressively.

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How Is It Over Wet And Slippery Roads

The comprehensive tread design with sipes and grooves for water evacuation really helps in wet conditions. This is especially true for heavy rain, where the MS932 holds itself pretty well. Traction is good, and braking performance is better than the price suggests. However, like with dry handling, dont expect performance on the same level as premium tires, but thats okay given the price. What really surprised me was that the MS932 is also good in damp conditions, where most cheap tires often fall apart.

Why Not Buy Mastercraft Tires

Here are the negative aspects of Mastercraft tires:

1) Not for performance driving

Mastercraft tires lag well behind premium manufacturers for performance driving. Push them too hard, and you risk jeopardizing your vehicles stability. The braking distances, which get longer on wet roads, also make these tires a poor choice for performance driving.

2) News of manufacturing faults

In 2019, Cooper recalled more than 400,000 tires from its Cooper, Mastercraft, Hercules and Mastercraft brands over reports the tires developed sidewall bulges that could lead to tire failure. While the issue was sorted out amicably back then, concern remains.

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Experience The Fullway Pc369

Looking at Fullway Tires’ reviews will give you a better understanding of the brand and its models. Often the question on our minds is “Who makes Fullway Tires?”

Well, Fullway tire models are manufactured under the Fullrun Tyre Corporation, one of the largest tire suppliers in the world. They manufacture good-quality, but budget-friendly tires for versatile vehicles. One of their flagship brands is Fullway Tires.

Therefore, the design and manufacturing of Fullway tire models are top-notch. Is it the same for the Fullway PC369? Let’s see…

Is It Good For Off


Touring tires have a wide range of applications, and off-road is not one of them. Sharp rocks can damage them, and mud may cause problems, meaning that the Kinergy PT H737 is not designed for off-roading scenarios.

With that said, it doesnt mean that some light conditions will be a problem. A bit of mud or a dirt road wont be too big of an issue. As long as you keep the off-roading light, you shouldnt have problems.

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Why Buy Mastercraft Tires

Here are the positive aspects of Mastercraft tires:

1) Competitive pricing

Mastercraft tires prove that the maxim you get what you pay for isnt always true. These tires provide you everything you get from their premium counterparts at a fraction of the price.

That isnt to say that these tires are super cheap. A comparison of these tires with their well-off counterparts reveals that their asking prices are $20 $40 lower. This makes Mastercraft tires a good choice if youve a bit more cash to spend on brand new tires.

2) Superb warranty

Warranty is the main point of differentiation between Mastercraft and other cheap tires. Need proof? Take the example of Road Hugger. Road Hugger is another budget tire brand. It backs its tires with 40,000 60,000-mile warranties, depending on model and speed rating.

Mastercraft, on the contrary, offers 80,000-mile warranties on some models, which is not at all bad considering that these tires are nowhere near expensive.

3) Excellent handling

Poor handling is a no-go area for Mastercraft tires. Their asymmetrical tread patterns, high-quality tread compounds and sturdy internal structures help improve vehicle stability in all conditions. Treads come equipped with sipes, grooves and edges to resist hydroplaning and provide grip in wet weather.

4) Comfortable ride

How Does It Behave On The Dry Tarmac

One of the reasons buyers look into this tire is handling. I mean, Milestar markets the MS932 as a sporty tire, which means that it must be good in the handling department, right? Not so fast. Sure, the MS932 looks sporty on the outside, but the performance it offers is far from what youll get from a set of high-performance tires. And I mean, FAR.

With that out of the water, for the price, I think that it is pretty good. Forget the sporty part for a bit and only look at it as a touring tire. In that case, the Milestar is pretty responsive, especially on models with smaller sidewalls. Traction is also pretty good, and grip can be very good in warm weather.

However, everything I say here is relative to the price. Premium touring and grand-touring tires from manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin and Continental will offer at least the same responsiveness as the Milestar MS932, but also more reliable traction and even better grip. They will consistently brake better than the MS932, too.

Suffice to say, if you care about maximum performance, buy a premium tire. Vice versa, if you dont drive very fast and just want a reliable and safe set of tires, then the Milestar MS932 might be a great budget option for you.

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What Are The Features Of The Milestar Ms932

Milestar says that the MS932 Sport is a performance-touring tire. This means that it should give your car better handling, but keep the comfort characteristics of a touring tire. Available in sizes ranging from 14-20 inches, the MS932 portfolio is really comprehensive and covers a lot of different cars. Old Corollas and Civics? Check. New Lexus ISs and BMW 3-Series models? Check. Crossovers? Check. Whatever the vehicle you own, the chance is there will be a size that fits. Also, the tire is available in T, H, and V-rated models, which covers slower and faster cars.

The MS932 is an all-season tire, which means that it should work throughout the year. However, it is only M+S rated, which means that it only works in light snow. It utilizes an advanced silica tread compound that improves treadwear and gives the tire excellent wet handling. The optimized tread pattern seems like a derivative from tires from premium manufacturers. Its main features are wide circumferential ribs for improved stability, handling, and lateral grip, lateral siping for consistent traction in wet and snowy conditions, and wide circumferential grooves for better resistance to hydroplaning.

Mastercraft Courser Axt2 Best All

Goodyear Assurance® All-Season Tire Product Review

The Mastercraft Courser AXT2 is an all-terrain tire with an aggressive and rugged tread design. This tire is designed to provide supreme traction and handling in all off-road conditions, including mud, dirt, sand, and gravel. Despite that, its asking price wont cost you an arm and a leg.

Tread blocks with Stone Armor Ribs between them provide adequate protection against punctures and rocks. Jagger cleats inside the tread area and alternating shoulder scallops improve traction and grip on loose surfaces, such as mud, dirt, and sand.

The M+S rating means this tire should do well on snow. To achieve that, Mastercraft has provided its tread area with biting edges around the blocks. The biting edges should keep the tire stable on hard-packed snow, while also helping it with traction on water-logged roads.

Its performance over wet and slippery roads is more than decent for an AT tire. The biting edges give this tire all the grip it needs to not struggle too much in the corners. Braking distances are also on the shorter side, and its aquaplaning resistance is pretty good, too.

In terms of comfort and refinement, the Courser AXT2 has the uncanny ability to soften the initial blow as it rolls over a bump. That said, those of you in the cabin wont be entirely isolated from the vibrations that will follow. But despite that, they will be easy to tolerate.


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What Are The Specifications And Maintenance Indicators

The Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S comes in various sizes ranging from 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20-inch sizes. Each of these sizes has many tire options available, so there is a lot to choose from.

All you need is to provide your vehicle information to the seller to get the best fit for your vehicle.

The Falken tire comes with a wear indicator placed around the tires main grooves. The function of this indicator is to tell when the tire is wearing out.

While the tires are new, this indicator appears invisible but gets visible as they wear out. I will advise that you keep this in mind. So when you see this indicator, it means its time to replace the tire.

The tire is a multiple-speed rated tire, with speed ratings W, H, and V. It comes with a 45,000 and 65,000 miles tread warranty depending on your choice of speed bracket.

The W speed rating comes with a 45,000-mile tread warranty, while the H and V speed rating has a 65,000-mile tread warranty.

So you have a long time to use these tires before replacing them. Even with these, some drivers complain that they dont have up 45,000 or 65,000 miles with this tire.

While many Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S reviews point to high customers satisfaction, one buyer stated that it does poorly on his Tesla Model 3.

This is why we urge buyers always to make inquiries before purchase to ensure they get the one that fits their car. Not just in size but also in performance, as Ziex ZE960 A/S has over 53 tire options under the different sizes.

Mastercraft Stratus H/t Best Highway Tire For Trucks

Are you an owner of older pickup or SUV? Looking for a tire that is very cheap but offers stable handling characteristics? In that case, the Stratus H/T might be an excellent option.

There are many things about this tire that regular highway drivers would appreciate. Its clean and evenly patterned tread design lengthens tire life by improving wear. A 50,000-mile treadlife warranty gives you all the assurance that you may need to believe in this.

Rainy season wont disturb this tires performance. Wide center grooves force water out of the tire, emptying its tread area within minutes regardless of rainfall amounts. You wont have to park your pickup truck in the garage unless the roads outside are waterlogged.

Its M+S rating and sipes guarantee that this tire wont slip on wet roads. Mastercraft has inserted the sipes through the tire tread to help this tire offer above-average traction in wet and wintry conditions, including light snow and ice.

The Mastercraft Stratus H/T doesnt produce much noise either. It has quiet ride grooves that minimize the airflow area between the tread blocks. This reduces the passage of air and, by extension, the amount of noise the tire will produce on the road.


  • Handles well on dry roads


  • Isnt robust enough for off-roading

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Firestone All Season 225/60r17 99t Bsw Tires

The Firestone All-Season tire is a long-lasting and economical tire for most entry level coupes, sedans and sub-compact economy cars. This tire has a hard a durable tread rubber that is molded into a tread pattern that proves lots of grip on icy and snow covered roads, as well as traction on wet roads. The wet road traction is thanks to circumferential grooves and cuts in the tread blocks that allow water to evacuate quickly from underneath the tire even at high speeds on the highway. For comfort, the tire has an extra layer of rubber under the tread that absorbs irregularities in the road surface for a smoother ride. The Firestone All-Season is a no frills tire that will give you everything you expect from a well-known brand like Firestone: mileage, safety and comfort are yours at a great price.

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