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12-16.5 Skid Steer Tires

Severe Duty 12×165 Skid Steer Tires

305/70R16.5 Alliance 550 Radial Skid Steer Tire (12-16.5)

If you intend to use your skid steer in severe applications like demolition sites or scrap yards, for instance, we highly recommend our Severe Duty 12×16.5 skid steer tires. These tires are specially designed for maximum traction and maximum protection from abrasions, chunking and tears. With extra strong sidewalls and a tough rubber structure, our Severe Duty tires are extremely durable and built for long wear. Using these tires on your skid steer drastically reduces machine downtime. These tires perform optimally in recycling plants, industrial work sites and construction projects.

Standard Duty 12×165 Skid Steer Tires

Monster Tires Standard Duty skid steer 12×16.5 tires provide great traction over dirt, stony and muddy terrains. Consider them for your general construction, rental and landscaping projects. Our standard duty tires come with either a 10-ply or 12-ply rating. They are engineered with strong, reinforced sidewalls and come with a specially designed rim guard to protect the tire and wheel from damage. Constructed using a special strong blend of natural and synthetic rubber compounds, these tires boast longer wear and service life than other comparable 12×16.5 skid steer tires on the market.

Bobcat 12165 Heavy Duty Tire


Bobcat 12 x 16.5 heavy-duty skid steer tires have a 12 ply rating increasing protection against punctures and cracks with extra thick sidewalls when compared to standard skid steer tires, which have a 10 ply rating.

If you work in aggressive terrain, your skid steer loader needs 12 x 16.5 Bobcat heavy-duty tires. Extra thick sidewalls and bead guards shield against rim and sidewall punctures. The combination of superior, self-cleaning rubber and a high ply rating makes these tires ideal for rough, high-hour applications such as rental, construction, landscaping and industrial jobs.

Durable sidewall and rim shield protector provide high resistance to flats and punctures. Proven tread compound is wear-resistant to protect from chunking and separation. 3-step Lugs

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Setco Solid Tire And Rim Assemblies

SETCO Solid Tires are synonymous with solid rubber tires. In fact, SETCO created the first OTR solid tires on rims. We build the worlds largest solid rubber tire and are the biggest solid rubber tire operation with our 100-acre facility. Also, we are the most capable of all solid rubber tire manufacturers with our central location and vast manufacturing capabilities. Proudly manufacturing and distributing from Idabel, Oklahoma in the USA! When it comes to providing solutions for customer driven needs and demands, SETCO has become known as the worldwide leader in solid rubber tire technology.

Tough As A Junk Yard Dog Guaranteed

Carlisle Trac Chief 12

SETCOs solid tires on rims are unique in their design and production. A SETCO solid tire is used in extreme and abusive applications where pneumatic or foam filled tires will not last. So tough, our solid rubber tires are known as Junk Yard Dog tires! At SETCO Solid Tires, we manufacture a variety of solid rubber tires in different designs, created to fit the environment the solid rubber tires will operate in. SETCO Solid Tires has such vast in-house and manufacturing capabilities which produces quality solid tires on rims quickly and efficiently.

SETCO Solid Tires uses 100% natural rubber for its outstanding cut resistance and longevity qualities that are such an important part of the life cycle of a solid rubber tire. 70,000 lb tensile strength shredded wire is blended into an exclusive rubber compound, which allows SETCO Solid Tires to produce the greatest cut resistant solid tire while maintaining maximum flexibility of the rubber.

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Heavy Duty 12×165 Skid Steer Tires

Our heavy duty 12×16.5 skid steer tires feature deeper treads for extra traction over a wide range of terrains. They also offer increased protection from cuts, tears and abrasions. Equip your skid steer with these tires to guarantee smooth and efficient navigation around rough job sites such as industry and building construction sites. They come in either a 10 or 12-ply rating with the ability to support heavy loads. Their deep, tread design not only maximizes traction but also allows the tires to self-clean as they work.

Make: Case: Model: 440ct: Type: Compact Track Loader: Standard Flow: 21 Enquire For Price* There Was No Diesel Engine Available In The 1830

  • The Case 1845C service manual includes specifications, step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations to aid mechanics with mechanical, electrical or hydraulic repairs. The complete service manual was carefully reproduced from the original dealer manual into digital PDF format and is a must for mechanics repairing or rebuilding the 1845C skid steer to the manufacturers
  • Price Range. Price Options. Condition. More Links. Hire It Hauled Free / Giveaway Items Pet Giveaways Want Ads Trading Stores & Dealers. My … I got some left over parts from the skid steer. Headlight $25 Case Boom Pins 4 available $125 OBO Starter (used–works. Lisbon, ND. Watch $25. 1. 8 Ads | Page 1 of 1 | Jump to Page: Go About Us …
  • Get the best deals for caseskidsteer backhoe attachment at We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!
  • Norfolk, Nebraska 68701. Phone: 750-1900. visit our website. View Details. Email Seller Video Chat. Qualifies for Warranty. Nice 2020 Case SV280 skidsteer with 72″ bucket, 2 speed, cab, air, heat, radio, rear view mirror, no def, hand controls that can be switched patterns, Low hours.
  • Mod CASE Skid Steer Pack v1.0. by LS22 Mods · October 5, 2020. Mod CASE Skid Steer Pack … -SV280 Price $53,000-TV370 Price $60,000-Engine Configurations 74 HP 111 HP-Specifications-Animated door-Paint options-Design options-Beacon light-Lightbar-Window Tint

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Float 12×165 Skid Steer Tires

Our Float 12×16.5 skid steer tires are uniquely constructed for ultimate flotation. They perform optimally in wet and soft ground conditions and are particular great for use on golf courses, parks, beaches and compost yards – any application where high flotation is needed. The wide footprint tread design minimizes ground pressure, boosting flotation of your equipment.

Contact Monster Tires today to get the best deals on premium 12×16.5 skid steer tires. We will help you figure out the best skid steer tire for your operations. Choose from our many options and we guarantee low flat rate shipping and fast delivery times of all our products. Monster Tires dedicated staff take pride in providing exceptional service to our customers, ensuring that you get the most from your skid steer tires!

Choose Tires:

RG400 Skid Steer Tires 12 PLY , Maxam MS916 10 PLY , Maxam MS906 12 PLY , Maxam MS907 L-5 14 PLY , Big Dawg Tires-Dawg Pound Tires , Skid Dawg Tires-Dawg Pound Tires , Bad Dawg Tires-Dawg Pound Tires , Ruff Dawg Tires-Dawg Pound Tires , Super Dawg Tires-Dawg Pound Tires , Galaxy Skiddo 10PLY , Galaxy XD2010 R-4 10PLY , Galaxy XD2010 R-4 12PLY , Galaxy Beefy Baby R4 10PLY , Galaxy Marathoner R4 10PLY , Galaxy Beefy Baby III 10PLY , Galaxy Beefy Baby III 12PLY , Galaxy Muddy Buddy 10PLY , Galaxy Trac-Star 12PLY , Galaxy KingKong L-4 12 PLY , Galaxy Mighty Mow R-3 10PLY , Primex Spyder Grip 10PLY , Primex Bossman GripSteel 14Ply , Duramax R4 14 PLY

Case Skid Steer Loaders Are Used In Roadwok Debris And Snow Removal Demolition Loading Excavating Mowing Heavy Haulers Specialists Recommend The Most Suitable Trailer For View Case B Series Skidsteer Loader Models Full Size Wheel Loaders Power Performance Uptime And Fuel Efficiency Case G Series Wheel Loaders Deliver Production

Solid Tires Great tires OTR 12-16.5 Skid Steer Tires 12X16.5
  • SkidSteer Loader Engine Horsepower 90 Horsepower Width 70 in. Loader Lift Capacity at 35% 1750 lbs Loader Lift Capacity at 50% 2500 lbs Operating Weight 7700 lbs Tire Size 12-16.5 Standard Flow 24 Gallons per Minute High Flow 37 Gallons per Minute
  • 26×12.00-12 BKT Skid Power HD SkidSteer Tire The BKT Skid Power HD SkidSteer Tire is a premium tire with an extra deep tread design and thick sidewalls to provide improved traction, better puncture resistance and longer tire life. $210.21. 10R16.5 Advance GLR05 Radial SkidSteer Tire.
  • As part of the new M3-Series of compact loaders, Bobcat introduced the S510 and S590 skidsteer models in March 2021. Case’s B Series. The lineup, launched in February 2020, includes nine skidsteer models with varying lifting capacities and sizes, ranging from 49 hp to 90 hp .
  • 2020. 8. 24. ·a CASE skid steer. The new design simplifies operation and puts more power and control into the hands of the operator. Match that with productivity-enhancing horsepower and torque, powerful auxiliary hydraulics, industry-leading visibility, and lift geometries and size classes for every joband CASE B Series skid steers will improve
  • New Holland, Case, & Bobcat equipment Plows, Pushers, Buckets, Brooms, Kage Plows, Salt Spreaders, Shovels, and a SS Snow Blower … New Holland LX 665 Turbo SkidSteer John Deere 310J with HLA 3500 push box John Deere 310SG with HLA 3500 pushbox Downeaster 2yrd V box 2- Fisher 1.8yd Polycasters 2-300 gallon liquid tanks.

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How To Determine Skidsteer Tire Size

Do you ever get the Deer in the headlights look whenever you think about replacing your skid steer tires? You look at all the numbers on the sidewall if you can still see them, and find them confusing? Let me explain to you what all those numbers mean.There are usually 3 numbers, for example, 27×10.5 -15. The first number is the height / The second number is the section width / The third number is the Rim . In this case of the example the tire height is 27, the section width is 10.5, and the diameter of the rim is 15.So ok what if there are only 2 numbers, for example, 10 x 16.5.or 12 x 16.5. This is a little trickier. The last number is always the Rim size. In such a case you can estimate the height of the tire by multiplying the section width x 2 and adding the rim size. This isnt always accurate but will give you a good idea of what to expect.There are other factors to consider when choosing a tire including load rating, Ply rating and load index. These are generally determined by the size and operating weight, and maximum load weight of your machine along with the application.Hopefully, this has cleared a few things up regarding tire sizes and tracks. There is a method to the numbers.Dont ever hesitate to call us here at 315-3134 for information. We are always happy to give you the best advice available to us.

Choosing the right skid steer tire

Bobcat Skid Steer Tires offers a full line of Bobcat skid steer tires for sale. We cover all sizes and most treads for basically any model Bobcat skid loader. If you are looking for pneumatic skid steer tire our RG series of tires are some of the best in the industry. They start with the RG400 series tire. These are budget friendly tires with long lasting wear. They offer a great tread. The RG500 offer a thicker side wall and a thicker tread depth than the RG400. The RG600 are non-directional tires with a thicker tread depth than the RG500 tire. They are a thicker ply tire than the RG500 with a longer wear period. We also offer 4 different styles of Bobcat solid skid steer tires. These are some of the best engineered solid tires in the industry. For questions call 1-866-315-3134. offers an entire line of quality Bobcat Tires for sale. Whether you are looking for a solid Bobcat tire or a pneumatic Bobcat tire, we have most sizes and treads available in stock and ready to ship. For our solid tires, we offer both the tire or the tire and wheel assembly together. That way you do not have to worry about pressing the tire. You can just bolt the tire on and go. All of our tires are made for 8 hole Bobcat skid loaders. We also offer a special snow tire that will bolt on to most skid loaders. Depending on the skid loader you may need a spacer kit. If you should have any questions about our Bobcat tires for sale, feel free to call 1-866-315-3134.

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X175 Skid Steer Tires offers a full line of 14×17.5 Skid Steer Tires for most brands of skid steers both older and newer models. For 14×17.5 size, we offer both pneumatic and solid skid loader tires for you to choose from. Whether you are working on concrete, heavy terrain, or in a scrap yard we have the right tread tire for you. All of our 14×17.5 Skid Steer Tires are high strength and offer long lasting wear time. This will assure you that whatever skid steer tire you choose, you are getting the best tire for your money. If you need help looking for a set of tires feel free to call customer service direct at 315-3134.

Fits Many Popular Loader Brands Such As:

New Tire 12 16.5 Hercules X

Case: 60XT, 70XT, 85XT, 430, 435, 440, 445, 450, 465, 1845CCaterpillar: 236, 236B, 242B, 246, 246B, 248, 248B, 252, 252B, 262, 262B, 268BBobcat: A220 G Series, S220, S300, 863 G Series, 873 G SeriesDaewoo/Doosan: 450 Plus, 460Plus, 802 Plus, 902 Plus, 1760 XL, 2060XLGehl: SL5635 SX/DX Series II, SL5635 SXT/DXDT Series II, 540E/Turbo, SL6635 SXT/DXT Series IIHyundai: HSL810, HSL850-7JCB: Robot Series 3 185lbs, Robot 190lbs, Robot Series 1105lbs, Robot 1110lbsJLG Telehandler: G5-18AJohn Deere: 250, 320, 325Komatsu: SK1020-5, SK1026-5New Holland: L175, L180, L185, LS180, LS185.BWaldon: 6000, 5100White/Mobilift/Mightylift Rough Terrain: W.35, W40, W50-AT-79, W60-AT-79Others

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Why Should You Trust Nancy Gonzalez

Nancy Gonzalez, a Nancy Gonzalez senior commerce editor, tested the product in The Lab. Shes researched all our products thoroughly. She knows how these 12-16.5 skid steer tires tests were designed and conducted and where each product excelled and failed.

She scoured brand and retailer websites for the 12-16.5 skid steer tires, considering price, reviews, features, and design. She researched new technologys practicality and real-world applications.

If you think that anything we present here regarding 12-16.5 skid steer tires is irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or erroneous, then please let us know promptly! Were here for you all the time. Contact us here Or You can read more about us to see our vision.

Case Skid Steer Tires

Looking for Case Skid Steer Tires. Look no further. We offer tires for Case models 1530, 1537, 1737, 1740, 1830, 1835b, 1835c, 1838, 1840, 1845, 1845b, 1845c, 40xt, 410, 420, 430, 440, 60xt, 70xt, 440, 60xt, 70x, 435, 75xt, 445, 85xt, 450, 465, 95xt, 90xt, sr130, sr200, sv185, sr220, sr250, sv250, sv300, and more. Whether you are looking for a pneumatic tire or a solid tire, we carry most sizes and treads for any application. All of our tires are made from high strength rubber giving you long lasting wear to keep your machine working and making money. If you have any questions about the Case Skid Steer Tires we carry feel free to call customer service.

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