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130 90 16 Motorcycle Tire

Metzeler Me888 Marathon Ultra Price And Sizes

How to Break in Your New Tires
  • M2407500 MT90B16 72H FRONT T/L $309.95
  • M2407600 130/90-16 67H FRONT T/L $299.95
  • M2407700 130/80B17 65H FRONT T/L $279.95
  • M2407800 100/90-19 57H FRONT T/L $239.95
  • M2408500 MH90-21 54H FRONT T/L $269.95
  • M2718100 120/70B21 68H FRONT T/L $329.95
  • M2407900 170/80B15 77H REAR T/L $359.95
  • M2408000 150/80B16 77H REAR T/L $339.95
  • M2408100 MU85B16 77H REAR T/L $369.95
  • M2408200 MT90B16 74H REAR T/L $354.95
  • M2408300 130/90B16 73H REAR T/L $354.95
  • M2408400 180/65B16 81H REAR T/L $399.95
  • M2408900 140/90B16 77H REAR T/L $339.95

Shinko 777 Motorcycle Tire Review

Ultimate MotorcyclingHonda Shadow Aero 750Shinko 777 Honda Shadow AeroStory from August issue of Ultimate Motorcycling magazine subscribe through our free app.

Shinko 777 Tires Fast Facts

  • Sizes: Wide range for metric and American cruisers
  • Colors: Black Whitewall
  • Prices: Front from $70 rear from $120 MSRP
  • TAGS

Shinko 712 Tire Review: Good Skins For The Money On The Right Bike

I think of Shinko tires the same way I think of black licorice. Most people either love ’em or hate ’em. I recently sprung for a set of Shinko 712 tires for “adventure commuting” duty and have developed some opinions on them, too. Ultimately, the Shinko 712 is a good tire, if you’re buying it for the right machine and you consider its performance in the context of its price.

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Metzeler Have Just Released Their Latest Cruiser Tyre The Me 888 Marathon Ultra Offers Great Mileage With A Classic White Wall Look Available Now From Cassons

The new Metzeler ME 888 MARATHON ULTRA tyres are now available. Metzeler claim they are the best partner for long and safe travelling on cruisers, tourers and their custom versions, offering long life span with a classic whitewall look to them.

Metzelers new ME 888 tyre is a great edition to any classic or custom cruiser with white walls included off the shelf.

To achieve these targets, Metzeler say their designers finely combined the specifications which determine the characteristics of tyres: profile, structure, tread pattern and compound. The structure shape features a flat and wide geometry that conveys and dissipates toward the sidewall the stress generated under the footprint, reducing the fatigue and the wear process.

To increase wear regularity, the transversal grooves of the tread pattern are discontinued by compound bridges, resulting in a more solid and stiffer tread design that reduces the stress transmitted to the belts and carcass plies. Also the edges of grooves are critical areas for wear regularity. ME 888 groove walls have different inclination to ensure the best operating angle in every position.

With safety in mind, Metzeler have made sure to add all their current technology into this long lasting tyre.

You can pick up a pair of them from Cassons here for the following pricing. Be sure to check out the 2021 Metzeler Catalogue here.

How Does Motorcycle Tire Sizing Work

Shinko 130/90

There are several things to consider when selecting the correct .Size, dimensions, and other factors will affect the performance and safety of your bike. While there are a lot ofaspects to making the best choice, it doesnt have to be difficult. Here, well guide you through each step indetermining motorcycle tire sizes, explained so that you can go ahead and hit the open road!

There are five main aspects to determining the ideal motorcycle tire sizing: width, aspect ratio, speed rating,tire construction and rim diameter. Lets take a look at each:

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Standard Inch Tire Codes

If youre riding an antique bike, the OEM might recommend a tire in inch designations. These go something like this:

3.00 H 16 4PR

And this is how you read it:

3.00 = section width

H = speed rating

16 = rim diameter

4PR = ply rating

Standard Inch tires do not specify an aspect ratio, as it is assumed to be 100%. They are also presumed to employ bias-ply construction. Again, certain companies at certain times have introduced abnormalities to this coding scheme. If the markings on your tire dont line up, consult the particular brand’s website.

There is also an obscure variant of this system called Low-profile Inch. However, this sizing method is about as common as a dodo bird. If you come across it, give our customer service team a call.

Who The Hell Is Shinko

Shinko is a Japanese company that purchased all the molds and technology from Yokohama Rubber Co. in 1998 when Yokohama got out of the motorcycle tire game. Shinko manufactures its tires in South Korea. In my estimation, Shinko is a bang-for-the-buck manufacturer. Their tread designs dont change much, and they certainly dont invest in R& D as much as the top-tier manufacturers, but that savings is reflected in the price of the tires, which is often around half that of the top brands.

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Lemmys Shinko Abuse System

I regularly ride old junk bikes. The brakes suck, the chassis suck, the suspensions really suck. For me to demand top-quality tires is absurd, and for me to complain about something as arcane or ethereal as grip during corner entry borders on comedy.

I purchased the Shinko 712 tires for my commuting mule, an elderly and arthritic 700cc Honda Magna. The bike is fairly light, but I am pretty big, and I usually ride it between semi-loaded and fully loaded, with soft bags and a tank bag stuffed full.

I ride in all weather conditions, and I am heavy on the brake and throttle at all times. Im not running at triple-digit top speeds, but I corner hard enough that I have ground the footpegs smooth and the Magna has mid-mount controls. I couldnt push these tires harder on my Magna without upgrading to the V65 version.

Im a bit of an odd bird in that if I put an inexpensive tire on my bike, I do not ride more cautiously. I simply expect the tires to slide around more, and I accept that I may hit the deck by pushing a tire too far. This makes life hard on my motorcycles, but it does mean that I am usually excellent for reviewing tires. Most folks dont do the stupid things I do on a motorcycle.

What Is This Thing

Choosing the Right Tire for your Harley-Davidson

Lets talk about what Shinko calls this tire, and then well talk about what old Lemmy calls this tire. If you go to Shinkos website and look for the 712, you will find it under Harley tires. At first glance, that sounds fine. It comes in a 130/90-16 size, perhaps the most common rear tire size on Harley-Davidsons for the past 30 years, and it features bias-ply construction. But Shinko specs the 130/90-16 at an H speed rating and a load-carrying capacity of 677 pounds. If you reverse-engineer that, it translates to a load and speed rating of 67H.

What does that mean? It means that it is below the load rating of most Harley-Davidson products. H-D typically specs a minimum load/speed of 73H. This doesnt mean it wont work on a Harley, but Harley riders should be very aware of the combined weight of the machine, gear, and passenger before selecting this tire.

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Dunlop D404 Front 130/90

  • Tread compound helps deliver impressive balance of mileage and grip
  • Front and rear tread patterns enhance water evacuation and wet grip
  • Bias-ply construction helps deliver a smooth ride for enhanced comfort
  • This item: Dunlop D404 Front 130/90-16 67H$179.99Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.Ships from and sold by 4th-Gear.Get it
  • Only 1 left in stock.Ships from and sold by 4th-Gear.Get it
  • Only 10 left in stock.Ships from and sold by Great White Motosports.Get it

Who Should Not Buy This Tire

Im not gonna do a glowing review and say zero bad things. Thats silly, and its not how I do things. This is The Land Of Motorcycles, where equipment is super-specialized. As I said earlier, metric cruisers, UJMs and older standards are the bikes these should be fitted to, and the price tells you what to expect.

The following riders should not buy these tires, in my opinion:

  • If you are pushing a power cruiser , these should not be on your short list. Those bikes are too heavy and too powerful for these tires to be taken seriously.
  • If you own a hot-ish bike and you ride 11/10 everywhere, you might want to spring for a better tire. I have a feeling I am on the cusp of folks who can outride the abilities of these tires. I may not be there, but I think Im close.
  • If you dont change your own tires, and thus have to pay the labor to get your wheels removed, the price advantage of the Shinkos is diminished. A costlier but longer-lasting tire may be worthwhile.
  • If you ride a Harley, look elsewhere, due to the load rating issue.

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Motorcycle Tire Sizes Chart: Understanding Tire Sizes And Codes

To most people, the numbers and letters on the side of their tires are cryptic and indecipherable. These motorcycle tire sizes comparison charts below will help you understand the codes on the side of your tires to be sure you know which tires you are currently using, and which others will fit your motorcycle.

The motorcycle tire size will also indicate what size rim strip and motorcycle inner tube is needed. Rim strips are rubber strips that go around the rim, covering the inside edges of the spokes, before the tire is mounted. They help protect the inner tube from a potential puncture from continual wear against the spokes. Inner tubes are common, though tires are also run without tubes on many modern motorcycles with mag wheels.

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