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15 Inch Tires For Truck

Features And Performance Of The Cooper Evolution M/t

Is Bigger Better? 15 Inch Vs 17 Inch Wheels & Tires

Looking at the design and specifications of the tire, its obvious that Cooper did its homework when developing it. The company used many proprietary technologies to give it an edge over the competition on various terrains, particularly on the tread pattern.

Lets have a look at all those features and see if they made a difference in the real world!

Do I Need To Modify My Truck If I Want 33 Tires

To fit 33″ tires on a halfton truck youll most likely need a front leveling kit to clear your tires, depending on their width as these can range from 10.50″13.50″ wide. On most threequarter ton and 1ton trucks a 33″ tall tire will fit without modifications, depending on the tire width and wheel offset. For Jeeps, Tacomas, 4-Runners, Rangers, Colorados, FJs and Land Cruisers, youll need a 23″ suspension lift.

How Much More Expensive Are All Terrain Tires

Depending on the size, brand, and style of an all-terrain tire, the price can range from around $130 each for a 29″ tall tire to over $2,300 each for a 44″ tall tire. The primary reason for the cost of all-terrain tires is the larger sizes associated with them in comparison to smaller street or low profile tires.

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Dry Grip And Traction

Mud-terrain tires sacrifice on-road dynamics to offer higher off-road traction, particularly when you compare them to regular touring or highway all-season tires.

However, some mud-terrains are almost unsafe on public roads, especially at higher speeds.

Fortunately, the Evolution M/T isnt one of those tires it offers good traction and grip on dry tarmac, with surefooted handling and solid highway stability.

The stopping distances are also short for the category, on par with its closest rivals.

Don’t Let Your Trailer Tires Hold You Back


We stock quality trailer tires that give your boat, utility or travel trailer the safest and smoothest ride possible

Trailer tires are a special service tire used for utility trailers, boat trailer and travel trailers. A free-rolling, heavy-duty constructed tire with a greater load range and tire pressure than the common passenger tire, these specially designed tires are typically stiffer and narrower to help with the demands of these tasks the tire is expected to accomplish, such as sway reduction, towing stability, and a cooler tire, resulting in a longer lifespan. Trailer Tires are not to be used on cars and trucks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About All

Tires are very important for your truck or SUV. They provide traction, whether on or off-road. All-terrain tires help provide grip on loose driving surfaces. Because all-terrain tires can often be a significant investment, it is important to understand what the advantages of their use are as well as the options and pricing available. To help you along the way, we have provided answers to common questions about all-terrain tires for trucks and SUVs.

Important Note About Your Vehicle

The manufacturer of your vehicle has specified vehicle-specific tires. Although your vehicle will fit other tires not specially designed for your vehicle, your manufacturers warranty may be impacted if you purchase non vehicle specific tires. If you have any questions, please contact us for help.

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What Are The Specifications And Maintenance Indicators

The Cooper Evolution M/T comes in 12 sizes, ranging from 15-inch to 20-inch wheel diameter. All dimensions are either LT-metric or flotation sizes, meaning this is a real off-roader.

And although the range is limited, Cooper still offers numerous flotation sizes for owners of lifted trucks, including 31-inch, 33-inch, 35-inch , 35-inch , and 35-inch . However, the range is missing a 37-inch option .

Since the Evolution M/T is an off-road tire, monitoring tread depth is crucial. Without enough tread, the tire wont be capable of providing good traction on off-road terrains, and you might get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Hence, I recommend purchasing a tread depth gauge if you are serious about going off the beaten track using this gauge can help you closely monitor the tread depth of each tire and on various grooves of the tire.

Cooper employed the industry-standard Tread Wear Indicators , which are designed to show you when the tread depth reaches 2/32-inch. Thats already very low for a mud-terrain tire, especially if you still use it for off-road shenanigans.

Still, there is a reason why 2/32-inch is chosen as the minimum tread depth various testing has shown that tires with less tread depth than 2/32-inch wont be able to provide good hydroplaning resistance, making the tires unsafe in rainy conditions. Thus, its illegal to drive on tires with less tread depth than that in most places.

Wet Grip Traction And Braking

Installing 15X10 wheels and 265/50/15 tires on a 1988 Toyota mini truck

The large and deep void area on the tread, along with the sipes in every tread block, helps with hydroplaning resistance, making the Evolution M/T an excellent tire for driving through big puddles of water.

According to our wet road test, the overall traction is quite low, even when compared to the closest rivals. This could be due to the smaller contact area.

The Evolution M/T is still safe in rainy conditions, but you should definitely drive more carefully, as it exhibits understeer on corner entry and oversteer on the exit. The stopping distances are also long-ish.

Still, this is par for the course in this category most mud-terrain tires suffer from average wet traction and grip.

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What Are The Advantages Of All Season And All Terrain Truck Tires

All-season and all-terrain tires have different purposes. All-season tires, in most cases, are designed to provide the best traction for smooth roads with a hard surface during hot, rainy, snowy, and cold weather conditions that are found throughout the entire year, depending on the geographic location. In addition to hard surface roads, all terrain tires for trucks are made to provide traction for undeveloped roads, which are rocky, sandy, snowy, muddy, or contain a lot of dirty and sand.

The Types Of Tires Will Be Included In The List

Most tire buyers today have different needs, and there is not one tire type that will satisfy all of them. Thats why, in the list of 10 best mud tires for street, we will include mud-terrain tires for the off-road-focused people, multi-terrain tires for those that want a more comfortable driving experience, and all-terrain tires for people that use their SUVs and trucks mostly on the road, but still want a reliable choice in mud.

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Is It Good For Winter

Like most mud-terrain tires, the Evolution M/T can easily dig through unpacked snow, thanks to the large tread lugs. This is the snow youll mostly encounter when you go off-roading in the winter, so it fits the context of the tire.

However, the tire isnt as good on packed snow, where the traction is much lower this is the type of snow youll encounter on public roads, so be careful. Also, traction on ice-covered roads is pretty abysmal.

Fortunately, the Evolution M/T is one of the few off-road tires that can be studded, which dramatically improves the snow and ice traction, making it on par with proper winter tires.

Inch Truck Wheels Can Transform Your Pickup

Steel Wheel Rim 15 Inch OEM Take

Something as basic as a new set of 15-inch wheels can enhance the look of your truck in different ways. These wheels give you the chance to pick different colors, textures, and spoke patterns. All these different design elements come together to give you an impressive vehicle that’s customized to meet your needs well and to make your pickup stand out in a big way. Invest in upgraded rims, and you get to control the appearance of your truck. 15 Inch rims can enhance your truck by:

  • adding a cool accent to your vehicle
  • giving it a customized appearance
  • enhancing the carry capacity of the vehicle
  • bolstering strength and performance

It’s possible to fully customize your wheels by selecting an unfinished option and adding a powder coat or paint finish later. Selecting one of the unfinished products gives you even more control over the color and style of your truck’s wheels. Take advantage of this option to get the maximum level of control over your vehicle and the way it looks.

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What’s My 15 Inch Tire Width

The best place to find your vehicle’s tire width is the tire information placard on the inside of the driver’s side door. Alternatively, you can check the sidewalls of your current tires for a series of numbers and symbols similar to: P215/60 R15. The width of your tires, in millimeters will be the first number in the series. In this example, the tire’s width would be 215.

Improved Traction On Dirt Gravel Rocky And Snowy Terrain

All-terrain tires have a specially designed footprint and tread that allows them to grip surfaces that contain gravel, dirt, rocks, snow, and other loose materials. These designs incorporate air gaps and spaces between the tread are helpful anytime the vehicle is not on concrete, asphalt, or pavement or there is a lot of snow covering the smooth surface your truck is driving on.

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What Are The Advantages Of All Terrain Truck Tires

All-terrain tires provide the benefit of superior traction on dirt, mud, snow, and rocky surfaces. This is due to the air gaps between the grooves and pattern on the footprint of the tire. Installing all-terrain tires on your vehicle also will change the look, providing an aggressive appearance that is attractive to many truck and SUV enthusiasts.

Top 10 Best Tires For Jeep Wrangler You Dont Want To Miss

BEST Radial tire for 15 inch wheels

Jeep Wrangler is a series of mid-size, rugged-design SUVs from the world-famous brand Jeep. Like many of its cousins, the series is created with strength, practicality, and versatility in mind. And its capabilities cannot be fully unlocked without the best tires for Jeep Wrangler.

Fortunately, we have done the research and helped you list out the best choices for different purposes that can meet anyones requirements. From the highest quality to the most budget-friendly products, you will surely find your go-to Jeep Wrangler tire in this post.

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Inch Wheels Work For Custom Performance

Even small wheels can deliver impressive performance improvements to your vehicle. If you’re hoping to reduce the weight of your truck’s wheels, you can get aluminum or alloy wheels and lower the weight on your suspension system and give your truck a light feel when cornering. If you want a stronger truck, you can opt for tough steel wheels that can handle impacts and hold more weight. You could also invest in wide 15-inch wheels that improve your traction while driving in different road and weather conditions. There are so many different types of wheels available at American Trucks that you have options that will benefit your ride no matter what performance characteristics you value most. Of course, you will have to decide which benefits you want and which you don’t care about before you choose wheels for your pickup. Once you know how you want to change the look of your truck and you know what you’ll use your truck for, you can consider which wheels are going to work best for you. Pair your new wheels with upgraded headlights, and you’ll transform the appearance of your ride in major ways while also making it more functional and enjoyable to use. Add some or all of these upgrades to your truck and make your ride stand out. Ford, Dodge, GMC, and Chevy vehicles can make use of 15-inch rims, and there are many different options to choose from when customizing your vehicle.

What Is Best All Terrain Tires

The best all-terrain tires for your truck or SUV depends on the intended purpose for the vehicle as well as the tire traction style and look. All terrain tires have different tread patterns that can grip some surfaces better than others. For some truck owners, the design of the footprint the tire creates is important while others do not see it as essential. Ultimately, the surface your truck will be primarily driving over and the pattern will play a big role in determining the best tire for your truck or SUV.

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Build Mickey Thompson Project X Rescue Vehicle

Wheels & Tires

  • Mickey Thompson – 15/43-20LT Baja Pro XS Tires
  • Mickey Thompson – 20×12 SideBiter II Wheels w/Red Powder Coat
  • OMF – Conventional Sim-U-Lock Bead Lock Rings

Base Vehicle

  • 2019 Ford® F150 Lariat Supercrew
  • 3.0L Powerstroke Diesel
  • Bulletproof Suspension Inc – 12-inch suspension
  • Atlas Springs Rear Leaf Springs
  • King PR2512-COHR – 12” x 2.5” Front Remote Reservoir Coilover Shocks
  • King – PR2514-SS – 14” x 2.5” Rear Smooth Body Remote Reservoir Shocks w/ 24 hose length
  • Eibach 800lb SR Front Coil Springs
  • AFE Rear Diff Cover
  • E& G Classics – F150 Heavy Mesh Black Grille
  • KC Hilites – Gravity® LED Pro6 9-Light 57 LED Light Bar
  • KC Hilites – Gravity® LED G34 Pair Pack System
  • Bushwacker – Extend-A-Fender Fender Flares Smooth Finish
  • N-Fab – RDS Front Bumper
  • N-Fab – RBS-H Prerunner Rear Bumper
  • Go Rhino – Dual Roll Bar / Bed Bar
  • AMP Research – Power Steps
  • Cervinis – Ram Air Hood PART # 1236
  • sPOD 12v Power Distribution System w/Touchscreen


  • AFE – Cold Air Intake
  • AFE DPF Back Premium Exhaust
  • AFE – SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module, SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer, & Sprint Booster Power Converter
  • AFE – BladeRunner GT Series Intercooler and Tubes


  • R1 Concepts Slotted & Drilled Rotors
  • R1 Concepts Performance Brake Pads


  • Duval Off Road Designs, Newbury Park, CA
  • X-Treme Toyz, Simi Valley, CA
  • Bullet Proof Suspension, Mentone, CA
  • LGE*CTS Motorsports paint and body San Dimas, CA

How To Find The Height Of 15 Inch Tires

New Tire 225 75 15 Trailer King RST 10 Ply ST225/75R15 Trailer

To find your vehicle’s tire height , check the placard on the inside of your driver’s side door or the sidewalls of your current set of tires. There, you’ll see a series of numbers and symbols similar to: P215/60 R15. The number directly after the / refers to the height of your tires. In this example, the height of the tires would be 60.The aspect ratio , which is measured from the wheel rim to the top of the tread, is given as a percentage of the tire’s width. In the example above, the 15-inch tires would have a sidewall height that is 60% of the tread width. 60% of 215mm is 129mm. Converted to inches, this 15-inch tire has an 8.46-inch tread wide and 5.08-inch sidewall height.

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Nitto Trail Grappler M/t Best Overall

Read Full Review

The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T features the deepest treads on this list at 21/32nds, meaning long-lasting tread and a longer lifespan for the tire.

Not just that, the treads are protected with stone ejectors to repel stones and clear mud. There are grooves on the tread to strengthen grip while the deep center sipe prevents hydroplaning and enhances wet traction.

The tire boasts 3-ply sidewalls combined with a high turn-up construction that adds an extra reinforcement layer to help it resist punctures more effectively.

On top of that, the Q speed rating indicates a max speed of 168 mph, also the highest on this list.

However, the deep treads make the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T, not an ideal option for sand terrain as it will sink your vehicle.


Read Full Review

The tread blocks on this tire are close together, which offers more contact with pavements and tighter grip on all surfaces.

This tire has grooves on the tread blocks like the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T but in a larger number. This ensures a better grip on all types of surfaces, whether its on-road or off-road driving.

Apart from that, the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac features low rolling resistance, equivalent to low fuel consumption. This way, if you take an off-road trip to a less populated area, you dont have to worry too much about running out of gas.


Read Full Review


Read Full Review


Read Full Review


Read Full Review


Read Full Review


Read Full Review

Should I Buy The Cooper Evolution M/t

The Cooper Evolution M/T is the cheapest mud-terrain tire from a premium manufacturer, yet it competes with its more expensive rivals in almost every category, including off-road and on-road traction. It is also very tough and durable, making it an even better value.

So, if you are in the market for a maximum traction off-road tire, I highly recommend the Evolution M/T!

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Inch Used Tires For Sale

All of the tires are checked with air under water and visually before listed for sale and double checked with air under water and visually after the purchase, before packed or shipped. Please note that we double check the tires after purchase is made, in case of any problem we do not ship out the tires, instead we contact a buyer, within 24 hours after the purchase, via email. If we mount and balance the tires in our Birmingham AL Location, obviously we will inspect any defects in the tires locally as well.

Tires for sale are used, and some had been professionally repaired. We guarantee no sidewall repairs on the tires that we sell, and no plugs in the tires. In the event of a professional patch repair, the patch can be near at the sidewall, but never in the middle of the tire sidewall.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We try to accurately list and describe every tire we have listed on our site so you can buy with confidence. We are a large volume used tire store based in Birmingham AL, and we ship Nationwide. We know what we offer are quality tires and rims at affordable prices for all different sizes and makes of vehicles.

Please Call Us With Any Questions You May Have on Tire Size/Brand/Grade Levels at

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